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  1. that was me that started the thread last year i bought the honeywell programmable wi/fi units i bought two different versions one ended with 5003 the other ended with 1004 i have 6 thermostats, 3 of the main ones i use are converted. we like turning certain ones on 30 min before we get home via our phones. i think i paid $120-150 range for the two models i like the lcd back lit screen as i can see it across the room. i like the temporary mode i set it and it will hold for 6 hours, or you can change to permanent mode
  2. this system would not be used in an all open drift, big dunes it would be when dicing through some tight stuff, i dont think most of you could even relate i mean really tight stuff i think it would be limited use but just another trick in the machine. i will be trying it..........catch me if you can to be continued.
  3. great input you may not know but my car guaranteed has more front weight bias then "any" rear engine funco ever made. im close to the weight distribution of a mid engine car, so this front turning brake may have more results then say a V8 funco that has less front weight distribution. Pulling on the turning brake never slows me down, cause im on the gas at the same time. that would go for applying the front brake too. you may not have realized it, but if you are able to slow down the inside rear tire while making a right turn (say 5 mph), your left tire speeds up the exact sam
  4. correct two levers, but each lever is a single handle two position turning brake. pull back on left lever =right rear brake, pull back on right lever= right front brake and so forth pulling back on both levers would be a hard right
  5. some of you should do stand up comedy, (i would go) my wifes car has lane assist that applies both brakes on one side to "pull" you back in the lane. it works pretty nice and yes that is applying the brakes on the turning wheel. i dont think locking up a single turning wheel on the inside would be a big deal. so none of you think it could would to any advantage (in the sand) i may have to just try it. my first idea would be to have a second turning brake right along side my normal brake, just with a shorter handle. if i want both wheels on one side to brake i would effective
  6. A friend of mine passed away and wife is selling one of his quads 88 250r four trax I would say its super clean, but has been parked for a few years any input on typical sales price?
  7. Has anyone ever thought about doing front turning brakes or played around with the idea? What do you think?
  8. no its in the dual vs duel thread
  9. well maybe you low-land ers can do that but maybe you should come up to my house and show me how its done. im at 2100 feet up and nights are in the 30's i bet my kids money all the time in the winter to jump in, the money spent is worth the look and squeals that follow
  10. went to a funeral last Monday and going to two more this Sat😌, besides that, relaxing driving some tractors. maybe take the first dip in the pool, this spring has been real cool so far
  11. to tell you the truth i wouldn't know what part number or brands i have had but this one is a Grant appears to be 13.5" maybe 14
  12. Lets see your steering wheels, is there one you love? hello guys, I'm looking to buy a new steering wheel. mine is 5 bolt but i could adapt a six bolt i would prefer beefier spokes or something strong. 3 spoke wheel doesnt seem to last very long in my car, perhaps its because i pull back so much trying to do a wheelie....LOL

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