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  1. John is a great guy all around. Great family man. great duner and willing to help anyone out there. we need more people in the world like John. I think he just tries to push his kool aid on all of us. Different strokes for different folks. for all the people that what big cars , wheelies and drags, subis are not the choice. Pure duners Johns engines are great. I personally like my Ls cars. I have owned over30 cars and to ME nothing beats a LS with good power. John I still owe you a squatcher bacon burger.
  2. you know what I love about John is that no one ever knows what were are talking about. whenever we bring up something he is always you know nothing. I still have 4 boost settings. My car has tq you just never seen it bla bla bla. Talk about Kool-aid. if anyone is driving something but a funco with a subi there car is junk and not worth even duning. you sound like AOC pushing the green new deal. all your logic sounds the same at the green new deal. Those subis are so good I beat Grant hasn't put on in all year. or years for that matter. Oh yea John don't you run a Heavy S5 in your car.. you say one thing and drive another. also how many times have you put a new engine your car.? You mentioned to me and were bragging that you make 250hp per liter and then saying that oh yea an ls that does that cost way more and is a time bomb. I think they hold up better than you think. also since you make 250 per liter and then tell me you have 4 more boost settings to use so what is it john. you have 750 hp motor but have 4 more boost levels or are you running at 500hp and have room to turn up. what dyno do you use a mustang or dyno jet? I know 100hp between dyno's.
  3. ok so the lower center of gravity I get. that is where the pro's stop I think. Cost, reliability,messing with fuels, ie race gas or e85. lack of Tq and just overall way more driver input than a V8. Now lets talk power. you are topped out with a subi say 500hp with keeping it from blowing up. Oh yea you want to upgrade that power in the future you better rob a bank cause it is going to cost you. Hands down the LS platform is the best Rail engine out there. Banshee's where the shit back in the day and 4 strokes have taken over. Subi is the banshee engine of the Rail world the LS is the 4 stroke winner.
  4. 91 between the lift post and 81 wheel well
  5. At glamis let you know Monday. Front has nothing. Easy to hang some garage cabinets.
  6. 22ft inside front to back. 95 inch rear door. 11ft floor to ceiling. 14ft lift. Winch in floor. Etrack on floor and walls. Brand new g load range. Tires put on today. 22900. Paul 602.570.3474
  7. if you are doing full bathroom you will need a clean out so you have a dump station. best improvement I put in was a big ASS fan. love that thing., barely turn on my 5 ton. Mini splits work great and easy on the elec bill. I would add a couple one for upstairs and a 3 ton for the main garage. . Spray foam made a big difference in mine. I had a fire so I got a second chance to do improvements. wish I could have gone that big. think that is a great size. do you have room for a pull though?
  8. the race deck that is the plastic tiles. ? I had it in my RV garage. holds up great but it does expand and contract. Summer time my RV floor would buckle up and that was a 1" border around the garage. each tile would expand only 1/16 of a inch but when 32 wide and 50 long is adds up quick. epoxy floor would be good in a stacker. My rubber coin floor in the trailer bubbles up after a few years.
  9. Super sick tq on this cam. it is his new TQ cam. I can't believe I am saying this but I think it might have alittle too much power for the street. Smokes the tires doing 50 and lays tracks for a long time. I still have a stock TB also. tuner said I would pick up some more if I put a 102 on there. Kong ported the snout so much barely fit a TB back on there. ok just took the boys for a rip and it has just the right amount of power. tooo much....lol love it.
  10. Kong did the blower. Jokerz was taking to long of a back log but heard they are good to. Tooley stage 3 cam. they make a stage 4 too. My dyno guy drags CTSV's his wifes car is in the 9's with slicks and a 4 door. drives everyday. Mont. Motorsports is great for parts knows his stuff has everything and prices are right.
  11. Well i figured I would post up some good numbers of a stock bore LSA engine. its in my CTSV but just got off the dyno. Mustang Dyno Ported blower and snout stage 3 cam 1050 injectors 2.45 upper pulley Those are the only power mods I have done. Yes I have address the cooling in the Caddy but just showing what these things can make mostly stock. Ported blower was good for 40hp what I was told. so the other stuff is bolt on except the cam but wow what a difference with the cam.
  12. Mine is bone stock. if you get 27 with a lift and big tires that is great.
  13. surprised they didn't make him pay sales tax. I would have just went in with some junk yard receipts and said he built it. I have done that with car I didn't have a title for. gave me a AZ vin and I was good.
  14. it used to be sooo easy about 5 years ago they made it a pain

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