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  1. 4riders

    Dune Goat And Retodd....

    that would be the one
  2. 4riders

    Dune Goat And Retodd....

    Are you the one that camps with the pet goat? If so, We were parked next to you and got a real kick out of him. Everytime you left camp he would cry for you. It was great.
  3. 4riders

    Glamis Update

    Just gotta bust your chops lol. 1291585[/snapback] I know you just couldn't resist right... 1291827[/snapback] Quick question without opening a new thread. My family and I will be leaving tonight for G and I am finishing loading the trailer today. I was wondering if there is a problem with flies out there. We dont get any bugs at Pismo so I dont bring my fly swater. Should I bring it to G? Thanks Missy
  4. 4riders

    Thanksgiving At 13.5?

    What do you do about water for that loing??? 1219313[/snapback] got 90 in the moho and plan on rolling out an extra 55 ...but plan on making the call to get pumped out and refilled mid-week... the conveinance of showering when I want and not having to leave to dump/refill is more than worth the $40 1219825[/snapback] $40.00? is that for dumping and filling? If so thats alot cheaper than Pismo. Wow. Do they give out fliers or cards? We will have a lot of dirty little kids to clean. Not to mention Me mama likes to take one everyday.
  5. 4riders

    Thanksgiving At 13.5?

    We are from Livermore and are planning our first camping trip on TG also. We went there 2 yrs ago for a day trip while in Palm springs. We have a good size family group caravanning down ( you got it about 12 hrs) gee I just cant wait. When will you be leaving? We are leaving late Tues night, maybe stop and sleep if they get tired of driving and should roll in Wed sometime. I would like to camp around 13 also, Geko is way tooo crazy and we have little ones also that ride from 2 yrs up to 15. Hope to see ya there.

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