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  1. I love the look of the car!! Great deal!!
  2. I have my 4 seat sandcar, and I love it. I bought a 2015 RZR4 new (non-turbo), under the excuse of being for the wife. My wife does get car sick riding in the buggy with me, so it was an easy sell! I didn't take both until this last riding season, where I took both every trip. We had a fantastic season, and a lot of fun. I got lucky, where I never needed a backup due to breakage. I have driven the RZR in the dunes, and while it goes everywhere and does everything I just do not find it near as enjoyable as the buggy. I have a much more exciting driving experience in the buggy. My wife drives the wheels off the RZR, and keeps right up on most rides with the buggy. The RZR is a supplement, but in my opinion NOT a replacement for the buggy. I have heard many people say otherwise, though. I guess it varies for each person, and I am sure driving styles affect that a lot as well. I will say, that we use our RZR for many other things that I would never do with my sand car. I have had the RZR in the snow, mud, open desert, rock crawling and street driving in Havasu. I keep the RZR in Havasu all summer, and drive it like a car (we have the street registration there) and off road when we can. I really love the RZR and enjoy everything we do and have done with it, but I will never sell the buggy with the intent of being replaced by a SXS. There just is no comparison in my opinion, in the dunes. If budget only allowed one, it would be a tough decision.
  3. I built my car in 06. I absolutely love the car!! I do not think you will be disappointed. The a-arm style gives the car a lot of stability compared to a true a-arm design. I slide my car like crazy, and I do not have a turning brake. I found I like 22 psi in the paddles, and come into a turn hot, let off the gas, and turn the car. When you're ready to straighten out, hit the gas. The car is very predictable. This car is extremely wide, which is a huge benefit for everything except loading it in a trailer. I love my car in every way until then!!
  4. As long as you don't keep going home early!
  5. Same here. Had group drama and took almost 2 seasons off. Camping with some new people and a couple of the good ones from the old group, and had a blast this season!! I didn't realize how much I missed going! Best of luck to ya!
  6. I had OMF do wheel stiffeners on my Douglas wheels, front and rear after bending an inner front rim. I won't go without them ever again!! Even my RZR OMF wheels have the stiffener option!
  7. When you're on the portal page. no matter what page you click on, 1 stays highlighted. it always appears you're on page 1 regardless of the page you are actually on. If you click on a link, and go read something from page 2 for example and then hit the back button, it goes to page 1. Any way to fix these?
  8. CBM uses the AEM dash. You could call and talk to them, also.
  9. First off, very interesting build! Congrats on going way outside the box! There are some very neat things on this build. One that caught my eye, and I don't see much talk about was the trans... why a ford C4? Don't get me wrong, I am a Ford guy, but I was shocked to see this mated to an LS. Seems like a TH350 or 400 would have been an easier bolt-on option. I figure there must be a good reason? Keep up the hard work, and enjoy your ride!!
  10. My old 2002 7.3 towing a 40' 5er gets 9-10mpg. on average. I've had head winds and been as low as 6.5, and seen as high as 13 (must have had a tail wind!). I can rely on 9-10 though. Same as my 40' diesel pusher got!
  11. Why not? It will last a long time, and I'm sure by the time you need to rebuild it, there will be parts available, as everyone has mentioned.
  12. Agreed. There are a lot of factors that play into this scenario. The only true way to measure this would be an hour meter.

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