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  1. GlamisGreengo

    A Slappy Funny

    ha ha I love it!
  2. GlamisGreengo

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    ^^^^^^found on offerup under buggy
  3. GlamisGreengo

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    $150 2004 Honda J30A4 V/6 V-TEC Engine Escondido, CA Local pickup (12 miles away) Posted 6 months ago in Auto parts • Used (normal wear) Description Cash or trade welcome perfect for Baja bug or buggy.
  4. GlamisGreengo

    A+ Front Fender for sale

  5. GlamisGreengo

    A+ Front Fender for sale

  6. GlamisGreengo

    Power steering

    Had already planned on re-doing my entire front end this summer and adding EPS, looks like we will be doing two, SWEET!
  7. GlamisGreengo

    Power steering

    I remember when my alt was on its way out my car squealed a bit at start up due to drop in voltage. Maybe we can run one of my belts that doesn't have P/S and see if we find the exact problem? That would eliminate the alternator at least...
  8. GlamisGreengo

    Power steering

    Don't believe he can go 6 rib as the subi crank is 4
  9. GlamisGreengo

    Power steering

    Yes and its annoying AF while having morning bowls
  10. GlamisGreengo

    Stainless steel washtub

    I want it
  11. GlamisGreengo

    going under the knife

    Prayers sent. You are a tough one, you'll be back at it in no time!
  12. GlamisGreengo

    Do any of you run an hour meter?

    So this brings up a question... When or exactly how many hours are you guys running before doing an o/c, maint?
  13. GlamisGreengo


    Give them Andys email and see what happens
  14. GlamisGreengo

    A+ Build

    Yore right all my builds are junk
  15. GlamisGreengo

    A+ Build

    You know I just like to fugg with you guys..

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