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  1. Helping my daughter put up seasonal lights before the 4th. That’s a 24’ extension ladder that wasn’t tall enough. What could go wrong with a 60 year old on the ladder?
  2. we offer a partial dyno for $200 its a few pulls and we can tell a lot, HP, boost, air fuel ratio and if you are going to have fun in the dunes or not
  3. so sad, there is a lot of great things to be living for and is very helpful to ones health too!
  4. i probably built the original motor and they rebuilt it at some point have you reached out to them and showed them pics? ok cool, youre close. good luck on the purchase
  5. great looking car, im guessing i built that motor but would need to see pics really close of the motor, injectors, turbo to say anything about the motor what tranny does it have? where is the car located and where are you? can you take car to a dyno before purchasing? does it have a boost controller or is it at 500hp all the time? whats the history of the engine, like rebuilds? have you driven the car? if so where you able to see the boost on a gauge or?
  6. my son just bought a brand new 2022 SLT mini diesel 1500 4x4 and has 18" rims. he is wondering what max tire size is that fits and he can always go smaller. he wants a little more iegth and was thinking about a mini lift on the front only--any tips on that would be great too
  7. im still waiting for whoppi, Streisand, de Niro and Madonna to leave too, please! im sure hysterectomy's and vasectomy's are cheaper and safer, why involve a life this world is going crazy over zero accountability for their actions Im soooo tired of hearing the word "reproductive rights" and even pro choice as if its positive. it should be called pro death movement!
  8. what was the date of the ad?
  9. yes there are several things to do. when we go we dune every other day on the days off we had these destinations: ice cave and the military "lava" caves they are close by each other and is cool to explore. you cant get to the ice cave by normal car very easily going to Jackson hole and doing rafting on the Snake is a must, tons of rental places, plan the whole day we would go to yellow stone for a day but that's probably not going to happen this year we would find a place on a local river, jump the fence and wade for a cool refreshing afternoon in the water
  10. the current administration spent money in the trillions for build back better, of which some was covid relief, of which most have not spent this money, shrinking my money. never has the amount of illegals' crossed our border and they are coming in groves, they stopped building an effective wall too. they have let expire any oil leases and refuse to allow new drilling for US oil companies, they pretend the electric grid is ready for an all electric society overnight they have required air traffic controllers to have implementation of covid rules that have caused a shortage of them and is partly to blame for massive flight cancellations anything the current admiration doesn't like, im racists, CRT Biden and Pelosi they say they are Christian or Catholic but support prochoice to the point they dont mention anything about destruction and defacing pro life businesses, death to children even up and to birth. attack on guns these are causes/affects "this" admiration has done that affect my life--directly

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