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  1. Do you know what the ratios are and a price? How big of a vw motor was it hooked up to?
  2. The 15 is bad, if you are not doing 90 you are going slow. Glad everyone is ok, everything else can be replaced. Hopefully the assh*ole totaled his car!!
  3. gear Ratios? Build sheet?
  4. I doubt it, was the original plan but may just take everything off and work with what I had
  5. Added front brakes last year but never put the calipers on being I need a whole new pedal set-up and my suspension is terrible with the new motor, can only go as fast as your suspension allows. So Im in the same boat, new pedal assembly and suspension work
  6. With them being an HOA are there any regulations on working on your car, making noise or even running your car certain hours of the day/night?
  7. Same as above but the ones above have expired. Sure its the same guy selling but its only one (1) seat https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/snw/d/carlsbad-prp-brian-deegan-racing-seat/7121083169.html
  8. That's embarrassing....hope it runs better than they play
  9. Think you better load up your mobile grill
  10. Didn't even answer my questions or give me a chance to buy, that's cool!!
  11. I did but like to stock pile parts just in case, sh*t Sand Diva just picked up another fuel tank for me, now I have 3
  12. What's your location L.A? Will you ship or come to Orange county any time?
  13. Amen Slap! Personally had some demons and I myself was the only one who could get rid of them.
  14. Dang, RIP. I assume this was the REACH we saw land on Saturday afternoon, had to of been wash 3 or 4 being we were in 6 @Grease Monkey @Yarder @HozayKwarvo @Mac
  15. Just got word house has passed the bill. More money, but wont be surprised if its gone by the weekend

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