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  1. Dang, I just discovered how messed up I am. I have a sandrail, a RZR and a quad. I guess I need to buy a 2 wheeler, so I can fit in any category for flaming!!
  2. You definitely scored! I am positive you will love the coach. I had a DP previously, and went back to a 5er for a few years. The entire time, I missed the DP. In November, we got another DP, and have been loving it!! It is noisy sometimes, going down rough roads, because you hear everything rattle (like silverware in the drawers, etc) but the comfort and ability for the family to move around, pee, get food/drinks while traveling is SOOOO worth it!! The ability to load up the night before, and not have to unload to sleep when you arrive late is an awesome feeling. I roll up, and level, get the slides out and go to bed without ever needing to even go outside. Congratulations!!!
  3. Got ya!! I missed those scales. Thank you.
  4. I don't mean to side track this topic, but I put a yellow line at 5250 RPM. What am I missing?
  5. OK, I am going to start another issue to discuss... this was not an accurately performed dyno test. They dyno was skewed or something was off. HP and torque will always cross at 5250 RPM, but this shows at about 5600. Something was not right.
  6. Fixing the buggy motor that blew up Thanksgiving, fixing the motorhome bathroom that messed up Thanksgiving, still have to fix the RZR that broke Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a rough trip!! Lots of work, so we can go Christmas.....
  7. That is because the Albins takes so much more power to turn 😂
  8. But this is all assuming you run winter air in your paddles, or this equation is all off....
  9. Mine makes loops over the top of the trans and shifts like you want. Here are pics of the trans before I installed it. You can see the cable brackets on the sides. I don't have any good pics with the trans installed that shows the cables. Both sit on top of the case, and loop under the starter, if that helps.
  10. My wife and I have seriously considered an AZ move from SoCal. Thanks for all the input. I have the same issue as Punchdrunk, I have a business in CA. which is hard to walk away from. I'm not sure ow AZ life would be, but it is very tempting. Extremely tempting.
  11. I spent a couple of visits at the chassis dyno just before Thanksgiving. We had this conversation - and he had a very interesting response. He has been doing this for 20+ years. He has done a lot of magazine work over the years with Richard Holdener, who is a well know magazine article writer (used to be a big Ford guy, and recently does a lot of GM/LS stuff). Steve, they dyno guy told me that back in the day (in the 90's), they did engine dyno to chassis dyno comparisons. They found many things that skew the numbers. Most interestingly, it was not a fixed number that they found. It was a varying number at different RPMs, etc. (albeit probably in the same range). He also brought up that the are additional factors that change an engine vs. chassis dyno comparison. Most engine dyno sessions are not real world. They often use dyno headers (not your actual entire exhaust), some dyno tests have no air cleaner, they usually install an electric water pump for the dyno and have no engine accessories. All of these items reduce the chassis dyno number that you see and it cannot all be attributed to just the drivetrain loss. As mentioned above, what really matters is the number to the ground (chassis dyno number). This number gives you a reference point and you can follow changes in the future assuming you have used a good dyno shop, with proper calibration and maintenance on their equipment. In the early 2000's, I was half owner in a diesel truck dyno shop. We learned A LOT at the time, and spent a lot of attention to making sure our dyno was repeatable. I could run my Super Duty any time, and get a less than 1% variation form my first recorded dyno test. We could run the same test on another brand of dyno, and get a different number. There are many reasons for this, and that's another topic. The most important is to find a reputable dyno shop, and use the same place for comparisons, so you accurately know what your changes have done. Lastly, most buggy transaxles don't typically have a 1:1 fourth gear, so that skews the numbers even more.
  12. I went away from a Fortin because of the excessive cost. I liked the trans, but I bought a sequential for the cost of repairing my Fortin. It just didn't make sense to have a partially repaired trans for the same cost of a brand new one. The sequential was appealing over the H pattern, also. As nice as they are, it's a hard pill to swallow when a repair is needed.
  13. Just a little bit of sharing info - my buddy had a Seneca bunk model. He bought the bunk model, since they had 3 kids. He said the bunks were only used for short time. As the kids got bigger, the bunks became less roomy, getting to the top one was a pain. The upper bunk was always hot when the heater was on, or when the AC was on, that didn't cool up there enough. He did have a couch bed, dinette and overhead bunk and the kids always wound up sleeping there, and the bunks became storage. He told me he wished he could get rid of the bunks, and have the better floorplan. Not first hand experience, I admit but just some input to consider for what it's worth. Personally, I have a DP with a 15k tow capacity.
  14. Do you have a picture of your setup?
  15. 2DASAND

    Bent wheel

    I did this too, and I am super happy with the results from OMF.

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