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  1. The urinal in the man cave is bad ass. BigSammy when you dealt direct did you have the option of fitting your exact space instead of say ordering the 244” off Amazon?
  2. Hot Damn!!! Great ideas gentlemen. I have one weeks worth of hunting so far on your great advice above. While I’m searching these products, if anyone else has any suggestions, I’m all ears.
  3. I’ve had a custom cabinet shop come out and quote me $25,000 for my two car garage, I’ve seen prefab aluminum ones on Amazon for about five grand. Here in Southern California, specifically orange county, does anyone know anyone that can provide cabinets in the 5-$7000 range that look like 10 K plus cabinets? I’ve seen the crap they sell at closet World, etc. Home Depot makes a decent 30 inch with a raised panel door for 270 each and if I can’t find someone that will turn key it, I will go the Home Depot route. pics and advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Whatever you do, budget in shock work, it makes a 300% difference in ride for $2200
  5. So the hookup gets better. The gal I use to go to was good, but I found her supplier Mattress Liquidators and he’s right here in Rancho Cucamonga. Just bought 3 beds in 2 weeks. I went to their showroom and spent an hour laying on and comparing all the different brands. Wear comfy clothes. Then I got a killer price by the owner Erik and his sweetheart assistant Rosa at ‭+1 (909) 581-1800‬ and headed out. Delivered on time no excuses. Each bed is a diff price so go pick one that’s right for you. My go to bed is a beauty rest black Med or firm pillow top. Bought a high end Klupt But have not tried it in the spare bedroom yet. At these prices, I will throw the mattress away every 36 months, and always have a Freshie.
  6. They’re Crap. Run far away
  7. Makes me want to be stabbing the throttle right next to ya!
  8. Hey brother, as always, great work! Can you make them taller, as that’s a new trend?
  9. I did Shock therapy as I did not have issues with him in the past. $2300 otd and you have to beg for an appointment to get in if you don’t have a reservation. But, I have never been in a softer riding more comfortable car than my CanAm. It blows away my Tatum with 10k shocks. They add 12 spherical bypass ports in their emulsion tubes as opposed to factory CanAms Stock with only three and straight across. World of difference.
  10. Biggest POS I’ve ever owned. Front a arms will fold back and break in any serious witches eye at 5mph. If it was free, I’d leave it on the curb after I pulled out the motor. As you can see I’m just not a fan.

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