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  1. First set: date code 2002 and 2005 one patch in the 05 tire clean patch. Dead center $300 for pair 2 nd set. Date code 2006 and 2012. No patches $380 for the pair treads on both sets 50% or better in Murrieta or can deliver to Buena Park
  2. I am finishing up a 2002 Nissan Sentra. Good air good interior. Auto. Probably low 20’s on mpg. Dark green. Paint is on hood. Clear coat coming off. Bought it with a blown head gasket. We did a valve job and new radiator. Thats $2000 in repairs alone. Should be about $2500 when done in a few weeks.
  3. Great report. My car is probably heavier than yours by 1-200 pounds. I typically run 50-55 front. And 52-58 rear. That’s a sign of good balance!!
  4. Correct. That won’t cause a loss of oil pressure
  5. Yep get another block and maybe your piston isn’t damaged as it’s on the side but if the rings don’t spin perfectly then the ring lands were damaged too. C clips never fall out when installed properly.
  6. you could always air down the two rear tires, that would be impossible to move and simply air it back up in the am==AM have a disconnect switch that kills power tot he ecu you could remove a main or fuel pump relay the last one is put buddy on a cable on the car that would be the 120lb rottie!
  7. pics coming of the insides next week. BTW where did your buyer come from? GD. Craigs list etc?
  8. It’s older. Need to clean it up. My guess is 20 years old. Going to clean it up first. Has some cool stuff. He was anal about security so bars on the windows inside and a removable cage on the inside of the side door for great protection while storing
  9. going to have a trailer soon for sale Dico enclosed 26' regular 8 foot wide tandem axle 14" rims, brand new D rated tires (5 lug) has fuel and huge aluminum water tank on board and an onan generator mounted in the left front one small window per side i think the rear door opening is around 90", regular height any type of price range would be nice
  10. i was was new to the SXS thing why would you look elsewhere will be on the floor, sounds like a reasonable price point and you could buy replacement parts today. looks beefy
  11. 1/2”. Would be good. I don’t think you would notice 1:4”. Do you know if Jamar has a different slave bore size than Cnc?
  12. Sounds good. But it’s not cause of traction or weight. It’s the larger diameter you are overcoming. Think of the larger tire as a longer torque wrench. The same brakes now need to have more pressure to overcome the “ longer torque wrench”

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