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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this Documentary. It really highlighted what a great leader and motivator Washington was...Even though Congress EVEN AT THAT TIME was ineffective and fractious. But what's really funny is how people here are comparing our current ideologies to what was taking place in the 1700's. Those were WAY different times back then. 😅
  2. Without question I would recommend John at Genesee Auto Care in Kearney Mesa. He is an absolute wizard.
  3. I'm certainly NOT saying all pit bulls are bad. But let's say you're at the park with your toddler and a pit bull comes up to you and then a Labrador....which one are you gonna trust ??
  4. Just went on a neighborhood walk at dusk with the Wifey and this pitbull approaches us in this open field out of nowhere. We were a bit startled but it did us no harm. Further on down the road we hear this dog yelping and this lady screaming. Turns out it was this same pitbull going NUTS on this ladys dog. Me and this other bystander had to do everything in our powers to restrain this dog from attacking on multiple occasions. My wife then called the police because this dog would not stand down. I don't care what anyone says, Pit Bulls are terrible breeds of dogs because of their inherent unpredictable tendencies and behavior. Sez me.
  5. Perfect and virtually empty. It's actually up to 10° cooler than Glamis up until the Summer months. But DON'T TELL ANYBODY. 👍
  6. Late April Boyz trip to Dumont every year. 😁
  7. Tampa notes: Absolutely 💘 the Sand corner and section, they should have that on EVERY track. Reminds me of the Old SX tracks of the 70's & 80's Great seeing JMart's comeback. Nice job. 250 East is clearly 2nd tier. Ferrandis, Forkner & Cooper will eat their lunch ! And Tomac Rules. 💪
  8. Esco has Coronavirus ... Pass it on !
  9. My man Eli Tomac and even Ferrandis would disagree with that.. But for the most part you're right..EVERY rider and announcer says Starts are Key. 🔑
  10. I always thought Ecso looked and acted Russian 🇷🇺.👴
  11. My secret weapon San Diego boy Anderson fell flat on his face. Tell him he's OFF my fantasy team. 😡
  12. Looks like ALL sand ? Definitely not Blue groove California clay !
  13. Life is way too short to be unhappy and miserable because of every little event that happens to you. You may not be here tomorrow...Remember that.
  14. Since I'm still trying to synthesize this.. The words I'm coming up with are Tolerance & Acceptance. People need to have a a greater Tolerance and Acceptance to the negatives that will inevitably happen to them daily. If I locked my keys in my car. It's how I tolerate and accept that that ultimately decides my fate from that point on.

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