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  1. 1tonfun

    How far is your commute for work?

    1.3 Miles not even enough time on the road to finish the commercials and hear the next song on the radio
  2. 1tonfun

    Off road coloring book!

    If you make a pdf copy would you mind sending me one as well?
  3. 1tonfun


    When you get tired of dealing with that old power smoke just drop it by the house, I'll take it off your hands lol
  4. This story is why taking a concealed carry course is worth the time and cost. The class I took spent 90% of its time going over scenarios just like this and the trouble you can get into by just showing your weapon. Bottom line is the weapon does not come out unless you are in imminent danger. The class also went over open carry vs. concealed. I would rather not open carry, I have a couple of times and I get too nervous having the weapon exposed and people getting to close to me. Carrying concealed us much more natural, nobody knows its there.
  5. 1tonfun

    Question for the sequential guys

    Pin it to win it, usually blow right through them. When you panic stop is when you get stuck. When that does happen I do what Air450 does
  6. 1tonfun

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    I have a hard time believing the o-rings got flat from sitting. More than likely a seal got torn or o-ring got pinched when they put them back together. If the builders theory were true, you would have a puddle under every shock. I rebuilt the shocks on my car 2 seasons ago. When I pulled it out of the trailer to prep for this year I found the same thing on a rear bypass. I pulled it apart and found a cut o-ring causing the issue. Replaced that one o-ring and all good so far.
  7. 1tonfun

    Who wears a helmet?

    That's what I use as well, HJC with the rugged kit.
  8. 1tonfun

    Aluminum work

    I know you can use the brake/running lights and wire them to do turn signal as well without adding additional lights.
  9. 1tonfun

    Aluminum work

    Tail/brake, amber, and reverse. no turn signals
  10. 1tonfun

    Aluminum work

    Here is a pic of mine
  11. 1tonfun

    Just got back from 9 days at Glamis

    There is a Toterhome at Desert Autoplex in mesa for sale that might be worth looking at. Better than a super C as far a ride, tow capacity, tank capacity, etc.
  12. 1tonfun

    True Dedication to Yard Art

    But it would have been towing above its GVWR and insurance wouldn't cover it if it were in an accident.
  13. 1tonfun

    Radio Etiquette

    Don't show anybody how to use the other banks on the radio and we can keep those quiet for us.
  14. 1tonfun

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Always in neutral in the enclosed or on the flat bed. Always 4 straps holding the car in place. Love the guys that spend $30k on a sxs and buy 2 of the cheapest harbor freight straps to secure it to the trailer.
  15. 1tonfun

    Drivers/Spotters and their role

    All those people at the top of the hill are waiting to become the next victim

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