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  1. Dirtywhiteboy

    2018 Can Am X3 RS shock re-valve and springs

    I did Shock therapy as I did not have issues with him in the past. $2300 otd and you have to beg for an appointment to get in if you don’t have a reservation. But, I have never been in a softer riding more comfortable car than my CanAm. It blows away my Tatum with 10k shocks. They add 12 spherical bypass ports in their emulsion tubes as opposed to factory CanAms Stock with only three and straight across. World of difference.
  2. Dirtywhiteboy

    5 seat sand limo priced to move V8 2d car $17900

    Nice rail!!!
  3. Dirtywhiteboy

    WTB Skinny loader wheels and tires

    I can bring one wide 5 tire and wheel that I hv in the garage to G next thurs-mon if it helps bro.
  4. Dirtywhiteboy

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    Biggest POS I’ve ever owned. Front a arms will fold back and break in any serious witches eye at 5mph. If it was free, I’d leave it on the curb after I pulled out the motor. As you can see I’m just not a fan.
  5. If it had bypass and a nice set of Fox’s, this would be a fun buggy.
  6. No worries brothers. Thx for considering. I paid this much for my basic Can Am with a few mods, someone will get a really nice Sandrail this year.
  7. Dirtywhiteboy

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    All right! I have found one that is all billet, bad ass, no bs. They are going to check with their attorney and see if they can be sold, as they are brand new. If I can get 5, there will be 295 of them left. Ill know in a few days and Ill post pics if they will let me.
  8. Dirtywhiteboy

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    Great advice, but when you have a custom roof on your buggy you cant use the foldover mounts. All of these look like crap. Pins that will fall out, or clips that will spin and scratch your paint. I will find us a legit release whip guys. Im on this...
  9. Who is tired of having to on screw their flags on and off every time they want to go to the desert. I run safeglo whips, I would run Buggy Whip, or any other major brand like a 5150, that doesn’t take a bunch of wires or additional side box to power the LEDs. Has anybody found one that is air chuck compatible or has a pushbutton design and won’t fall off the car. Even better, one that is wired and universal for most flags? I’ve searched for awhile and can’t seem to find anything comparable what are you using and how do you like it? Any pics?
  10. Thanks Dale! Just lowered price to $35k. This car is like brand new. Blown away how it’s still for sale at this price.
  11. Dirtywhiteboy

    beard seats

    I have a set in blue if you want them.
  12. Dirtywhiteboy

    Wanted: Polaris RS1 Single Seater For Sale??

    Before I buy one this weekend, does anyone have one that’s already had all the aftermarket done or not using theirs and wants to sell? Thx
  13. Dirtywhiteboy

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    100% go to John at OUTFRONT, honest guy that knows everything about sandcars. He’ll put it up on a lift and give you the complete 411.
  14. Dirtywhiteboy

    Tips On A New Tatum Build

    TATUM TRX2 Selling for a friend...skip the line Just built 2019 Tatum He Took delivery 11/20/2018! Twin Turbo Redline with best of the best Albins AGB Sequential Motec Computer Big 12” Motec dash Tatum Billet Wheels Paint by CR Designs 20 gallon fuel cell Carbon fiber body Fox 3.0/3.5 bypass shocks Custom 8 into 1 Stainless exhaust Tatum built in side mirrors Rigid LED lights All chrome and polished motor Car to car Race radio GPS Jet Trim interior In the Sandcar world, this is the best of the best. There is not a faster, better handling, or more comfortable Sandrail out there for sale in the U.S. If you want sheer beauty and raw horsepower -this car is for you. It will do wheel stands at 150mph! Tatum has 40 cars on order so if you want to skip the line and not wait deep into next season for a new car, this is for you. Selling for a friend as he is building a brand new Tatum four seater and will offer this car for sale through March only, and will then keep it for next season and this ad will be removed. He will consider an immaculate LS Name Brand Sandrail only, as trade. Send pics to avidgolfer44@gmail.comwith description. Thanks! ***Walkaround Video***

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