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  1. Go to Gary at C&G. What ever you do when the motor is rebuilt do not ru a K&N or any gause filter. I have run h ust about every desert race on the planet and there is only 1 filter that will filter the fine dust and sand. R2C filters. In my opinion this is the only off road filter to run. We can run the Baja 1000 on 1 filter with a spotless intake
  2. do not take the advice of a few guys running a weekend car around the dunes on a part as important as your life. Contact the manufacturer of your specific flame out system and mount as the manufacturer has engineered it to work. I have mounted quite a few of these systems and you have gotten some improper info here so I will not explain how we do it or why, Just call the manufacturer please. not to discredit what has been stated here as people do things for their own reasons but if you are spending the money to be safe by all means do it right. Only the manufacturer has done the system testing. I have been on fire in a Truck recently at the baja 500 this year and if the fire sprayers would have been on me and my co rider there would have been no need for it as it would have compleatly failed. I was compleatly covered in fire as the motor id in front of us. the extinguishers killed the fire on the headers thus allowing me to stop the truck and safely exit.
  3. Baja designs hands down. we run their lights on our spec trophy truck and I would say they are better then 8" hid,s the only difference is there is no dark spots in the patterns and they shine everybit as far as our old hid lights.
  4. You got a job at Funco? Just busting your balls. I am a fan of your cars. I don't think Laid Back was directing his comments at anybody in particular. Relax, far too much stress with Monday in general. No need to add to it. Get back to what you do best, bend, cut, weld and make cool shit. Haa haa .you got me there. I did not say the best sand cars on the planet. That tittle is Funco, s. We are a bit more on the hard pac and racing. I like your enthusiasm . Ok back to work.
  5. I cant spell. I am not dumb. Just a bad case of dyslexia. Some choose to pick on people for this. Some just dont give a shit. And some think they are above everyone else because they can spell. Congradulations on your post. You must be proud of your highschool diploma. Who gives a shit if someone uses bad grammar or misspells something. Did it actually hert you or are you that much of a doush bag that you felt abliged to start a thread on a nother mans misspelling. Go ahead and correct my post to. I am shure you are educated enough to do that. I will get back to building the best cars and trucks on the planet and spelling shit wrong. Thanks Brian Shaleen
  6. flat bed race-chase trailer. I like the sink and ezup setup.
  7. I am thinking about building a new trailer for my truck. It will be a pretty custom trailer. I would like to hear from the current car owners on things they wanted on their trailers. Things im doing are a underbelly 100 gallon fuel tank. Tire rack. Tool boxes under the front firewood storage in the rear. what am I forgetting
  8. The 6100 is the trophy truck spec truck. front motor LS3, Turbo 400, straight axle and 37's. those are the only class rules
  9. its okay to stop and doole anytime. I have shop towels.
  10. This is a shot in My Fusion Off-Road 6100 truck GPS @6500 rpm. motor rev limit set at 7200. should hit 130 in the dirt. not shure about dyno speed though.
  11. The PBS s5 from a 2d is a bit more intaled. We did a swap from a 5 speed 2d to a 5 speed PBS sequential. Everything changed in order to keep the front of the PBS s5 from hanging below the car. With that said the PBS trans is bad ass and we love it.
  12. Here is a little bit of some of the race cars and dual sports we built this year. Havent had a lot of time to post here on GD.com so here is a little update on us. If you guys want to see more of any car or truck just ask, I have plenty some of our new projects. we are currently building our class 1 car, and we are designing a new sand truck and dual sport car. I will post pics of the class 1 chassis later this week.
  13. I took this ride a few times. I to build cars but we are more desert orientated. I took the ride and still want a funco for glamis. My best friend of all 38 of my years owns a funco. My wife left a wet spot on Gregs seat just last year and all I can say is if you have any doubt hope in and hold on becousy your train of thought will be highly modified along with your underwear. To top it off the Georges are life long dunners and put back to help all of us keep our dunes and pretty great people to hang out with. I dont often post about competitors but I know a good product when I see one and am not to proud to admit it.
  14. I cant post my favorite picture for a number of reasons but number 1 my wife would shoot me as it is clothing optional.

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