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  1. Temecula wine tasting gig….. meaahhh! SSSS last night, I enjoyed it. I remember a few shows ago when SXS’s were shown all done up at the 50k range and thought that was completely nuts. Well that price is a steal. have a good weekend dot comers.
  2. https://www.temeculamotorsports.com/--speedutv?gclid=Cj0KCQjwkIGKBhCxARIsAINMioL7I_rbkZRlDotHhjOoY2O1ueKKYJVcAWPzVfv16PXD5VPabpRPz2MaAqshEALw_wcB I haven’t followed this thread much but is the November delivery date legit for new orders?
  3. I would of decked both those tweekers without even thinking about it, them so dam worried Elder will take away all them freebies
  4. Wonder if RObbie Gordon will be taking new deposits
  5. Thanks........dam kids always need a link
  6. I received mine in about 3 months in CA, just be sure to have supporting documents for your “Good cause statement “. I had to show gas receipts, family pictures and schedules for yearly events for mine. Other than that as long as you can legally own a gun at the time of application in OC, and follow the rest of the process you will receive the permit. FYI.... you must use the address you live in for application, and yes they will verify. good luck
  7. Tickets now available online
  8. RIP DEV..... saw him last at Jim & Melissa’s wedding a few years back. He will be missed! GOD SPEED
  9. Your Glamis ticket money at work
  10. I wouldn’t pay more than 3k, but its worth what your willing to pay.

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