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  1. Also beware of knock off pumps 044 Bosch has a lot of knock offs there
  2. Bump for good fabrication condition of motor? pic?
  3. Greg owns caliper collision in San Marcos he out of his SU for sale last year I think.
  4. Agree JP is high quality and super clever
  5. Yup this was curts personal car and thank you for the information
  6. Good idea im only going to use the tunnel and body tag.
  7. Thank you im San Marcos willing to drive.
  8. The old style round bars with chain doesn’t turn well or have anti sway. look for the square bars no chain for great turning and anti sway benefits. I recently used my lifted truck for Glamis duty and didn’t preload the square bars properly and it was slow and scary. on the return trip I remembered the hitch preload was set for my DP and raised the preload 1.75 inches. Mega difference!! Zero sway (with windy day) and better feel while braking and 70 mph stabilization.
  9. I just watched better off dead and I thought it was pretty funny jokes. keep coming on every part of the movie
  10. Yup I just changed my name. was sand tours. going to change it again soon
  11. Thank you for asking, I’m a Nigerian prince, what is ICE? and the small dog you speak of is a delicacy in my country. im here to soil my royal oats
  12. Looking for dune Guidance. 2nd time driving my rail. thomas 760-855-4670 text thank you

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