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  1. Comgrats now you can ride with us. For sure get new seat foam that seat is a pain in the a$$
  2. If the price is right go for it. Love the way they dune.
  3. They also do it. It's free and they do it in Placer City and one other location 3rd week of every month
  4. Most important thing is to get a good video of the car though some whoops.
  5. Weights dont mean much. Need to check ride height with about 2 in of preload on springs. I have used a person mentioned above and was not happy at all. So ask a lot of questions and start working on yourself if you cant get king to help you.
  6. total power 1200 for me. great battery. I have killed it twice down to 5 volts and it came back both times. I went though a few Odessey's. I did run dual wheel chair battery's from interstate same case as a Odessey and only 90 bucks. Gilmore turned me on to them years ago. He sells a ton of them. I would still run the Total Power
  7. very well I remember. this planet hasn't been the same since.
  8. should be fine with our setup. but if you get a bigger trailer or more toys is will just be slow going but fine. I have a 330 cat with tuner and exhaust. towed my stacker up to Idaho one hill i was in first gear doing 10mph. most hills are 35 to 45mph. I have noticed that the weight doesn't matter towing. It tows the same with my boat or stacker behind it. I just put some misters on the engine Radiator and now have no problems when pulling hills getting hot.
  9. good luck I have been trying to find someone for 2 years and willing to pay upto 700 and I can't find anyone to do it. everyone I call won't return calls. if you have fox shocks they tune in the desert and so does King all for free give them a call. you need dirt tires but it will get you really close when there for the sand. if you need two people let me know.
  10. do your research and find out what you will pay. I do that then I just start calling Sales managers. I have bought my last 5 trucks this way. If I don't like what they say I call another dealer. I wait till the end of the month. only a hour in the dealership and gone. even with trade ins. Last Ram I got 14k off sticker and i was ok with that. To let everyone know dealers make a lot per truck. Take invoice and with all the co op advertizing, dealer holdback and sales incentives most are making 6 grand if they sell you a truck at invoice. I keep it simple 500 to 1000 off invoice and all incentives and you are doing good. dealership overhead is huge and everyone needs to pay the bills.
  11. check into Magic Jack. they will port the number. only if you have internet. othewise just get any pre paid phone from amazon most are unlocked and super cheap.
  12. I know you are in Ca but you should Give Dan a call. 5412521780. he is a board member and does custom cabinets. only uses top quality materials. He has done sooo much work for me and my friends. I bet if you gave him the measurements he can do it. worth it to get high end cabinets at a fraction of the cost.
  13. for sure do this. also I have guy in town works out of the house and great prices. Just picked my rail up this morning from him. Tell them you want it repaired and not totalled. it is there obligation to make you whole. also though the personal injury in there. you really don't know that she wont have issues in the future. My Dads neck is messed up from a rear ender
  14. I told you. It was funny I looked over and saw the smile though your full face helmet. Cant Help but smile when riding one.

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