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  1. More on the 2 seat car. Looking good
  2. I have these two pics. I can have my dad take better ones if you want.
  3. Here is pics of my dads we just finished IMG_4527.MOV
  4. More pics from Ed on my Sand Pro II build.
  5. Cool I want to se it. I hope to go down after our Saint Anthony trip next week.
  6. Our group will be at Sand Hills Resort July 3rd to the 13th. I will call you.
  7. Here are some pics from Ed on my 4 seater coming together. Getting excited. Thanks Ed! Also pics of my engine going together 440 ls with 4 liter Whipple
  8. Here is my old car. I just sold it to a buddy to have a new one built. Ed has started on my frame coming along good. Thanks Ed! 2009 Sand Pro 2 Also a pic of my first car and second one. 2009 Sand Pro 2 2005 Ultra light
  9. Alumaseal/Antifreeze has worked great for me for years. 8oz antifreeze to 1 bottle alumaseal. Alumaseal is getting hard to find. The right stuff.
  10. Looks bitchen. I am getting excited to see my 4 seater. Thanks Ed.

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