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  1. Thanks, I wrote off Ford a few years ago just never liked there trucks. I was looking at the bigger bed but very hard to find out here. most are the shorter beds.
  2. Thinking of a new truck this summer and I have a Ram Eco diesel now. Tired of Rams and some of the new safety features are just deal breakers for me. : ie trans lockup if door is open, cant stand that in my wifes truck. So I was looking at Chevy and noticed they have a new inline diesel 6. Looks very good to me. boosting better mileage then my Ram and more power. Who knows anything about them?. think end of may might be a good time to buy a truck.
  3. Happy Birthday Joel!!!
  4. there were about 25 camps still on Gecko this morning. No rangers, we took off about 9 didn't see any yesterday either on sunday.
  5. You can drive your pusher on vendor row a lot of the washes cement Flats no problem plenty of areas for you to camp
  6. Rangers came by today ask her to pack up and I'll be gone by tomorrow night. Was real cool about it asked him they wanted condenser Us in the smaller areas he said they didn't want to close anything but just did gecko everything else is going to be open.
  7. that 4.5 is way stronger then the 4.0. Wheelies on demand. great looking car congrats.
  8. playing with it more this trip. I talked to UTV shocks. He was very nice and said I should be fine with the stock valving in the dunes. told me to do some things and call if I needed. very nice. i looseing up things and ride is back to smooth and only a very few bottom outs. So far so good.
  9. come out and see for yourself. sand is killer
  10. sand is perfect. best all year. whoops are gone by osborn and it looks like the dunes reset for now. blowing some today so virgin sand tomorrow again.
  11. @Az group in mesa are my agents but i dont like them since my girl left. Dish is cheaper than dtv. Use a app called players club 9 per month and is killer
  12. I have to say that Cincinnati Insurance can't be beat. yes they were cheaper than most and the claims process is second to none. few years ago I had a few claims. Over 200k and they were amazing. I mean amazing. Still in shock how good they were. I was going though a bad year for claims and they didnt renew me. I am going back next year when my claim history is clear. Found Liberty mutual was great and beat everyone else prices. I have not heard great things about the claims with Geico and progressive from RV'ers. Like I said I would look into Cincinnati claims were amazing and that is what you want when you need insurance. If they were 30% more I would still get them because of there claims process. Great news was they were the cheapest back then.
  13. costco in phoenix today $1.80 could n't believe it. no wonder I saw too motorhomes filling up. Thats were I am going when I bring the rig home.
  14. hard to do with one person but get your wife in there and see if the slave cly is working correctly when she pushes in the clutch.

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