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  1. Squatcher

    5 seat sand limo priced to move V8 2d car $17900

    cloth but roofs are easy and cheap to get made out of alum.
  2. Squatcher

    5 seat sand limo priced to move V8 2d car $17900

    be out wed on pad 4 till next week. come on by title in hand.
  3. Squatcher

    Next step up from lt80

    can get a clean one for $2000 to $2500. 08 or newer. as he gets better can do little hop up for cheap
  4. Squatcher

    Next step up from lt80

    X2 great quad and a good back up for the wife or you if you have to get anywhere. my kid is 10 and now using my 525. they pick it up soo fast if they are already killing the lt 80
  5. Squatcher

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    Congrats. new toys are so much fun
  6. Squatcher

    WTB Skinny loader wheels and tires

    phx, quartzsite or the dunes next week for 10 days
  7. Squatcher

    WTB Skinny loader wheels and tires

    Have a few sets 100
  8. Squatcher

    Sand Limo 5 seater Give away honda 3.5

    this car is ready guys could use a jet ski for the summer as partial trade
  9. Squatcher

    3" ID Springs

    give jesse a call at jp he has a ton of them and great price
  10. Squatcher

    Sandrail purphase question

    me to.lol
  11. He taps out his 250 raptor already and the suspension isn't up to what he can handle anymore. I just got a 525 outlaw ktm to ride with him and he rides the damm thing better than me. was looking for next season and think i want to stick with a stock bike with some nerfs on it. I won't be putting paddles on it for a couple of season also.
  12. thanks on the years. My buddy told me that the valves need adjusting all the time and are a total pain in the ass. looking for a quad that I don't spend $$$$ every season. kid only use it 10 times a year and don't want problems when I go to use it. 09 or better. Buddy did tell me there carbs are a total pain in the butt and have like 5 jets in there.
  13. Looking a quad for my son for next season. what years of 450 should I stay away from and what are the years to look for? I see a lot of sale with rebuild engines. do they go though engines a lot. some schooling on 450s would be great what say you all.
  14. Got this sand limo in on trade. owner just had the trans fully rebuilt this year with no miles in it. 091 bus matted to a NA honda 3.5 great power package. This car is ready to go and very clean. has glass windshield and extra tires and wheels. car needs nothing but a new owner. Give away fire sale $13500 I will have this car out for Prez weekend. for anyone that wants to take it home. Car is a rear bypass car with 4 wheel brakes. this is a steal at this price. first person to see this car will buy it. solid car fully size car at RZR 900 price.
  15. car was a one owner car from new. been sitting for 9 years. I went though it changed fluids , nut and bolted the whole car. new battery, plugs,cv's etc. needs someone to make it theres now. runs though the gears smooth. Car is painted not a wrap - rear bypasses -2D transmission - fully serviced CV's - all fluids changed - tons of HID lights - Nothstar V8 engine - spare parts. spare computer, cv's, alt, etc. guy had almost two of everything sitting with it. extra tires for loading and rear dirt. - gps trying to bring out to Glamis on Prez weekend. priced to move at $17900 give me a call or text Paul 6025703474

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