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  1. scotty_

    Screen mis match ?

    Now everything is black ? :-/
  2. scotty_

    Screen mis match ?

    How about this . looking to get over 700hp on my cat c8.7 thoughts ? ;-)
  3. scotty_

    Screen mis match ?

    Any one getting this strange overlap ? on a ipad
  4. scotty_

    Favorite Movie Scenes

    Porkys . U know the scene .
  5. scotty_


    pornhub for wacking the balls around
  6. scotty_

    More 12 Valve Cummins hot rod engines

    Fire rings ! Sexy
  7. scotty_

    Rode to Alaska : Update first post. See new pics

    Think tron old board member here did a alaska ride . There was a thread years ago . He went down in bad weather . They were on adventure bikes . Harley ....... No way
  8. scotty_

    Anyone else's spidy sense elevated

    Without a plan u r planned to fail.........
  9. scotty_

    Joey Chestnut

    One guy eluded to barfing after the event . Can your stomach burst ? Crazy
  10. scotty_

    Joey Chestnut

    How does this not kill someone ?
  11. scotty_

    Craft beer trades

    Think md,s offer is legit
  12. scotty_

    Craft beer trades

    I have a feeling the bruery will be sold to corparate beer soon :-( not sure what that will do to value of your bottles ? it is a great beer from a fantastic brewery

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