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    Car Names - If You Have One What Does It Mean?

    As a kid we had a few cars named One that stuck out the most was lethal injection. Paint by Mcpeak in riverside I believe. Vw on methanol nitrous and turbo! New undies please is what it should've been called. That was no suspension days I remember a few other cars called "Blown some " an early nasty drag kinda car. V8. So cool And another called cubic bucks ..... Anyone else see these cars back then. Mid 1990's era


    Man, I was shooting pool. And the room was a'movin. ALL my balls were shakin as hustled out of the dang door Especially the ones on the table. He he !

    Truck Pictures

    Gotta love it No choice!


    Can meet where ever. Flagpole seems to another popular place to hang. hey fellas anywhere is great. Ill be out Nov 2 - 29 !!! any given sunday. Thank ya!


    Juuust curious if someone was an actual pastor or of religious background ever thought of having a small sunday meeting at camp in the dunes? Can anyone direct me or create something like this? This may be a good thing for kids and families . meh only a suggestion.

    Psd & Bansh88 Party Pics

    ..........Whole lotta dudes there. Jacuzzi !!! Come on guys ittl be fun !!!!! (EHHHH NO! ) :poke:

    S S S S Predictions?

    flightcr250='doyoucare' date='Sep 1 2013, 08:07 AM' post='4522587'] WHAT!!! Tool

    G Is Blowing Up !

    Whats sweet maries like. Seen it flood real bad there! Ps thank you for the pics guys

    G Is Blowing Up !

    Hit it on the head!!!!! Politicians.... still crooks. Never changes

    Glamis Pizza Parlor...

    WHHHAAAA ??? Where is this place? Is it in the loops ? sounds good but I dont know . sounds like a place for even more yuppie jerks to exploit our sand dunes. But hey Im not bitter
  11. Hell, carrying empty beer cans in your ice chest is illegal also, but I dont see any tickets for that... Whats that word I see here so often...oh yea, DISCRETION...they do use it. Because it doesnt make any money... Its pathetic that leo has to grasp at mundane pc to get a contact to fish..... I know ! Have them publish a 20k page tax code /glamis rulebook so the uninformed can readup on the laws that they want the law abiding to adhere to? Sound pathetic enough for ya? You mean like the California Vehicle code book? Been available for years for just a few bucks.. Heck it's even available online This stuff isn't rocket science. Most is common sense. Why do so many people drive on or off road without knowing the law? People need to know what is a violation. They need to know what is a primary infraction and what they can and cannot be stopped for. A for instance, you cannot randomly be pulled over just to be check for DUI, however you can be stopped for a blue whip light then subjected to DUI testing...So why run a blue light and give them a reason to stop you? I wonder, of all the "bullshlt" tickets that we hear about, how many have ever been thrown out of court...How many were unlisted violations...How many were for laws that dont exists... My guess is few to none. The reality is, they ARE violations. The question is what prompted the LEO to write the ticket? What prompted the LEO to pull someone over to start with? Usually the "BS" ticket is something like, I was drinking in the back seat of a rhino, or I was riding around camp without a helmet... Cant blame the LEO's for those.. Those are common sense. agreed . The Vehicle Code was made for a 15 and 1/2 yr old to understand. And thought worded a bit awkward, makes dummmy sense.

    Future Bus Trans Upgrade.

    Oh nothing now.. seems to shift great. i gues dont fix what isn't broken? I just had the motor rebuilt and i wana step on it this year. I hope this trans isnt set up for 36 hp. I'm sure it would break. I gues i want to change it for assurance purposes.

    My Swing Axle Tube Leak

    Thank you Sir

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