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  1. 2DASAND

    Kevin's Build (built And Running!)

    Ouch Kevin!! I feel bad for you...
  2. 2DASAND

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    Jones Fab in Upland did all of mine, very happy.
  3. 2DASAND

    Wall frame advise

    This is what we use.
  4. 2DASAND

    Wall frame advise

    Love the dogs! I have a 120lb female Rottie!! We did the sliding glass door doggie door for ours.
  5. 2DASAND

    934 300M Axles 30.5" 33 Spline $350

    Wish these were marked for rotation.
  6. 2DASAND

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    Looks awesome!! Very nice car.
  7. 2DASAND

    Lowrance 480 baja/$200.00

    PM Sent
  8. 2DASAND

    My new toy 2006 3D Sand Cars/Desert Dynamics

    Congrats on your purchase!! I love my DD car.
  9. 2DASAND

    Glamis Christmas Video part 1

  10. 2DASAND

    New to the club

    Awesome!! Congratulations on the purchase!!
  11. 2DASAND

    Any pictures or info on Chenoweth SV-16 cars

    I owned one from 98-06. Mine was the 2 seat 100" wheelbase. I loved this car!! It had a VW in it before I bought it from my buddy. I put a built Corvair in it for a few years, then went to a turbo 2.3 Ford. The car handled well, and would take about anything you could throw at it as far as whoops. I have said many times - if I could have that car back again, it would be a lot of fun. My only complaint about that car being so short (I see yours is not the short version) was that to do anything on the trans was a moderate job. The seats had to come out to get the fuel tank out, to be able to get the trans out.
  12. 2DASAND

    Headset not working

    I went to their booth at Halloween, with the same issue on a headset. They checked everything out, and said my mic was good and working, but nothing going thru the cable. They sold me a new cable, and I was on my way!
  13. 2DASAND

    Polaris 1000 chain tensioners

    John at Rancho UTV heard mine when I started it. He talked me into going to the Alba tensioner, and the noise at start up is gone!! We just did this before Halloween.

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