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  1. i8sand

    Glamis 911

    Does anyone know about this service or had to use it ? Sounds like a good idea and reasonable rate. https://glamis911.com/
  2. Sorry for your loss. RIP Chad and Prayers to his family. Even though I did not know Chad, reading your comments and feeling how genuine your love for him was certainly tells that he was something special.
  3. How about Apple Guitars ? since Mac is already taken.
  4. I did not see the message because I am not part of the club. But some people said he sent out a message saying it was cancelled with no reason why. But even if that was the case, why not notify the poor guy at Sonic ? We gave the group a try and learned very quickly how clicky it was and after that we just decided it wasn't for us. We have done a number of motorcycle rides and have been meeting new groups to dune with for years, we thought this would have the same feel. We were wrong. We did meet many new and friendly people on our weekend adventure so it was not a loss, just a disappointment.
  5. Sorry folks but I have to vent on something that happened to us over the weekend. For some reason I am really bothered by it. We had an opportunity to do a 911 memorial cruise with a local car club. The cruise was to take place over 3 days and had lots of stops along historic route 66. There were around 50 cars total and about 90+ people on the cruise. Pretty exciting and got lots of looks on the highway when were grouped together. Fast forward to Saturday night. Someone from the car club had called days in advance to set up a "cruise in" at a local Sonic in Bullhead City. It was announced at a prior stop to make sure we all went to Sonic after checking into our hotels. Being that there were 50 cars, we thought we would clean up the car and ourselves and head up early to get a primo spot. Well upon arrival we were promptly greeted as we exited our car by a young man who introduced himself as Jerry the GM for this Sonic. Very nice guy and very excited for the event. He went over all the preparations he had made to ensure the car club was all set. He had brought in extra staff to accommodate the crowd, brought his family up there, reached out to locals, and even went as far to make up a playlist of all patriotic songs to play on an external bluetooth speaker he brought. So the stage was set for a great time. We got some drinks and hung out talking to Jerry. Another couple was there as well that was on the cruise but not part of the club. As we all hung around talking about how great it was going to be with all the cars coming, Jerry began to get worried as no one else was showing up. I sent a message out on the group chat and received no response. The other couple that was there got a message from someone the knew in the club and said that the club president sent out a notice saying it was canceled ? we did not get a notice and Jerry never got a call about it being cancelled. So some messages started flying back and fourth and a few people from the cruise decided to come down there. After all was said and done there were 4 cars from the cruise and 1 from a passer by who pulled in and hung out. Poor Jerry went form hero to zero pretty quick. I felt really bad as we were part of the group that I feel had let him down. I wish we could have done something for him as he had all those people clocked in and ready to go, and nothing happened. One of the couple that showed up towards the end told us they saw the club president and VP with a group of people all partying it up in the hotel casino. What say you ? pee pee move ? Or is it Jerry's fault for trusting people on their word ? For what it is worth if you are ever in Bullhead City, AZ stop in to Sonic. Jerry is a great guy.
  6. I totally agree. However reading and understanding are two different things. Some kids these days expect their parents to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay for their nice clothes, phones, college, cars, etc..
  7. In AZ they did shutdown all of the forest during our dry spell. The reason they said was not only to keep the dumb asses from burning it down, but as our monsoon storms started up and lightning was causing fires everywhere, it allowed all the resources to fight or contain fires and not have to go through and find people / campers to evacuate. I am not defending, just repeating what was said. Regardless, California has a big problem on their hands right now with fires.
  8. i8sand


    I appreciate all the responses. I will try to squeeze the auto museum in if we have time.
  9. i8sand


    We are eating lunch in Oatman on Sunday.
  10. i8sand


    I have never been to Laughlin and we decided to join a car club do a 9-11 cruise to Laughlin. We will only be there one night. But is there anything that is interesting or a must see while there ? Anything that is a "stay far away from" while there ? Thanks in advance.
  11. X2 We went from the Kaseya 90's to the Honda trx250ex and it was well worth it. Newer ones come with the "sport clutch" which made it easier for them to learn as it was not needed if you forgot to clutch. Also the weight factor is greatly less than say a Polaris Phx. Good Luck
  12. Have you looked at Jackson Trailers ? They have rentals in all flavors.
  13. That is strange...everyone seems to be smiling !! You must be doing it wrong !!
  14. "Let see you park in my space again...A-Hole !"

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