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  1. That may be one of my engines but not that kinked turbo drain. My best guess is it’s 25 years old as the blue stinger ecu with no sticker on it dates it. I would guess this is a stock motor. Nothing upgraded inside but that can handle 10 psi all day at 330 hp. 10 psi. Race gas. Those injectors would not be recommended for e85. If this was my motor and sold 15 years ago it was an $8500 motor package. Used with no history would think )2-3 k would be in the ball park. Maybe more to the right buyer
  2. i agree, at this point #1319 car could still take 1-2 years, i would think the $10k profit is a little high at this stage of the game, but once the first 100 are running and no issues, then that would be a realistic sale and profit to be realized
  3. could you tell me who the owner is? i would like to meet the new "fastest car in the dunes" owner dont want to bump in to him unexpectantly
  4. is this the fastest car in the dunes?.....................GLWTS
  5. spectacular!! 13171 Harness Dr, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 | MLS #OC22208321 | Zillow
  6. wish i had my bomb shelter hole dug--great deal
  7. Are the missing the bead lock and hardware?
  8. That was fast! Congrats to both of you buyer/seller
  9. great looking truck. I have the exact same truck, same year, more stock then yours and 262,000 miles. its been a sweetheart. In todays market and the low miles i dont see how you could go wrong with this!!! my first brake pads were installed at 202k miles literally nothing has went wrong GLWTS
  10. Rancho makes trannys that can handle 200hp. I think it’s a freeway flyer. Typical for Porsche replica cars.
  11. that thing screams a subaru

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