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  1. We ran some great lines south of the swing set down to China Wall, sorry for tearing it up LOL. Found a couple of great lines between the swing set heading north to 78 as well. Everything else was still chopped up from MLK and the remnants of new years when everything was wet an rutted out
  2. I agree. Look for a larger power plant. The newer ones commonly have a 450hp Mercedes or Detroit in them. Much better than the Cat 3126.
  3. Friend of mine had a neighbor that would call the police as soon as he brought the toy hauler home to load for a trip. There was an HOA that allowed the trailer to be there for at least 24 hours and I believe the city would allow 3 days. She would complain to the HOA as well. When we would park on the street in front of his house, she would complain about the vehicles. She purchased a home that backed up to the neighborhood park and called the police when the kids were out there playing in the park. She actually called and told the police there was a gang fight in the park and they rolled in hot with SWAT ready to take action. They let her know that the next false report she filed would get her a trip to jail. She sold the home shortly after.
  4. I didn't used to in my rail but as I got faster, older, and wiser a helmet is a must now for me. We were doing a high speed run through the big bowls on an off weekend and I told my son over the radio that if I wad the car up this fast it is going to be a violent wreck. After that trip I bought a full face and have used it every since. I few years ago I had to start wearing glasses and the full face helmet I found worked the best over the glasses for me. Wearing goggles over the glasses let a lot more sand get in my eyes.
  5. I doubt it was a tag axle, the renegades that have dual rear axle's are both drive axles. You can lock in both axles and they also have an option to lock both diff's on the drive axles.
  6. No arrest. Police report was filed, we knew where they were camped and offered to take the officers to them and they told us there was nothing they could do since they put the parts back when we showed up with the snow cat. The really sad part of this is they were friends of some other friends and would regularly go to the dunes and hang with our group. I actually purchased my sxs from one of the kids dad that was caught stripping the car. Needles to say they will not be welcome back in our camp.
  7. I would be interested in the weekend of Dec. 13-15 or the weekend before new years.
  8. We have been doing the washes for years with a toter home, couple of class A rigs and a couple of pushers. As long as you don't go deep into the washes, you should be fine.
  9. Go rope off a couple of acres in wash 10-12, we will be down Tuesday and you are welcome to hang with us. We are mostly cars
  10. 1tonfun

    Super C vs DP

    My wife and I looked at all kinds of motorhomes and she liked the super C the best so I didn't have to do much convincing. Renegade makes a good product and has been in business for a long time. The one you are looking at is built on the mid sized commercial chassis and it may have a spring suspension. I would recommend an air ride chassis for sure. I wouldn't hesitate to look at a used renegade classic series on the full class 8 truck chassis. They will have air ride, larger tanks, and 450+ horsepower. When I started looking, I was wanting a 2007 pre emission chassis and ended up with a 2008 Optima that has been a great coach. Racing Junk is the place to look for the Super C. Search for Haulmark, Renegade, Showhauler, and Optima, they all make toterhomes.
  11. In sight or right on your ass are 2 different things. I am always watching my mirror for the second car in line and the last car in line just to be sure we haven't lost anyone. We usually run a small group of 3-5 cars and everyone is very experienced so we can run at a very fast pace. We also run radios so we can communicate if necessary.
  12. Why go to watch the show when you can be the show He will be a sore SOB for a few days, glad he walked away from that one Why do SXS jump down the hill........ Cause they don't have the power to jump going up the hill Made the decision to skip camp kindergarten this year. Went out the weekend before and going this weekend. I don't miss big crowds
  13. My car has had the small MC plate from day one. As long as it has MC and not RV on it you are good to go. The RV is for recreational purposes only and not for on road use. MC is full street legal and is the same plate they issue for a street legal SXS.

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