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  1. Wish I would have seen this sooner. Rv across from gate 16. First by soccer field. Great show
  2. Sitting in Vegas having fun at Monster Jam All-Star event. Getting my 70 tanks signed.
  3. Well I think if you are in a wreck your rig will be shorter so you should be fine. lol. be pretty hard to measure and say you are over length after a wreck
  4. Well sir that must be very new as of three years ago when I did my searching and then asking many cops I know I was informed it was 75 ft then for years there was NO limit on the books. They might have changed it and stand corrected. Still hold to my other statement that I have never heard of it being a issue if you find something on the interwebs please post I have been wrong before and I am sure will be in the future. lol
  5. neither just give me a call and we can come out to the dunes and get you hooked up or you can hit me up in Quartzsite, AZ but I will have installers out there on Vets weekend if you need a install. New systems rock and have very very low failures. I will be bring out a new internet system to wash 22 during Vets for some testing.
  6. Run it I have never heard of anyone getting hassled in person or on the web for that reason. I know Tyn Wright was 80ft long when I put his satellite dish on.
  7. OK all great choices and have mostly use all above. My favorite ones to use are the front smoothies like on the Gen 3 and Gen 4 funcos. those are easy to come by about 31" tall and super light to move around the trailer and remove from car.
  8. NEW PRICE. want gone before Halloween car is ready to go. Cash no trades at this price.
  9. Huge difference. I knew this car was for Andy when I bought it from you.
  10. G-O Btw a tricked out briggs engines sound great
  11. I have a CTSV that has a flex fuel sensor in it. My tuner said he tuned it on E85 Torco sells it in the drum out here. I asked about when I put in E70 from the pump and he said the computer would adjust the timing for the lower E rating. so far so good. I do noticed a big difference in all three from 91,E54,E85 most of my testing I get in the 70's at the station on the nw side of town.
  12. OK one good thing about Cal. E85 prices. Damm I could use a drum for my Caddy
  13. I use one but I am pulling my stacker that weights in at 18k loaded. Never really thought about it I just always used one. Last trailer was about the same weight.
  14. thats what you get for being a fancy pants
  15. Sold a perfect car to someone who blew the motor and instead of spending 4k to rebuild he put a 454 in there. ruined the car. I got it back and sold the next week. wasnt even dunable anymore. Please don't waste the money. put that in something else. anything else.
  16. wow nice system for your stacker. I have those batts and they are killer. ok yes you will be charging while the inverter is off. read your tristar that is what controls your solar. batts will stop charging when reaching full charge. you can use quite a bit of power at night. use it and see. when your voltage on the white panel dips below 12volts your done. turn off inverter and go to bed.
  17. buy a cheap memory foam and cut to length. have done it a few times.
  18. looks great. Now that is a keeper Andy
  19. what the what going to follow this one.
  20. they make the 172 in two models. if you have the 72 in wide model they did you a solid and took care of you. if you have I think the 64in model then they hosed you by 3k.

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