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  1. The diesel smog test in AZ is nothing more than a money grab. The do what is called a snap test, you hold the throttle to the floor until it hits the red line on the tack and you have to do it 3 times. The test costs $27. I have a 2001 F-350 and I hate doing it every year but it always passes. For the motor home, set up a Montana LLC and register it there. It will cost about $1500 to set everything up the first hear and since the coach is over 10 years old then you can put a permanent tag on it. The cost to maintain the LLC in Montana is about $150 per year after that. It will be cheaper to set up the LLC in Montana than to register the coach in AZ. If the coach is financed, the bank will have to allow you to change the ownership of the coach to the LLC so that might be an issue. PM me if you want more info.
  2. Definitely not us. I don't mind music but you should be able to talk around the camp fire without yelling at each other. This is one of my pet peeves with the BLM "law enforcement" in the dunes. They will patrol the wash road and shake you down for a burnt out license plate light but come 10pm they all head home and won't respond to a noise complaint.
  3. Sure, we are usually between wash 10-12. Would like to go out every other weekend this season with a few longer trips mixed in.
  4. NO DRAMA, the rest I can deal with. We are down to a small group of 6-7 extended families that all get along. Most of our group has been together for 20+ years. No firewood issues, no loud music issues, can't remember the last time we ran out of , everybody is helpful and we have a great time. When someone gets up from the fire to grab a drink, they come back with an arm full to pass around to whoever needs one. When someone breaks, everyone jumps in to address the issue. When its time to load up, everyone helps one another. If one of the kids gets out of line, any one of the adults can yell at them without creating drama. We all respect each other, the kids respect the adults and listen. Our group all share the same values and work ethic and it shows in how the kids are raised and the respect we all have for one another. Can't wait for the season to start!!!
  5. It would look great with a supercharger under that hood as well.
  6. Well I think I could give a green funco a run for his money..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  7. Nothing new, TMW had an LS conversion at the SXSSS a few years ago
  8. Never knew there were so many toilet seat options and shapes. I have been through the same thing LOL
  9. My first 2D lasted 7 seasons in a 2800 lb car running a stock ls1, 35" paddles and 934 cv's. Like all the comments posted above, no whoops, clutch in when landing etc. I was afraid of breaking it and drove with that fear in the back of my mind. When I dropped it off to Kevin, he didn't believe that I had 7 seasons on it until he pulled it apart. When he called me to let me know the damage, he told me he has never seen someone literally wear out every gear except reverse (only used reverse to back out of the trailer and garage). After the first rebuild, it lasted 2 seasons then I was pulling it out every season. I started driving it a lot harder and beating on it in the whoops, etc. I upgraded to an S4 3 seasons ago and couldn't be happier.
  10. X2 been using Ryan for number of years and he does great work.
  11. I have run both. STU's by far are a better tire. I went through 2 sets of Extreme Eliminators and the sidewalls are junk. They leak when they are new, if you like to run lower air pressure, the sidewall wrinkle will eventually rip the side walls. The last set of Extreme I had lasted 2 trips before one of the sidewall started leaking where they meet the bead and I had upped the air pressure to 18 psi on this set. It leaked so bad the tire would go flat in 15 min. We tried everything that weekend to seal it up enough to finish the trip and nothing would work. If you are running a higher horsepower car, the paddles on the Extreme fold over and will eventually tear off. I have one good Extreme 35x15 #2 cut with 2 trips I will sell cheap. The other will need a tube. I switched to STU's and couldn't be happier. They cost a bit more but the quality of the tire can't be compared to the extreme, they are that much better. I doubt you will find many high horsepower cars running Extreme tires any more. If you are running a lighter car with a v6 or smaller you might have better luck than I did with the Extremes. Couple of guys in our group have had smaller extreme tires on their cars and have 10+ years on them. They just don't stand up to the heavier v8 cars.
  12. North of 2 million, probably closer to 3 million. Drove over the road for almost 15 years at 150k+ per year.
  13. Here is another question for the GD brain trust, does tightening the bolts before every trip add stress and start to stretch the bolts? I have never checked the suspension bolts with a torque wrench, just made sure they were tight before each trip. I have had 2 different bolts break on my front arms at different times.
  14. Can you purchase new sleeves to accommodate the larger bolt?
  15. Just PM'd you a number of a local shop that does one off work. I have used him before and he is really reasonable on his pricing.

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