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  1. Not Ramona... we stopped at a little place in Lakeside on our way up. Living in Alabama, even ok, to you guys tacos, are pretty damn good to us. We both grew up in San Diego and miss it. 👍
  2. So we flew out to San Diego today and stopped in Lakeside on our way to Ramona to get some tacos. I thought you guys couldn’t get plastic straws any more. The weather sure is nice today up here.
  3. Life is great brother. I trust things are the same with you and yours. 👍
  4. D Walker

    BBQ Cart

    Now I’ll have to find time finish the other one so we can compare.😉
  5. Pressure washed the big truck to get her ready for the shop middle of next week. Time to fix an oil leak while the wife and I fly out to San Diego and then to Yuma for a few days of gambling and an 80th birthday celebration for my uncle.
  6. I can feel the frustration of fat fingers trying to hold small parts already. 😂
  7. Spent a lot of time on that old boat in the 80s when she was in. 👍
  8. I can’t even imagine what you’re going thru Dale. So sorry for your loss.
  9. Started to add a 16x36 lean to on or old barn for our new puppies and goats. After getting this far, I decided the barn was in bad enough shape to just take it down. Now I have to remove the rear, frame up a new barn and re-tin it all. Going to be a long project.
  10. Build one like you want Sir. Someday I’ll finish this one and see if you want it. If not, I’ll hang it in my, yet to be built, shop in your honor.
  11. Here’s the Manx hood. A little dirty but still thought it was cool.
  12. I’m sorry I never finished this one I was making for you. It has a nice Yeti cooler that sits inside, a nice stainless steel bbq that pulled it and locked up, a solar panel for the roof to keep its battery charged fo the lights and stereo system, ATC 70 wheels and tires, full suspension and the propane tank was going in the rear where the engine normally sits. It was kind of modeled after your monster Manx. 😪

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