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  1. since the mso is in the other persons name he will need a title first than can get transferred. Call my title girl Robin. she knows all the tricks in AZ for offroad stuff. Tell her Paul told you to call. 623.810.1100
  2. I carry everything with me, quads, sxs and rail. If it was just me than I would just keep your rail and enjoy. Think my SxS get about 200 miles a year and that is glamis and other spots I would love just to take out Just the rail. Life is simple then.
  3. will never run a car without one. I have never replaced one due to cracking/rock chips. I dune with sunglasses I lead alot but still no goggles when I am not. must for me in any car.
  4. about time I have july and aug I can make. Joey will be happy. 5.30 am raise and shine
  5. Jonesin you won't need 2" spindles unless you run a bigger tire than 8.5. remember along the way that you might want to change one thing but then the snowball starts. 2" means bigger hubs, and brakes. more $$. that is the snowball that everyone was talking about. decide what you want in a end car and stay on course before you just start buying parts. only suggestion I have for you on this car is make sure the suspension geometry is good or can be made good. make sure you start with a good foundation. tubes can always be added and parts put on but make sure you have a properly setup car before you dump your time and energy into the wrong chassis if that is all good start cutting and welding. I have not read all your post but I will check them all out. Also summer time people get crazy with sand withdraws.
  6. you guys let him be already. the difference is you start with 6k frame and then put 25k into and have what you want and enjoy the process and learning experience. when you buy a 25k car to start you then have to put 5 to 15k more into making it yours anyway and not learning as much. everyone can admit that this is a totally correct statement. please keep us updated take a lot of pictures. there are a lot of people here that have learned the hard way and some really know what they are talking about so wade though all the advise and take what you can from it.
  7. Mine got installed this week. waiting to pic up the car and try it out. Kevin McMullen said it was a very nice shifter. I will give reviews once I try it out. BTW this is a much taller handle than the older shifters. really don't think people will want it much higher. think is is 10" long. thats what I told her atleast. lol
  8. I found these online out of south Africa. getting a quote for one here. Nicest air jack I have ever seen check the youtube video out. I will post prices if we want a group buy. I ask for pricing on one and ten http://www.takla.co.za/products/takla-air-jacks/
  9. Jonesin you just keep it up. Make that rail yours. everyone warning you has done the same thing . I for one have done it many many times., it is all part of the sport. Every sport you get into is a money pit. talking to my buddy he just spent $1500 on baseball bats and gloves for his two boys. top level play but travel, weekends, equipment, training etc and who knew you can have your boys in competitive baseball or own a rail. if it is fun it will cost a lot of money. Jumping the gun on the springs right now. keep an eye out for some bypasses. should be able to find some used ones for around 700 bucks. might even look at the SxS take off shocks. lots of travel and internal bypass shocks on the new ones. If that car in the pic weighs that much now you might add over a 1000lbs once you are done.
  10. Squatcher

    Honda 3.5

    Thats a newer one with those exhaust manifolds
  11. There is sooo much to do up there. I would plan 1/2 day at cinders if you really want to go but it is very dusty and make sure you clean your air filter when you leave. so many other better spots to ride and see. Once you leave Phoenix Northern AZ is amazing place. williams has a great KOA you can rent a Teepee for the night and fill your tanks. they have showers there and lots for the kids to do. The Teepee is really really nice. lots of riding. only 50 mins from Grand Canyon, William railroad ride , zip line and great little town for lunch. Like most have said Sedona, flagstaff, munds park, list goes on. you will have a great time. July temps will be great up there. Aug gets nasty
  12. Squatcher

    Honda 3.5

    think the OP was riding with a 3.5 in the back of his truck today now get to work and install that sucker.
  13. Squatcher

    Honda 3.5

    Brandon are bearing still an arm and leg for those? those prices randy you should just build one up then you know what you have. that be great to built a honda engine. even if you just put some cams in a stocker you will have plenty of power for your car.

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