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  1. John would you be interested in selling the house. If so give me a shout. That is if a 108” wide x14.3” x 80’ combo would slide in with finess connected. Thx!
  2. Logan’s run battlestar gallactica
  3. Hi Southbay. I’ve still got it. Brand new with all the components to convert. Call Craig at 310-351-6666
  4. Dirtywhiteboy

    U-joint axles

    They’re Crap. Run far away
  5. Dirtywhiteboy

    WTB Jettrim seats.

    I have a set I’ll sell cheap if anyone needs. Recover to all black and save $1000’s.
  6. Dirtywhiteboy

    Last trip of the season

    Makes me want to be stabbing the throttle right next to ya!
  7. Flawless ad Steve. Great job.
  8. Just grab a hood and with this kit you have a brand new look. My kit is obo I want it to get use.
  9. Brand new under hood conversion kit complete for sale. Factory insulation pad and ram air snorkel ducting for your install. $500obo https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/pts/d/sherman-oaks-gm-oem-hood-insulation-pad/6834850365.html
  10. Dirtywhiteboy

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    Hey brother, as always, great work! Can you make them taller, as that’s a new trend?
  11. STU blasters 33” comp cut 2 and 10.50 fronts. In great shape. Need them out of the garage by 3/14/19 or I’ll keep. $700 (IF YOU HAVE 17” beadlick rims with 2” backspacing for Sale I’ll buy -Pm me). First $750 takes all. Tires only.
  12. Dirtywhiteboy


    Went with a gen y hitch for mine. 32k lbs and piece of mind. All in about $550 delivered.
  13. Dirtywhiteboy

    decided to keep

    350 is like kissing your cousin. Hardly counts.
  14. Dirtywhiteboy

    Whole house fan.

    Get the big ass one and then do what I do. Stand underneath it till your nipples get hard. Best investment you'll make!
  15. Dirtywhiteboy

    WANTED: 1-2 enclosed trailers

    Anyone have an 18-30’ enclosed, in decent to excellent condition. White only. 96” rear door min only. 2005 or newer?

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