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  1. I have 2 suggestions but I can't say who because they are mine.
  2. That area in that form is GONE. Only the camping restriction West of the Canal appears near there...
  3. What has this site become ASA lite? Nice delete mods! Don't even give me a chance to inform you guys. Instead apparently I have to pay for advertising before I can make comment.
  4. It's so close, wait till the Sand Sports show, if you can make it. We'll have competition for the Kragen units in price but they will have our warranty and will available in Flood and Spot. Something you cannot get with the Kragen units.
  5. There goes the neighborhood?? How about there goes the neighborhood, farm, truck, buggy, trailer and my living! My guess is the bolts will snap and the reflector will come loose... What i don't get even if I cut out the cost I have to put in for the middleman, I still can't touch that pricing. China whoring out yet another industry. Pathetic.
  6. That is essentially what you need. I have all those things separately except the battery or I have a 250w stator with a new regulator/rectifier that converts AC to DC. You only need the smallest of batteries and I highly suggest a lead acid of some variety so it will take the full charge from the stator. You don't need more than a 1 amp hour unit to get it done. We converted our 86 Honda 250R using the stock stator and rectifier I have and the battery out of my MX kit mounted in the air box. The battery is really an overkill for what it does. Of course I have my 30w internal ballast iStar's and handlebar or stock location clamp for your Banshee should you decide to tackle this project.
  7. Lazer Star will be there with an expanded main booth in building 10 and our HID booth by the concessions in building 10. We finally have the 2 3/4" (mr16) internal ballast IN STOCK and will have those and our 7" Dominator HID on special at both booths. Come by and see a sneak peak for our newest light. We also finally have out FlexLED and BilledLED in stock as well with a new design and better pricing.
  8. FYI I believe this is the code for street vehicles. There is a different code for OHV's. I can tell you in a nutshell you MUST have at least 1 red rear facing light. You may have other colors as well except for Blue as long as there is 1 red. Blue is pretty much limited to accent lighting or under car lighting. Red also can only face rear now. Brake lights are not required. The only fuzzy part about the law is whip lights. The law doesn't require or mention whip lights so I was told you can pretty much get away with any color on the whip, they're just glad you have one. I got this info from BLM and ICSO officers at an ASA meeting...
  9. I'll have them at the SSSS. My regular price is slated for $299. Will be on sale at the show and right after at several dealers.
  10. Dune Dog, If you can wait our new 4" are debuting at the Sand Sports Super Show... Don't know pricing yet but it will be competitive.
  11. I wouldn't say the USA talk is for nothing. All my regular Lazer Star stuff is made here. It cost more cause everything from the material to the labor to assemble it costs more. Then there are some things you simply cannot get here. Standard hardware is one thing you simply can't find US made. It seems everyone these days buys on price point. Where its make or who's selling it seems to make little difference and that sucks. Yes the HID is made in China but it has to meet certain quality requirements or I won't sell it. I can tell you that light from hidfoglight if it is what our first (first try) prototype was, doesn't meet my quality envelope. What I sell, does.

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