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  1. Craig sold it Mike. Now he needs a new whip under the Christmas tree.
  2. Wow, the detail in the 65 is awesome. Love the enclosed engine compartment- outstanding.
  3. Very Interesting Dale. Thanks for pointing out. As I get older I just hv to hv bypass’s. Great entry level buggy priced right!
  4. What a great idea. When you have toys laying around that you’re not using, and you need a truck, Jeep, or sedan, just flatbed them over there for a quick look and come home with a new ride. Way to go R&B!
  5. They say that you’re not supposed to use them because it doesn’t transfer the weight forward like a pick up truck. So it defeats the purpose. I’m pulling a 22,000 pound Stacker on a 45 foot coach and the airbags do the trick. I did beaf up my factory hitch a ton. Ocotillo boy really helped me out on this one
  6. I’m holding out for yours!
  7. I have 10.75x15’s mounted up on Sandcar wheels and beadlocks. If you have 17” wheels and 12.50’s we can work out a trade. Craig 310-351-6666
  8. I drove one with a kx60 2 stroke and it flipped over backwards at 40mph!
  9. Thanks brother for the inquiry. I found someone to handle. Appreciate you.
  10. If you had a flatbed and could grab a 16’ SU Sandcar in Yuma I’ve bought, and drop it off right on the way to the SSSS in Mira Loma Ca, I’d like to pay all your gas and for your time. Thx Craig 310-351-666six

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