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  1. captain11

    Wa Boat Owner Takes On The Ca Boe

    ive seen this happen a lot with boats over the years. if its going to be home ported in California, two words... OFFSHORE DELIVERY!!. We bought a tug up in seattle in 2006 and even with a fleet of boats and guys that know better, we didn't take offshore delivery as we normally do, we ended up paying the tax after a long battle.
  2. captain11

    Christmas To New Years

    tyler did my car over thanksgiving, and wow, its night and day better. absolutely worth every penny.... thanks again tyler!
  3. captain11

    Concrete Work Needed.

    elitejz here on gd.com
  4. captain11

    The World's Ugliest Car

    did they really just compare that hunk of shit to a george barris????
  5. captain11

    Trailer Winch Synthetic Rope Vs. Metal Cable?

    we use 1.25" spectra or plasma at work for our barge make up winches, and 3" for our ship assist lines, its great stuff, but abrasion and sun will kill it quick. we usually get a year out of ours before they go. the other thing is you have to put it on with alot of tension otherwise once you pull on it, it will underwrap, and its a nightmare to get out
  6. captain11

    Ever Been Locked Up ..in Jail That Is...

    never been locked up, but here is a good story about how i got banned from mexico for a year. as some of you may know, i m a tugboat captain. back around 1999 or 2000, my boss called and said "get upto long beach and get the theo jr, head for asuncion bay, mexico. ill call you with the info after i get money for the job".. so off i go. a couple hrs later he calls, gives me all the info, says everything is good, the boat is what they called r.f.p, which means no clearances needed as long as we dont touch land. so i go down there grab a 250 ft longliner, take em to ensanada, where im supposed to hand them to another tug to take them in. about 10 miles out i get a radio call from the capt of the port who says its ok to go in, as long as we just put them along side and leave ( i swear it was him to this day, as ive talked to him 100 times). i call the boss, ask what he wants me to do, he says go for it. so we go in, drop em off and leave... did i mention it wasnt the capt of the port, but one of the deckhands on the boat!!! needless to say the officials were a little pissed, and while they gave the boat a going over, mainly because they were pissed, they find like 400 lbs of cocaine... by then we were across the border, getting another barge for a job down there, so off to mexico i go, clearence papers in hand. clearing into mexico isnt a big deal, its not like the toll rd where there is a bunch of military with guns, but this time there is guns, our agent is talking 100 mph, and i think oh shit, something isnt right. they came on the boat, searched it top to bottom, of coarse finding nothing, toss the jewelery on me, and off we go. the agent right next to me telling me my boss is on his way, they are taking me to the capt of the ports office, and our attorney will meet me there.. im shitting myself at this point.. when we get there we go inside, they take the cuffs off, my boss and the lawyer are there. my boss looks at me and says your effed.. then starts laughing.. im like what the hell..after a few more sentences i can tell hes had a couple, him the captain, and the lawyer are all lauphing.. so long story a little shorter, he had been there all day scratching the right backs.. smothing it over, and had a few with the captain.. i had to tell my side, swear that i had no idea what was on the boat we towed.. ect. and for "avoiding customs" i was banned for a year from mexico. here is the best part.. on the way up my boss says " yeah.. i guess i should have maybe questioned it when i had to go to tj and pick up a briefcase full of cash for the payment.." and starts lauphing..
  7. captain11

    Auto Mechanics/shops In The San Diego Area

    if its north coast san diego, take it to brad at furgersons garage in encinitas, brad is a fellow duner, and a great guy.
  8. captain11

    American Chopper Sr. Vs. Jr...

    Yep yep. X3 X4. The build off used to be they had to build a bike and RIDE it several hundred miles to a show. You can't ride either PJD or Sr's bikes and Jesses bike is built to ride. Clear winner is Jesse. X100 x 101 or whatever, make the primadona jr actually BUILD a bike, results would be different. any douche can bolt parts together.... thats not to say he doesnt have skills on the design end, he just isnt a builder, plus hes a world class vag
  9. EL CAJON — A motorcyclist who died in a Nov. 10 freeway accident in El Cajon is now believed to have been the victim of a hit-and-run driver, the California Highway Patrol said Wednesday. Investigators said Shawn Russell Kinzer, 40, of El Cajon likely was struck by a light-colored, 1997-2001 Buick Park Avenue sedan, which would have damage to its left side, mirror and left front. Kinzer was riding his 2003 Honda CBR 600 motorcycle eastbound on Interstate 8 from Magnolia Avenue when his bike hit the pavement about 8:40 p.m., authorities said. At the time, investigators thought Kinzer was struck by a vehicle after being thrown off the motorcycle. He died less than an hour later at a hospital. Since then, said CHP Officer Brian Pennings, investigators have interviewed witnesses and analyzed evidence indicating that Kinzer’s bike collided with the Buick, whose driver did not stop. Pennings asked anyone with information about the Buick or its driver call the El Cajon CHP office at (619) 401-2001 .
  10. captain11

    Power Inverter Or Small Portable Genny?

    i just bought the costco one that has the yamaha eng.. super quiet, the econ mode is great for a light load like a tv and charging the batteries. mine will run the charging and the 2 500w trailer lights on econ... all in all cant beat the thing for 600 bucks as opposed to 1000 for one that says yamaha on the package. the little thing will run about 8 hrs on a gal, instead of like 3 gal/hr on the big one, so it will pay for itself in like 2 seasons.
  11. captain11

    Redbull No Limits 2

    they were in our office the other day. pretty sure we will be providing the barges and anchors again... we did it for pastranas jump up in long beach as well, had front row seats for that one, but ill be in glamis this year. should be pretty insane though
  12. captain11

    Wasnt Expecting This

    such bullshit. they wonder why people have little or no respect for them? why not just give a warning?
  13. captain11

    What Is The Dumbest Thing You Ever Said To A Woman?

    you want a fu**ing ring, theres one in the tub, go scrub it..... she smacked the shit outta me and cut me off for weeks
  14. captain11

    Anyone Here Own/rent/operate A Bobcat?

    Thank you sir. I'm North of LA. About 20 minutes West of Pasadena and 15 minutes south of Magic Mountain. I'm off the 210 between the 118 and 5. not sure if he would go that far, but orth a shot
  15. captain11

    Anyone Here Own/rent/operate A Bobcat?

    not sure where you are at, but hit up elitejz, he is in ramona and has one, and a mini excavator as well.

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