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  1. 2DASAND

    33 baja pro and 1 Douglas rim. NEW PRICE!!!

    Where you located?
  2. 2DASAND

    06 DD

    Nice car! GLWTS
  3. 2DASAND

    New build in progress, The Handful

    First off, very interesting build! Congrats on going way outside the box! There are some very neat things on this build. One that caught my eye, and I don't see much talk about was the trans... why a ford C4? Don't get me wrong, I am a Ford guy, but I was shocked to see this mated to an LS. Seems like a TH350 or 400 would have been an easier bolt-on option. I figure there must be a good reason? Keep up the hard work, and enjoy your ride!!
  4. 2DASAND

    2011 Ford Super Duty 6.7L MPG

    My old 2002 7.3 towing a 40' 5er gets 9-10mpg. on average. I've had head winds and been as low as 6.5, and seen as high as 13 (must have had a tail wind!). I can rely on 9-10 though. Same as my 40' diesel pusher got!
  5. 2DASAND

    CNC Closed

    Why not? It will last a long time, and I'm sure by the time you need to rebuild it, there will be parts available, as everyone has mentioned.
  6. 2DASAND

    going under the knife

    Praying for a speedy recovery. Best wishes John!
  7. 2DASAND

    How much power are you running through your 2d?

    Agreed. There are a lot of factors that play into this scenario. The only true way to measure this would be an hour meter.
  8. 2DASAND

    How much power are you running through your 2d?

    When the Racer trucks came out several years ago, I remember an extremely fast one (I think it was black, but not positive) would whoop on everyone at the sand drags. When I got over to see it finally, it had a 2D in it! I about fell over!! They can take some power and some abuse, no doubt!
  9. 2DASAND

    when having no money but having fun was everything....

    Awesome to see!!
  10. 2DASAND

    2005 DD sand car (not mine) on Craigslist

    Could be a good deal for someone.
  11. 2DASAND

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    I did the swap 2 years ago. I went to a PBS as the S4 wasn't available. I will never go H-pattern again. I love the sequential. You will be very pleased.
  12. 2DASAND

    21 years today

    She is quite obviously a saint!! Congrats!
  13. 2DASAND

    PCI carbon fiber OTH headsets used

    I'll give you $200
  14. Damn Matt, wish I saw the hose reel sooner!!
  15. 2DASAND

    where to buy inner wheel stiffeners

    OMF in Riverside is the one that does these. I had all 4 of my wheels done on both my buggy and RZR. Ask for Tim the owner, and tell him Derek sent you. 951-354-8272

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