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  1. jeffa383

    Pistol Pete died?

    I just heard Pistol Pete died in a SXS crash. Did anyone else here this is is it true?
  2. jeffa383

    Alumicraft 2 seat sand car/dual sport

    I have been trying to contact him but no luck.
  3. jeffa383

    Rzr frame mods ?

    Not a RZR but this is what they all need.
  4. jeffa383

    * sold * Rugged Radios Intercom

    Sent you a pm I'm interested. Thanks Jeff
  5. jeffa383

    Miscellaneous buggy parts

    And not to me bummer.
  6. jeffa383

    Miscellaneous buggy parts

    I'm interested in the axles. I just texted you.
  7. jeffa383

    2x 35x12.5 17 Front Buffs and/or 17" Wheels

    Looks like a MT Baja claw
  8. jeffa383

    930 cage?

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it .
  9. jeffa383

    930 cage?

    Is there a way to tell the difference in the material of a 930 cage as in regular vs chromoly? Thanks.
  10. jeffa383

    Rocket launch

    The company is DOD with very deep pockets.
  11. jeffa383

    Rocket launch

    Tentatively new date is the 30th
  12. jeffa383

    Rocket launch

    That's all they need to do .
  13. jeffa383

    Rocket launch

    I think the BIC lighter is broken .
  14. jeffa383

    Rocket launch

    Scrubbed for 24 hrs
  15. jeffa383

    Rocket launch


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