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  1. X2 We went from the Kaseya 90's to the Honda trx250ex and it was well worth it. Newer ones come with the "sport clutch" which made it easier for them to learn as it was not needed if you forgot to clutch. Also the weight factor is greatly less than say a Polaris Phx. Good Luck
  2. Have you looked at Jackson Trailers ? They have rentals in all flavors.
  3. That is strange...everyone seems to be smiling !! You must be doing it wrong !!
  4. "Let see you park in my space again...A-Hole !"
  5. Yes, it is a plug and play. I was thinking about getting a new harness. I have tested the 7 way plug end connectors and they seem to always give off readings when testing. Nothing intermittent like the controller. Its just one of those things where I have been trying this and that and just kind of got lost. So I appreciate the suggestions.
  6. Does anyone have the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 brake controller ? I am having issues with mine. More times than not it will show that the trailer is not connected even when it is. I have two trailers that both do the same thing when connected. However those same trailers work just fine connected to another truck. Which leads me back to my truck and or controller. I will note that even when the controller shows not trailer connected, the lights work just fine. Brakes are only thing effected. Which is kind of a big deal. When the trailer is connected and showing no connection, I can wiggle the wire to the controller and it will flash on and sometimes it will show connected other times it will just go back to no trailer connected. Sounds like a short somewhere but where, everything works just not when I want or need it to. Any advise as I have been going in circles and getting no where. I have had this happen when towing and going down a grade applying the brake, I can see when the light goes off and I can feel the weight of the trailer as I am now only braking with my truck. This happens going though town at stop lights as well. I can be stopped with my foot on the brake and the voltage will be displayed, and then the light goes out and I have no trailer brakes once I approach next light. I bought it online from amazon and the seller will not respond to my emails. Not sure if Tekonsha will warranty either ?
  7. I am not new to stock trading but I am new to crypto currency. Why is it that Fidelity, Ameritrade, and other big investment companies do not trade crypto currency ? Why is it so hard to set up a crypto account with these various smaller ones and what is a crypto wallet ? Are all these challenges really red flags or is it designed to be difficult to keep would be investors away ??
  8. We camp with some people that make "camp corn". They take a large cooler and line the bottom with corn that has been husked. They cover with boiling water, sprinkle some sugar in there and then close the lid. Let it sit for an hour or so and you got some perfectly cooked corn. I have not personally made it this way but I have eaten it many times and it is always delicious.
  9. Lets here it ? who wins the series ? Do Lakers fans even like Lebron ? I am sorry but I can't stand the guy ! Go Suns ☀️
  10. Great thread, I am looking for cabinets right now. I am looking at the NewAge Bold series brand that Costco carries. Anyone have any experience with these ? Also, I am having my garage, patio, and carport done with a newer product that is some sort of poly-something or another that supposedly stands up to the sun light and does not turn color ? 10 year warranty for sun exposed areas, lifetime for garage and non exposed areas. Roughly 2500 sqf.
  11. Chrome Molly frame with black mags. I was about 10 years old, so I don't remember details like model or anything.
  12. I had a Mongoose that was just like that back in the 80's. All chrome molly with mags. I thought I was the $hit riding that thing around the neighborhood. Good luck with your search.

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