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  1. Yes obviously not the best speller
  2. Known to rip a bowl while signing a tune
  3. Gotta go through the fuel system, not getting fuel but she cranks n fires off carb cleaner
  4. Picked up my oldest sons first car that he paid for himself. Straight barn find, 59k and been stored indoors for the last 10 yrs. Pretty proud day for this dad
  5. @Kanlhitit Shoulder is a bit sore today elbow a lil tight but damn that was a good day
  6. I snapped a lower arm 3 years ago and had Joe fixed it and the spindles are old combo's so I doubt they will be sellable or useful for anyone. Prob just sit around. May keep a set on hand in case something bad happens.
  7. Going to Grease Monkeys this weekend to pull his motor so he can get it over to John. Then the following weekend the whole front end is coming apart, new arms, spindles, shocks and EPS
  8. interesting as the add reads for a 2020 DD

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