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  1. Squatcher

    Towing to Glamis from Prescott Valley or Payson AZ

    AZrvlifestyles.com or give the store a call 928.927.4422 Talk to James or Bobbi. they will be there next week.
  2. Squatcher

    Towing to Glamis from Prescott Valley or Payson AZ

    like Chevy said Prescott you don't have to hit the I17 or the 10. only time you hit the ten is right before Quartzsite which is only 17 miles from Ca. you can store your rig in Quartzsite at our place rates are stupid cheap. think my brother gets $40 per month. for 40ft rigs
  3. Squatcher

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    that might be a good night my wife will go. Monkey of course should go she needs to see what she likes too. Funny cause my wifes truck says raised by monkeys you too must have something in common extra research I am hosting my brothers bachelor party in vegas may 26th if you want to join yarder. Sorry Monkey no female witnesses
  4. Squatcher

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    I do believe this should be a group research project. I have the list of clubs Yarder we can start for steak lunch at one friday and I am sure we will be done by monday morning.
  5. Squatcher

    Best Electric start Lifan or similar?

    put a 14tooth front and a 42 rear and you will love it in camp or the dunes.
  6. Squatcher

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    try ebay all the ones I have ever got there are wired like I have done. so you See the light now.
  7. Squatcher

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    I buy 10 packs on ebay. around $10 each bulb or less way brighter light. My wife even said "wow what did you do"
  8. Squatcher

    LED Replacement tubes for flourescent 4' tubes

    should be very easy to do. and way brighter. 10min per fixture. remove ballast is easy. then remember that the black wire to one side of the fixture and white to the other side. just read that blog post on how to and if you did it like that you should blow your bulb just like a fuse. 100% wrong way to do it using all the bulbs I have ever used. Wires must goto either end of the bulb. one side hot one side netual
  9. Squatcher

    LS7 Stroker Build by Alper Motorsports

    sounds like a strong engine. soon as i sell two engines he is building me one of those. 440s
  10. Squatcher

    How many BS sales calls do you get a day?

    any call with your same area code and prefex is spam. downloaded true caller and has helped. at least it tells me it is spam. so i can just block . i get a ton every day. So I just had to go though do not call list training. If you can get there full name, company name and a call back number you can file a FCC complaint. business can get fined up to 40k per call. You get paid if the claim goes though. Dish Network just paid out over 283 million in fines.
  11. Squatcher

    Got back in to RC cars today

    My Xmaxx last over 30 mins on the battery's and blows away the 5b.
  12. Squatcher

    Got back in to RC cars today

    That new Losi is killer and was my next one to get. RC is for sure a love hate thing. if you like working on them great super fun sport but if you don't they break every time. I just got the Xmax with 8s batteries. thought they were bullet proof basher. shit just wheelies around my yard broke gears. for 1200 bucks we should be able to beat the shit out of them. also sad news the sand kills the bearings in them. but I will be bringing it out to the dunes myself. Congrats on the new toy that is one of the bad boys out there as far as RCs go.
  13. Squatcher

    S4 transmission for sale

    sold pending funds.
  14. Squatcher

    402 stroker LS2 NA or turbo with ECU and Racepak dash

    complete package available have bigger injectors, fuel pump and turbos. new price for everything is 10900
  15. Squatcher

    S4 transmission for sale

    you don't drive it enough. lol

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