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  1. They absolutely work, not just for looks. ‘if you bend a rim with rings on them it’s not the rim your concerned about anymore, likely your car is totaled. Lol
  2. Our group was there, my cars in a couple shots. Food was good, we had stuff from senoreatas or what ever, it took for ever but was pretty bomb. Also some had food from the Mac n cheese truck said it was under cooked. also had some from the amwaylas or what ever Africa truck, meat sticks and doughnut cookie things were both pretty tasty too.
  3. Deviantduner

    WTB LS3 LS2

    Nick at Hustler in riverside has a couple different motor options ready to go in stock 9512249624
  4. I have on my trx450 and love em.
  5. Congrats turned out awesome. Motor sounds good 👌 we’ll have to meet up with you in dumont some time
  6. Isn’t it partially your fault for encouraging me, lol
  7. Overall really stoked w the new car, first shakedown run over the weekend.
  8. Soon, I think westech about done then back to Ed for final assy. Hopefully shakedown next week
  9. Yes OMF , look in the 3pc buggy wheels section. Note: option not avail at OMF, I had the gold anodize done and brought back to Bones for machining.
  10. Also what tires do you have on truck? D rated are trash for towing, and tell will wag your ass all over the freeway above 55, E rated batter, F rated and you won’t need sway bars anymore load trailer even or front heavy sway bars will help, but look at tires first I used to run Toyo RTs on 3rd set dumb Effs ordered wrong tires and gave me D rated beginning of summer, my boats don’t care what tire I have on truck. Winter comes and glamis time, load up rail in trailer that I used to be able to pull at 80 plus with no sway. Suddenly felt like I someone swapped out my trailer. Tires to many miles for dealer to help. Lesson learned. Now I only run AT3 extremes F rated. No sway regardless how I load
  11. Most likely a Toyota windshield, that’s what they ( SU ) currently use, also what King Adam uses. Usually cut to fit.
  12. Send the factory wheels in and get reinforcement rings installed, more offroad input, they can repair the crack at same time. No way they’ll crack again on the inside
  13. Do they have a pool? Usually why neighbors want a tree removed. If so when you have it cut down get at least 2 blowers to blow all debris from tree as it’s cut, into their backyard/pool. Then take a pipe over fence into water and dump 5 gallons of motor oil in pool. Maybe even few lbs of nails over the fence into pool too. Fertilizer is fun in Pools also. Lol If he has cameras then maybe don’t do the pipe w oil. Otherwise just like you can’t prove what you know he did they can’t prove what you did.

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