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  1. I got a 2019 can am max x rs turbo r from coyne for 26,800 and change otd from the sand show Hope that helps
  2. Not my set up but same concept i just modified a heavy guage 25 foot jumper cable to go to house batteries
  3. I have this winch in a box i use straps to the d rings and a modified jumper cable set up to the batteries last year it worked well and i did not have to permanently mount or cut in to 5th wheel
  4. I think 25k is a fair assessment a little bit more for a powdercoated car
  5. I remeber that post for the powder coat guy they would even match all your bolts to make more streamlined. But could not find it in any forums.
  6. Are there any powder coat guys out there that will take apart the rail and put back together when done
  7. Just trying to see value vs what i spent to build it Not for sale at the moment. I added up the receipts and im at 32k for the build so it pays ro have patients and jump on good deals
  8. Dont know came that way when i bought the frame 5 years ago
  9. Just throwing this out there whats this worth in todays market has not been registered yet New build 3.0 honda 2d king kong front hubs new walker evens rims will come with brand new 3.0 short block as well king 2.0x10 in front 2.0x14 and 2.5x16 by passes in back needs nothing other then paint 16 gallon jaz fuel cell . Intercom with pci headsets front, rear brakes 930micro stubs. Built mostly by lrs. alot more not listed
  10. Thanks to dc shocks in san dimas chris at cbm and jeff lrs for getting me to this point. Its been a great weekend so far
  11. So far so good i honestly didnt thint that an a arm car would be so so smooth thru the woops

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