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  1. Does anyone collect programs from the Sand Sport Show? I was cleaning up and found programs for the 1st year and also the 4th and 5th year. I am still cleaning and might have some more. I will post pictures soon.
  2. I bought a G-force helmet at RacerX in Santee with the fresh air system. Good selection and price. www.racerxms.com
  3. What a neat light. Where did you get it?
  4. It looked like the buggy went too fast over the dune and did a lawn dart on the right front tire then flipped over on the side. There were five people in the car. There is conflicting stories about the seat belts, the last I heard they all had been wearing seatbelts, but they might have been too loose, allowing the people to hit the bars. It was the front passenger that was hurt bad and flown out, he was in pretty bad shape. It looked like the upper cage collapsed and hit the girl on the head, knocking her out. I think the driver hurt his back and another passenger hurt his leg. One of the passengers did not get hurt at all. I thought the response time of the rangers was really quick, they were there in a few minutes. They took over quickly and had things under control within a few minutes. I hope they are that quick if I get injured.
  5. I also have a 30K policy from Jeff and it went from $450 to $650 this year, this is more than I pay on my car or MH. I felt kind of stuck, not wanting to pay the increase but also not wanted to go without insurance. I finally decided to pay. I will be shopping around during this season to see who else is offering insurance for buggies.
  6. This is the same price Motoworld in El Cajon told me. They were getting two in May and then more in the summer. They have six people on the waiting list. He said that meant you would get one in Aug/Sept time frame.
  7. You are not going to get 400hp on pump gas with those engine choices, and they will all have to be turbo charged. Also, the Mendi E won't handle that hp. Suby motor will be the lightest. The one for sale on here is a good deal. There is also an LS1 on here for less. If your sand car is a four seater, you may want a motor with some torque, so all of the larger motors would be better. Also, there is a Suby 3.0 6 cylinder available that might be a good choice. My car is a 1500 pound Tech 3 two seater with a 2.0 turbo Subaru. It scoots just fine. Good luck with your choices.
  8. Here are a couple I found on the web when I was building mine. I ended up making wood ones. [attachmentid=154305] [attachmentid=154306] [attachmentid=154307] [attachmentid=154308]
  9. I think I still have this Gearone rack around. I upgraded last summer to a bigger rack. Is this what you are looking for? [attachmentid=150091]
  10. Stay far far away from that Asshat Steve Johnson or you will be paying more for the repairs to the damage done after he works on it Thanks for the advice, I will stay away from Steve. I talked with Mark at the Dyno Shop and he seems to know Subarus. I am going to drop it off tomorrow.
  11. Coils? What do they look like? Any idea where there are they located? My plug wires go to connectors and then into a big wire bundle to the computer. There is a box the computer sits on. Maybe it is in there?
  12. Went to Glamis on Friday after the rains and the buggy ran great all afternoon and evening. I went up Olds a couple of times and had a little pinging toward the top, but then backed off. Got up Saturday morning and it started to run, but felt like is was only running on two cylinders. After a short ride around camp it did not get any better. I changed the plugs and it still ran bad. Then, it would not start at all. It cranks real nice, but will not fire. I took off the fuel line and it is pumping fuel fine. I wiggled all the lines and connectors. Now what? The engine is a stock 2.0 turbo with a Link computer. I had it dyno tuned at Outback at the beginning of the season and it has run great all year. The only problem I have had was two trips ago the alternator went out. I had it rebuilt and it ran great last trip. I even have a new alternator that I tried and it did not make any difference. If I can't fix it, is there someone in San Diego I can take it to? Last time I looked, not many people wanted to deal with the Link computer. If all else fails, I will have to take it the John at Outback.
  13. When I was looking for a helmet it had to have the fresh air inlet for the Parker pumper. I bought a G-Force helmet from Racer-X for around $300. It comes from the factory with the air inlet and has special internals for spreading the air around my head and face. Speakers can be added to any helmet for he intercom/radio. There are different levels of speakers, so if you listen to the radio a lot, you want the upgraded speakers. Simpson also makes a nice helmet with the air inlet. The other helmets that people are talking about are street bike helmets that need to be "converted". I don't know what they do in the conversion, but it seems to make the price more expensive than the helmets that come from the factory with air ports.
  14. I see it has the fuel tank in the front. Is it a special tank or stock?

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