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  1. Have a Twin Turbo Black Widow going up for sale soon and want a arms, wheels, anything that can be polished bright and shiny. I appreciate any leads. CDF506BE-7A90-41F7-AAC8-D0FB0C98CB01.mov
  2. You know me Dale, I usually have something laying around. I can help put you in a friends Brown Stacker 100” back door, low20 something footer, with Belly lift! All the extras, etc in your budget. Has all the good stuff. I’ll help you buy it right, if your open to a $500 finders fee to Dbart for the shout out. Craig 310-351-666six
  3. I’d like a blk one. Pm me pls
  4. Nice OB...you always take good care of your customers, and they take good care of you. 👍
  5. I had a Callaway Camaro. Supercharged and this has 100hp more than mine and it was already a rocket. Great car, great seller.
  6. Hi JD, since I buy all my office computers from you. Please install Microsoft word and make sure WiFi compatibility, copy current desktop hard drive onto this laptop, and give me a call to purchase. For those that don’t know, you should know JD. Professional Matchmaking LLC 1500 Quail St #550 Newport Beach Ca 92660
  7. One of the nicest trucks ever built and in excellent condition with the 2019 front end. Denali trucks have All the options on them. From wireless headsets for the tv, to fold down rear seats and sliding rear windows to a huge sunroof. Tons of upgrades with no budget, to make this truck better than factory. I drive super mellow but this truck is extremely fast for those moments when you want to impress yourself. 😁 American Force 19.5 Bilet Aluminum rims Cory Willis PPEI Edge tuner 5” exhaust from turbo back Banks air induction Fast 170 fuel seperater Upgraded fuel filters Upgraded lift pump Def delete kit LED bed lights Tinted windows Retractable running boards Rhino lined Full width bed toolbox Gooseneck flush mount hitch Complete upgrade to 2018/2019 front with new 2019 oem hood with hood scoop from factory All oem paint to match flawless $52,500 or best Truck looks like new! Low Miles! Paid off, pink slip in hand. If serious, text me for the walk around video. Craig 310-351-6666
  8. My buddies have pulled everything from 28k lb 5’ers on 3500’s to 80-82’ pushers and stackers. Zero issues since 2005. Anyone else in Ca 2nd this in yore experience?
  9. Peaky blinders is a young Irish Sopranos 100 years ago.
  10. The urinal in the man cave is bad ass. BigSammy when you dealt direct did you have the option of fitting your exact space instead of say ordering the 244” off Amazon?
  11. Hot Damn!!! Great ideas gentlemen. I have one weeks worth of hunting so far on your great advice above. While I’m searching these products, if anyone else has any suggestions, I’m all ears.
  12. I’ve had a custom cabinet shop come out and quote me $25,000 for my two car garage, I’ve seen prefab aluminum ones on Amazon for about five grand. Here in Southern California, specifically orange county, does anyone know anyone that can provide cabinets in the 5-$7000 range that look like 10 K plus cabinets? I’ve seen the crap they sell at closet World, etc. Home Depot makes a decent 30 inch with a raised panel door for 270 each and if I can’t find someone that will turn key it, I will go the Home Depot route. pics and advice greatly appreciated.
  13. Whatever you do, budget in shock work, it makes a 300% difference in ride for $2200

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