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  1. As a kid we had a few cars named One that stuck out the most was lethal injection. Paint by Mcpeak in riverside I believe. Vw on methanol nitrous and turbo! New undies please is what it should've been called. That was no suspension days I remember a few other cars called "Blown some " an early nasty drag kinda car. V8. So cool And another called cubic bucks ..... Anyone else see these cars back then. Mid 1990's era
  2. No big deal! I have a Sandrail so, I like to build things up that usually don't get built... Just a weekend project for me and my son/daughter. Feel free to ask any questions, I'm a pretty easy going guy. Yeah man, I'm located near Chicago. About 80 miles straight South to be exact. I'm a frequent flyer to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan... I've been to Glamis once and I was in love! I want to go back but, my new job at Valspar won't give me enough time to make the trip worth while until next year. I only have 1 week vaca for this year. Please post pics of that sand box I Wana see
  3. Man, I was shooting pool. And the room was a'movin. ALL my balls were shakin as hustled out of the dang door Especially the ones on the table. He he !


    Can meet where ever. Flagpole seems to another popular place to hang. hey fellas anywhere is great. Ill be out Nov 2 - 29 !!! any given sunday. Thank ya!


    Juuust curious if someone was an actual pastor or of religious background ever thought of having a small sunday meeting at camp in the dunes? Can anyone direct me or create something like this? This may be a good thing for kids and families . meh only a suggestion.
  6. ..........Whole lotta dudes there. Jacuzzi !!! Come on guys ittl be fun !!!!! (EHHHH NO! ) :poke:
  7. flightcr250='doyoucare' date='Sep 1 2013, 08:07 AM' post='4522587'] WHAT!!! Tool
  8. Whats sweet maries like. Seen it flood real bad there! Ps thank you for the pics guys
  9. Hit it on the head!!!!! Politicians.... still crooks. Never changes
  10. well.... since your in the keys cruise by the casa blanca or blanco. had my batch pary there. wow. (If you own the house ...sorry) my brother and friends paid some good money to rent for three days. but we had a blurred blast. Road rapers, na bull rapers. body shots on hot ladies at the bar. buckskin for a few snacks and head south opposite side of river to the sand bar. wow. volley ball with more girls. floating coolers . then come back to the allies were u can see the pool through plexy glass. beer bong and pong on the deck. good times. no pictures for lack of evidence. !!! love being married.......
  11. WHHHAAAA ??? Where is this place? Is it in the loops ? sounds good but I dont know . sounds like a place for even more yuppie jerks to exploit our sand dunes. But hey Im not bitter

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