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  1. Any interest in an inexpensive Baja model that is B&W? This is the pre-color model, but looks exactly the same. I have everything, but the antenna needs to be replaced. Works perfectly otherwise.
  2. Universal power supplies are available. I had to buy one recently for one of technicians laptops, while in the field. Found a few options out there.
  3. Fantastic feedback!! They are great people.
  4. I'm a no windshield guy. There are advantages in some cases, but if I wanted to be in a street car, I would get in one. Nothing else can give you the wind in the hair and feeling of being in on open car like cruising thru the dunes in my sand car.
  5. I feel like it is an attempt at forced socialism…. They want to make everyone scared, then they will show the sheep how the government will help take care of them.
  6. I think it makes them look better, and is purely cosmetic.
  7. I think there are other factors in play also, that help the heavier trucks last longer. Most 4500 and up or 450's and up have detuned engines. They do this, knowing they will likely be under extreme load, unlike their counter part street driven trucks. I am not sure if the trans have any different programming, but that could be possible. The heavier trucks are definitely designed for the abuse they are subject to. The downside of that - they will not be as quick or powerful obviously. I don't see where the rear end would have any affect other than the gear ratios, as mentioned. A lower gear will help in towing heavy loads, reducing the strain on the motor and trans when accelerating.
  8. Glamis for me, is life. It is everything to me from childhood memories, to memories with my children. I was raised going there. My first trip, I was 6 months old and because of being born in May, I didn't go until October. My parents began going in 1972. I don't know life any other way, I feel at home when I am there. The house I own is because of Glamis (due to the RV parking). Our best friends we met because of our house, and we picked this house when we bought, so we could still afford to go to Glamis. The truck I drive is because of Glamis (used to tow my 5er). My oldest daughters first trip was at 6 weeks old, and my youngest daughters first trip was at 3 months old. My kids love Glamis as much as I do. This place is a chance for relaxation, family time and manly fun all in one. The boys can go racing, or for a fast dune ride. The family can spend time together at the camp fire, or on a fun family ride. We get to spend precious free time with great friends. I get the thrill of teaching my kids how to ride their quads or drive our RZR. Each trip provides a different adventure, and every trip is different for everyone. No place on earth excites me like Glamis! As my parents get older and don't go like they used to, the experience is changing for me. A trip just doesn't seem the same without them there. I have to keep reminding myself that I am creating these same memories with my children. Things in life never stay the same, but Glamis is always there for me and has been a steady rock in my life!
  9. Call Jason from Auto Toys. He is from the SD area originally. He now lives in Perris but travels mobile to SD frequently. Great guy!! 619-300-8265. He has done stuff for me quite a bit!
  10. I know it's a good deal, but it's just a painful thought of that amount of money for a used set of gears!!

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