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  1. This was sitting outside my wife's favorite Italian Restaurant, had to sit and look at it all through dinner. She has always wanted a red convertible mustang with black interior and she didn't notice it until I gave the keys. This was her 30th anniversary gift, it was a 5 year project and she never had a clue. Our good friend that introduced us 35 years ago built the car. The look on her face as she took it all in was priceless.
  2. Have a client with 4 of the interenational 4300's with boxes that have been a dependable workhorse. If you go international, be sure to go cummins. I don't know if they offer the maxxforce engine in those but the maxxforce engines my client had were nothing but issues.
  3. Now they need to let the boys from Grand Tour flog the hell out of that thing and show us what it can really do.
  4. I used to do the Ryobi since they are not tools of the trade for me. The battery life of the ryobi just didn't cut it for me. A few years ago my kids gave me a 5 set of Milwaukee 18v tools for fathers day and I couldn't be happier with them. The Ryobi impact wouldn't break loose the wheels on my sand car but the Milwaukee fuel spins them right off. Battery life is much longer with the Milwaukee and they have a tool for about everything. All three of my sons use Milwaukee for work and they can take the daily abuse.
  5. I had my sand car through progressive for 11 years with a $75k value. I got a letter from them last year that they were not renewing my rail since I had an undesirable vehicle. I think they got out of the sand rail game all together. Foremost was the only company I found that would cover the car with a $40k cap. I had a valuation done and they calculated the value at $42k to give me some wiggle room and Foremost denied coverage due to the value being over their policy limits. My agent got underwriting to add it to my current auto policy even though they don't write sand rails since is have squeaky clean driving record and have never had a vehicle claim.
  6. Romans, would you run the same Michelin's for drive tires or do you have a recommendation for drive tires?
  7. Use mine in the desert but I don't have any paint or powder coat to worry about. The small rocks that the front tires kick up do beat on the finish off the shock bottoms and arms
  8. I had this happen on my enclosed, trailer was plugged in and showed NC on the prodigy controller but the brakes were buzzing at all 6 wheels all the time meaning the trailer brakes were engaged all the time. I tried just unplugging the trailer and plugging it back in but that didn't make a difference. I ended up unplugging the prodigy from the back of he unit to reset it and the problem went away.
  9. When you get tired of dealing with that old power smoke just drop it by the house, I'll take it off your hands lol
  10. Pin it to win it, usually blow right through them. When you panic stop is when you get stuck. When that does happen I do what Air450 does
  11. I have a hard time believing the o-rings got flat from sitting. More than likely a seal got torn or o-ring got pinched when they put them back together. If the builders theory were true, you would have a puddle under every shock. I rebuilt the shocks on my car 2 seasons ago. When I pulled it out of the trailer to prep for this year I found the same thing on a rear bypass. I pulled it apart and found a cut o-ring causing the issue. Replaced that one o-ring and all good so far.
  12. I flat tow a jeep wrangler, motor home doesn't know it's back there. All I added was the wiring for the brake lights, no additional braking on the jeep.
  13. That's what I use as well, HJC with the rugged kit.
  14. I know you can use the brake/running lights and wire them to do turn signal as well without adding additional lights.
  15. Tail/brake, amber, and reverse. no turn signals

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