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  1. 9rocky


    Chantix worked for me... Crazy dreams for sure, but I was a 2 + pack of Marlboro 100's for 27 years. Tried numerous methods and times, but nothing worked till Chantix. Now 9 years a non smoker, and can not stand the smell or anything about smokes. Do not even miss that awesome after dinner smoke...
  2. This is what we are looking at doing in our company...
  3. Really nice Jeff. Hope you and the family enjoy!!!
  4. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    7/16" Spline socket
  5. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    Glad you are happy, that is what we are about. Please post updates as you install them, with pics of course...
  6. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    Here is one of our test vehicles. Has to work here before it goes to the public...
  7. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    Fabr, sent you a PM
  8. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    In stock. Check with a dealer, as I believe prices are not supposed to be quoted for non advertisers.
  9. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    We are an aerospace fastener manufacturer, and we race SCORE. Our class 1 and class 10 were both class champions in 2015, and we won the Baja 1000 in class 10. Specs on these bolts are 8740 200 KSI, forged head, centerless ground shank, threads rolled after heat treat. Reduced head sized for ccv boot flange clearance. NDT inspected, etc, etc. Yes, a special socket is required. They are available at Craftsman for around $5, or Snap On for up to $89. Even Harbor Freight carries spline drive socket sets. The drive is much more positive than a standard 12 point. The 2 grip lengths we have in stock now are based on a Fortin trans and Fortin hub, but the length th OP was looking for is one of those. The longer bolt needed for Pro Am or Jamar hubs is going into production shortly. A list of our dealers can be found here: RPI Motorsports dealers
  10. 9rocky

    Cv Bolts

    Here are the ones we make. Spline drive head for more positive torque loading in both the installation and removal directions. Not saying they are the best, but we like em...
  11. Pre runner is ready. Race cars, almost...
  12. Which version of Loudness do you prefer? Huh? And why did that even say Loudness in the title? Pure EZO right there. But between the two bands I'll go with Loudness, maybe because I saw them live quite a few times back in the mid-80's. I remember Rikki Rachtman playing EZO a bunch on Headbangers Ball but never got to see them live. Akira was a bad mofo although I'm pretty sure EZO's slinger would give him a run. Loudness was much heavier live than their polished up videos would leave you to believe. This is not EZO... Check the title of the video. This is a version of Loudness, Akira Takasaki with the singer from EZO performing an EZO song. Saw Loudness many times with their original lineup. One of the best live bands of their day.

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