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  1. how much is a set worth? i have a new set but have been sitting on an 8 year project, dusty and some light oxidation but never used, only installed by hand I would have to confirm spline count as they may have changed over the years.
  2. i had my secretary call 10 local shops in my area 5 were $150-165 3 of them were $125 two were $95 but had not changed their rate for a long time one of these was a 3 hour min these were all general car repair places some where chain company and others independent
  3. Some of you may have old Subaru motors sitting around, might as well turn some of that into cash I am looking for almost any throttle bodies you may have from an old manifold, with TPS $20 each extra oil pan and pick up screen $20 any single subaru coil that has 4 wire connector $30 any 2.5 crank pully $20 i can take as many as you have of anything. watcha got? mechanical turbo 4 cam cylinder heads (with only six bolts on the valve cover) $300 a pair with valve covers (complete) single or dual turbo versions OK please send pics
  4. i have been $110 but going to $120 at the new year, i still think im low for my area, thats why i was asking $160 sounds crazy
  5. they told him his labor rate was way low compared to the industry so he raised his shop rate to $160 per hour, im like wow!
  6. what labor rates are you seeing for automotive repair industry? non dealer dealer rates? off road rates? I ask because i had a local auto repair shop raise their rates to $160 per hour. an adjuster came to their shop and told them there previous rate was too low. he said the average (including dealerships) for South OC and San Diego Counties
  7. Me too, term life was cheap when i was young, did my last term policy like 10 years ago before i turned 50. I think i got a guaranteed price increase for 15 or 20 years after that expires i wont have any cause it will be too much and im not trying to make my kids rich
  8. Gas Tank: I did a few things with my gas tank and mounting. it is 24 gallons and made out of .125 aluminum if you notice the fill neck is not mounted or attached to the frame, and is removable, there is an aluminum slip fitting with silicon hose to keep it together. the neck is not attached to the buggy frame or panels as i have seen a car wrecked so bad that the frame mounted neck was pulled out of the gas tank during a crash, this allows for big fuel to be thrown everywhere in a roll. it also allows me to change out the gas cap or the position of the fill if i need to in the future. the base of the tank is not flat but has a 5deg slope to the back. the fuel sump has the supply, return and one more port for the fuel temp sensor. Fuel temp can be a compensation value in tuning as well as information to driver that fuel temps arent going through the roof because of location or heat being generated by headers , exhaust or radiator fans. mine sees none of this sitting right behind the drivers seat. the seams for the tank are overlapping and not butted for superior strength, and the end caps are bent into shape. this all makes for a very crack resistant tank. it sits on two pieces of angle iron with some rubber, and SS 1" wide straps keep it in place. this allows the tank to flex and move a little. there is a large divider in the tank mounted horizontally. this is a huge advantage namely when the tank is 1/4- to 3/4 full. i am a very big proponent of keeping the gas isolated in compartments. if you had 1/2 of tank and hit a big kicker at speed (or a jump) all the fuel will be hitting the top of the tank moments after you get air borne adding extra inertia in the wrong direction. likewise turning hard right to left and back the fuel all moves to the one side and then the other adding to the sway of the car. this divider keeps fuel mostly stationary. This is a new tank for a friend of mine and i will even put another divider for fuel sloshing right to left also note the use of expanded metal floor. i love this stuff. no sand collects into my buggy, the froor mounted radiator sees more air, and if there was to be a fuel leak it would not run across the floor (i have also heard about a tank leaking, ran across the floor and burned a passenger badly
  9. please do post numbers. im not a V8 guy but if i had one it would look like yours!
  10. Thank you, i'll take "nutjob" any time. any way to embed it so it can be seen by all. its on Instagram
  11. as Far as bets? my best year i won $1100 from you all, we celebrated back at camp and i took my group out to the town pump in Westmorland and treated for steak dinners
  12. Re: the video......i cant see it either at the shop but can on my phone broken parts: One year i blew 2nd gear on my sequential during the race. any of you who have had a blown gear know you can double shift and pass right through the gear so from 1st gear i can shift twice into third or down shift twice to get back to first. the problem was i was not expecting it and it took a few seconds to realize what had happened and which gear to avoid (shift pass) another time i showed up and my right rear lower air bag perch bolt was broken very badly. the bag and perch was basically just sitting in the arm. that was found after the parade lap. I had some old bolts back at camp. we went back and with help of everyone was able to pound out the old bolt and inserter a new one with just the help out there. yes, that required like 10 guys to lift the car up so arm would hang down while i lined up the holes and pounded in a longer than normal 1/2 bolt, aired it up and then raced another year: the next morning after the race was the Funco regatta. I have a unique shifter cable set up that i will show pics of later, any ways there was a single 1/4-20 bolt single shear bolt for a "shifter cable reverser" that broke right when i parked my car for the picture. realizing after the group foto i would be stranded down there and not be "cool" and drive away like the rest of the cars to take a jump--i asked a stranger to take me back to my camp in his razor, in road runner and got a spare bolt, came back and changed it out while no body knew. if that had happened in the race 20 hours earlier i dont think i could have won. there have been some close ones.......................... but luckily never have had a motor issue so i like my motor builder a lot!😀

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