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  1. Dave from axa offroad on vendor row rents sxs's. Best bet is try and book as early as possible. Dave or Jen 833-ride-axa (749-3292)
  2. How many can test their injectors? My buddy has a badass new puter he's wiring up! 20190921_143231.mp4
  3. WOW! Cant believe you are selling it! But with you racing and planning a big day its understandable. GLWTS wont last long
  4. Had this done last year for the same reason, kept chasing pin holes in the polybutylene . Seemed like every time I was getting ready for a trip to G another pin hole. Said eff it and had the whole house redone in copper as running the new PEX would require a sh*t ton of repair and drywall work. I used Arthur Brown plumbing but would like to also recommend Hanna Plumbing in Vista
  5. I've built all three, the A+, R55 and the LOKO (1&2) Should have no problem getting at least 1500 for it in todays market
  6. That's just the stock fuel pressure reg that has to return to the tank. It already has Johns adapter on it for the fuel rail, a lot of cars have this same design. You could go aftermarket external FPR but you will always have the a hose returning to the tank. Far as bearings go need to find out what yours are combo, king kong. That'll get you started on the bearing size
  7. Yes obviously not the best speller

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