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  1. Dear The Goat, Just want you to know things are looking up. After my girlfriend and I spent Halloween with the GD crown in tent alley I find myself recieving oral sex on a bi-daily basis. This is in no small part to the lessons of the goat.
  2. Uh, maybe just ahead of your time? A trend setter maybe? 1323065[/snapback] I'm ahead of my time alright. None of you drove a Soop Doop to El Compadre with 4 nakid cheerleaders from Helix High (yes they were white) in it, when you were 19. I've got witnesses. That what happens when you fire off your cajuzzi and take a dip with your buddy, his chick and 3 of her friends, and then want to make a burrito run. Will (Dust Buster), you remember that night?? 1323302[/snapback] Yeah I totally remember bro. You were right my chick and her 2 friends, but wasn't that your bro's CHEVY? Anyway, post #2 for me.
  3. Yeah right. You love that stuff Ryan!!! Hey This is my first post. Woo-Hoo!!

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