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  1. One other thing, add two-factor authentication to every account you can, it seems that most companies offer this now. You can also inform most of these companies that you are a victim of identity thief, they can flag your accounts which requires them to obtain additional verification of your identity if there is any contact.
  2. Contact the Internal Revenue Service and add an Identity Protection PIN to your SS#, you will have to have this pin in order to file taxes. Good idea to freeze credit and getting a monitoring service. Sounds like you have Costco, if you are an executive member they have a monitoring contract with Complete ID. That's what I use, and it tends to report issues quick. We were hit big time, finally had to change all of our checking and savings accounts too. But ours was a Dark Web breach, so they had much more information. Good luck
  3. Can't believe people think this is okay. Man Accused Of Dumping Raw Sewage Near Creek In Sierra County
  4. Congrats! Too bad they don't count every time you visit the site a day. I'd be in by now.

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