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  1. Dirtywhiteboy

    Sand Cars Unlimited Pro Bro w/Albins Sequential and LS427

    Thx guys. She’s looking for a new home.
  2. Beautiful SCU Sandrail/ Sandcar completely rebuilt last year. Car stripped to the frame and EVERYTHING was replaced with new. I have never seen a Sand Cars Unlimited well under 100k with a big sequential Albins! New LS427 625HP extremely fast Albins AGB Sequential $25k trans! New 934 cv's New Axles New clutch New panels New paint New electrical New interior with diamond stitched seats New led lights New 12.50's and 35.5's x 17 Race radios Car to car GPS Halon fire suppression system Jbl stero unit Bypass kings on all 4 corners Power steering And tons of other options. Room to add a 4-4.5L blower but after buying the car, and feeling the power in a 2400lb car, it just doesn't need it. (Chrome twin turbo 1000HP Redline motor LS427 available on 91 as an upgrade for this car if desired.) Reduced from $79k to $75 for a quick sale. Car is a 9 on a 1-10! Craig 310-351-6666 ***Walkaround video:*** https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjmA-1rm31MXHki4_x9yyfUd7WpaCFv5v
  3. Dirtywhiteboy

    Switch Pro

    Are you in Cali, and for profit would you wire a future stacker for me with switch pro to control everything from winch to hydraulic door?
  4. Dirtywhiteboy

    Switch Pro

    Bro, High five on the flawless wiring job.
  5. Needed for a family member. Stock is fine, under 130k miles, under $10k and clean. If you know of one or hv one you’re not using please text pics and details to Craig 310-351-6666
  6. Dirtywhiteboy

    Any pair of 10.75 x 15’s for sale???

    Please text Craig at (310) 351-6666 I’ll take em.
  7. Dirtywhiteboy

    Tatum Prerunner CBM 440 twin turbo "Sale Pending"

    I’ve lined up with this Tatum, it’s fast!
  8. Dirtywhiteboy

    Mini Manx Bodys

    So nice to have a local GD hookup like this and my go to guy for everything LED!
  9. Dirtywhiteboy

    F the CBD

    Lmao...a shrimp taco!!!
  10. Dirtywhiteboy

    Glamis Shiat Show

    Never discussed, I’m just wired to fix problems. These threads can be be started by armchair quarterbacks. I say get off your ass and off the keyboard and go get it handled. Rather than pipedreaming....one day we should all hold hands and band together for the good of Glamis blah blah. Here’s what I’m doing, who wants to join. More realistic solution. Who agrees with me?
  11. Dirtywhiteboy

    Glamis Shiat Show

    So rather than saying we should all do something or we should all ban together. How about you say, I’m going to wear a red shirt with red whips on my sxs and get to the drags early and lay out a few cones and drive up and down them to plead with the crowd to keep it wide as possible. Then install a police siren in your sxs and any J.O. That gets out of line, you pull him over in essence and have a talk with him peacefully. Then you come on here and say this is what I’m doing, I’ve made up a few extra shirts, who will run red whips and radios and join me. And then you will be a G hero. With more posts you will gain an army of helpers and from the hill to the drags you and the task force can truly make a difference. Man up and get it handled if you want 2019 to be better than as you said, 2001. I’ll guarantee you 6 of us here will join you in shifts to help. I wear a xxxl please. Cheers😎
  12. Dirtywhiteboy

    2014 Fleetwood Providence DP Model 42P

    These are awesome coaches with big deep slides, I had a similar model and love the Fleetwood providence.
  13. Dirtywhiteboy

    One Bad Group to Camp Next to

    Thanks for making room for me guys. When I got to camp and heard about all the hoop law, I said I know the guys I’ll trade spots with you and I am move my route from three back from a week earlier up to your camp so that you wouldn’t have to have any unpleasantries. Then my nightmares started, I wish I had someone just dragging a suitcase thru my camp. It was the first trip out in my brand new stacker and I came back the third night to a nice guy and fellow camper that said dude I’m so sorry. I said why, he said I caught my ladder on the back end of your new Stacker. I was very sad, but he said he would fix it. It is what it is. Two days later this is what happen to my diesel pusher (a 15” gouge in my rear cap) that did not have a scratch on it before the trip because I just got it out of paint shop this summer! So, It was good that I played middle defense between the two camps so that you didn’t have to go through what I’m going through right now. Again thanks for the hospitality guys, just one of those shitty weekends but we’re alive and lucky to be in the sand.
  14. Dirtywhiteboy

    ****10 SANDRAILS FOR SALE****

    ^^^ It must be that they’ve never driven a Sandrail. Once you’ve had a steak, you don’t look at bologna the same lol PM pics
  15. Dirtywhiteboy

    2018 Santek Stacker Trailer

    What a sexy “legal” trailer. Whenever I see Brandon’s stuff go up for sale, I immediately pay attention. Great guy immaculate stuff.

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