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  1. only if you are in maricopa county or Tuscon now. I reg all my stuff in Qsite and don't even need smog. Yes fees are high here. Go up north Mike and you don't have to worry about it. I think every two years(get two year tags)
  2. About 600 horsepower. My angles running 21 to 23 I have limit straps my car doesn't normally eat CVS. 16 to 20 psi in rear tires
  3. OK I wanted to give some feedback on the EMPI 935 CVs. I was talking to Jason Alper last year and he mentioned he runs the EMPI 935 Cvs. I was very surprised He talked me into it. so I picked up 4 complete CVs for $400. Yes that is the price for all 4. NOT $1600. Put new boots on and new CV's ($10 per boot) last year before my Idaho Trip. Well a Idaho trip in and all season I wanted to inspect and see what they looked like. Happy to say they looked great. I didnt' even have to clean them up. I am sold on my car these CV's work great and at the price can't go wrong. I hear the 930's are junk but the 935's are strong. Just wanted to post up some of my real world experience with them. Might just save you $1200 sometime.
  4. those are heat treated surfaces I think i would start over with another CV sorry to say. if they are 935 go buy the EMPI . i put a complete set on for $400 and a season later they look new. Didn't even clean them up. if they are 930 give Jason Alper a call.
  5. Funny because of Jeff I just did my rears last night and was just thinking of getting off my but for the coilovers. they really look good I hope they do hold up.
  6. Squatcher

    WTB LS 3 heads

    get a good cam in there and also a good intake does make a difference. back to back dyno pulls on a fast intake on a fully built 415 made 30 rwhp over a stock one. I bet Alper has some good choices. His 383 he built me was only 30hp off my tricked out 415. Love my 383.
  7. I think 5k moves it tops. I have gotten long travel Teryx's for 3500 but seen LT rhino sell for 5k so that is the range.
  8. I never mind but your at the back of the group and kinda on your own if you can't keep up. stop and say HI when we stop and become part of the group . I always keep I eye out for the last car if you break or something but you have to keep up.
  9. those were some fun ones. 20 to 30 mins sounds right. Cookie we have to hook up this season for some rides.
  10. when we go out we are out to ride. when we break for drinks it is normally at least 2 and we stop in the middle of the dunes so we don't just watch the show. back to duning for us. If I dont burn at least 5 gal of gas it wasn't long enough. when I need 10 gal. we just had a great ride.
  11. stopping every 10 mins sucks for me and my group. 30min rides atleast.
  12. Have to give Kevin McMullen the credit for that one. I did the handle. though. lol.
  13. can't wait to try it out. New trans shifts like butter with it.
  14. Here is mine. Had a 6" shifter knob which worked perfect for me
  15. Radios have been great and a great warning tool like screaming stay left, stay right. drop off!!! Makes dunes runs much safer. leader and rear car at least need radios. If I am leading a fast ride I know who is going and warn any new peeps. If you get a warning then we might leave you if you can't keep up but only after a break and letting you know where sand hwy is.
  16. Ok all the summer time talk about a badass or leader around here lets define. What makes a great leader? Also what size group. I think 3 to 5 cars max is very fun and can notch it up some. Makes a smooth line though the dunes. Knows where the last car in line is. Knows the capability of the group he/she is with. Not too slow , Not too fast Knows where they are going. No one left behind even when someone breaks.
  17. That is a Jackass not a badass. if no one is behind you , you aren't leading anyone.
  18. you should change the balls too. cheap and they do wear out too. think about it the balls really take all the beating. No binding is normal everything should move smooth. You don't need to make sure the bolt holes match up on the axle if that is what you are trying to do with the yellow marks. CV's can be clocked on a axle anyway, the tire side moves so easy to bolt up and it doesn't matter to the CV's
  19. Carl I was going to post you up but i know you hate leading. I will follow you line anytime. BTW you are one of those 14. I mentioned. #5 lol keep my beer cold
  20. SandPsycho can drive at a good clip for sure. Picks a good line and doesn't get lost.
  21. well you asked best leaders so someone that has great lines but is in 2nd gear isn't the best leader for me since I get bored and want to go faster. So that is why I asked. all mentioned above are great leaders and I have duned with all of them. some slower than others and lately I have the need for speed unless with the family. Also there are different types of leaders so I guess I good leader would be your speed and style without wrecking in front of you.
  22. 2 and some 3 gear or 3 gear and forth? I know of quite a few
  23. Think if you don't lead rides you must take that badass part out. Sure can't be a badass getting a line to follow and seeing all the bad spots before you hit them. If you can lead though the dunes at 60mph 3and4 gear leads you are a badass. There are a lot of badass drivers out there. Over the years I have followed and lead a lot of people , there are some very skilled drivers out there in the sand. I know of at least 14 of them.

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