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  1. Thanks Everyone!! No dunes was at home working on the "retirement bike". Be spending the next week with friends that have become family in da dunes!
  2. That number is for his wife Rachel, same number we both have
  3. I do, saw you car when I had mine on the dyno. Ill shoot ya a PM
  4. Dunno about that but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally wouldn't have purchased it, cant bleed honda on a yammi
  5. Ill be there but wont be going to the invasion due to just too many things going on that weekend. First and for most the GD.com golf tourney, funco regatta and the invasion all on Saturday. It may be very possible the "retirement" bike will make an appearance at the invasion
  6. Mine is shit! With the new motor upgrade, big fuel cell, heavier trans really need to focus on suspension upgrades in the off season. Car now has more power than suspension. Wish I had the dough to spend with MTS
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. I just have one question...….. Do I still get a meal of dead flesh from it? Coming along killer
  9. Remembering when changing a radiator didn't included having to tear apart the whole front end just to replace.
  10. I'm sure it'll be fine after yore detailers come. Mud tends to leave a residue if not hand washed off completely
  11. Hosed it off and hand washed or just hosed it off?
  12. This is the tool I use, it holds the cam gear when you are removing the bolt from the crank to prevent the timing jumping a tooth. Better to do with a buddy, one hold the tool on the cam the other removes the crank bolt. As far as the oil line I would say no, prob just old, if that's the source of the leak. Hope this helps
  13. I'd pull off the pass and driver side covers and make sure the cam seals aren't leaking. Taking the center cover off to inspect oil pump involves removing the crank pulley in which Id recommend the tool for the cam gears so your timing isn't messed with. Give a good look at the pan like Pukur said also the oil return line has the possibility of leaking.

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