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  1. Damn- tgat tree would be bad arse to light up. But Jan 1st what a hassle. Any pics of it when u had it illuminated prior?
  2. Like CEK said, Easy to convert and the only way to get 2 Sand Cars on top of each other. Call Jason at Ultra Haulers trailers in Anaheim California for conversion details. An inexpensive way is tiny little donut wheels to go on your side by sides to drop down the height and still can drive in under their own power.
  3. Good call John. I’d love to permanently staple up thin led strip lights but I know they’d have issues. For all of us that have tried to light 45 foot trailers all the way around, with multiple strings attached you know how it goes after awhile. Some work some don’t! I’m just confused where do you go to buy bulk lighting say 1000 feet or 2000 feet that can be a continuous run or just a few Runs to wrap the eaves. Then be color changing or dimmable for jacuzzi nights. I’ve been googling but they’re not easy to find especially with a white wire. Any help appreciated
  4. I wish I could Andy. The girlie says “light it up” so I’m at Costco looking at this. $500 to buy enough strands but not the right look.
  5. Any suggestions for Xmas lighting that can maybe double as eave illumination year round. Not the super bright led’s that look like a hotel. Maybe dimmable? Soft white/yellow. Thoughts and where to buy. 2400sq ft?
  6. I was fortunate enough to be at John’s shop and had him show me in person the difference between his new 2 inch hollow and the OEM Funco spindle. It’s like a baseball to a basketball, what a difference! I will definitely be doing the conversion on my car in the near future.
  7. Hi Will call Tyler tintman or kingsdamthegreat they can steer you in the right direction
  8. Sean, thanks for chiming in. Few questions: 1. Why was PBS preferred over the S4 before you guys bought that model? I hv a pbs. 2. Is your New case considered “a huge upgrade” compared to a stock pbs case? 3. What would it cost to take a PBS for speed and convert it to a PBS five speed that is in perfect shape currently?
  9. It’s a great car. Owned it for awhile. Track it down if u can.

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