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  1. Squatcher

    Kids seats?

    I strap my car seat in the buggy seat. I remove the buggy seat cushion. I have these ratchet straps that loop around themselves so there are no hooks and no way for the seat to come loose and very easy to install. using a booster seat is very dangerous. I have NEVER seen one i would put my kid in. way to much slop in them. Car seat is tested and meant to hold the kiddos in. send me your address and I will ship you some of my straps or give you some over new years. I have had my boys in the car since they were 4 and 6 months old. Big rides and not slow. most of the time my oldest was sleeping when he was young. my 4yr old now just holds onto his googles and headset. He isn't going anywhere in that seat even if upside down.
  2. Squatcher

    Guess the story

    I didn't think Steve drove fast enough to break anything. lol. come by and see me some time Linda.
  3. car has a 5000lb winch on it that works great. Chadd why you selling. Mine is always for sale. lol you missed some good rides on Tday.
  4. I bought the complete package. let me know. was thinking of going with new Holley setup for ecu with there dash so shoot me a offer.
  5. Squatcher

    WTB 12’ Dump Trailer

    let me know how much you are looking for
  6. Squatcher

    2006 4 seat Sandwinder

    Yes he will be buying and car again next year. Nice car I had one and really liked it.
  7. talked to fox, yes plaster city is one spot and I forget the other. they will revalve at no charge and dial you in on there course. He said it will be little soft set for the dunes but real close. bypasses would make up the sand difference they told me. they were very nice and helpful. you can go on there web site and sign up for a session. believe the 3rd week of the month. tried to call DCS service above and it would be pricey but two cars would be needed. he can do 2 a day and include revalving. let me know if anyone is interested in a off weekend tune . Also tried to reach KDM with no luck so far. Surprised this need isn't being filled. by some good qualified tuners.
  8. both fox and king offer this service for tuning there shocks. Fox has two locations not sure about king. no charge for customers.
  9. Squatcher

    2006 4 seat Sandwinder

    real nice duning cars.
  10. Squatcher

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    google search for best one it is great. went though gals of that stuff.
  11. seems like a great deal on that car glws
  12. Squatcher

    Prayers Needed for follow Duner

    Jeff was put back in ICU last night. Stomach and spine was bleeding. His brain started bleeding and stopped his heart. they are putting in a pacemaker. Be strong buddy our prayers are with you Jeff.
  13. Squatcher

    Good Paddle for 250R

    buddy runs a 12 paddle with 22" tires gliders

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