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  1. Mine has been doing that for a long time now. only on my work computer. I just switch to foxfire for GD and facebook. strange that only one of my computers does it.
  2. total junk. I have never been able to see anything with the bulb replacement like the ones you have listed. I have tried many times thinking they would get better.
  3. post on glamis delivery and see if anyone is coming out. let me see if a buddy is coming out.
  4. not to bad. light tires. I won't be able to make this weekend in Glamis. Tires are in Phx.
  5. I have a set of V paddles for them on cast wheels. I can get them this weekend. $150
  6. I told him I would bring it to you.
  7. Nice was waiting for report. I like the engine brake tune feature.
  8. that is a quote sheet not a invoice. still can't read it. pics of the engine would be nice. has to be the worst for sale ad out there. No pics, conflicting info in post who knows what you are getting. his race dez ad makes it even worst. No intake how the heck did they dyno it. turbos? glws
  9. that is a suprise when I talked to the guys at MP8 they even say you won't see huge gains but can carry the gear you want up a hill.
  10. The cost isn't the powdercoating it is labor taking apart and putting back together. if all your wiring is easy to pull out if helps. Any powdercoating shop that is worth going to can remove it. Burning or sandblasting on a frame. panels are chemically stripped. single stage on a frame I would guess around 1000 give or take a few hundred. If having a shop do all the labor cost will be 8 to 20k depending on the car and other factors. I know insurance would pay 20 to 25k if in a wreck and have to repowdercoat the frame.
  11. yes, amazing car. almost too much power. that is a 140+mph car at the drags and dunes well.
  12. Wow I used to own this car and it looks better now then ever. for sure not for the first time buyer. Great car and great rebuild

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