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  1. quadman1

    Old SCU

    True, I thought about it but I wonder how much wider it would make the front end.
  2. quadman1

    Old SCU

    After looking at mine i think the weld should have looked like yours from the beginning. Maybe ill run a new bead all the way around all of the hubs.
  3. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Well who jinxed me? I came home and checked my wheels and what do you know. This reminds me of a story. I bought this super duty Ford with a v10 engine that was lifted with big tires. As I'm hooking up to my 5th wheel to head home after at the end of a dune trip, this guy walks up and says, have you spit any spark plugs out? I said I never no and I never heard of such a thing. I no sooner got a few miles down the road and pow. I opened the hood and a spark plugs and with the coil pack connected sitting on top of the motor.
  4. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Really, I've never seen those crack. My buddy has some cheap wheels he's been running for years on his buggy works car. The ones I have are heavy duty and bead lock. I'll keep an eye on it.
  5. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Ok, I'll check that out.
  6. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Thanks. I might think about doing 2 inch spindles, but it is a light car, and I'm running spindle mount wheels. The spindles are great quality and well built. I shouldn't have any more problems.
  7. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Thanks alot.
  8. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Well I did it, no turning back now. I cut the old tube arms off and fitted the new 1/4 inch arms. I will cap the inside of the brackets. The open outside will face the tires. I think it will look good and hopefully be stronger. Any thoughts?
  9. quadman1

    Old SCU

    I built a jig to hold everything in place. I heated and bent both spindles to where I think they started, or at least where they are both the same. I didn't want to change anything because it works so well, but it doesn't turn very sharp. So I am going to shorten the steering arm 1/4 inch to give me a couple more degrees of steering. I made the jig so I can slide the heim posisioner up 1/4 inch and fix it in place and build my new arms in the new place. By the way, the steering arm is out 4and 3/4 inches from spindle center. That's allot more than typical combo spindles.
  10. quadman1

    Old SCU

    They were actually good, but will be replaced. That was the bearing seal that popped out and ridding against the spindle. Good eye.
  11. quadman1

    Old SCU

    So I water jetted out some new arms out of 1/4 inch. Now I'll have double sheer. One on top and one on the bottom of the joint. I also went to taller misalignment spacers to give me better angle.
  12. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Ok, so now that the first trip is over and the next is planned, it's time to get to work. Even though the car worked great, there is some issues. 1, I'm not sure when the trans was gone through. It did everything fine, but it wined like a granny 4 speed. I checked the fluid before during and after my trip. It was clean as can be, but probably could use a freshin up. Next the fuel tank is a leaker. I'm going to weld on a new neck and bung for vent. The 3rd is my old suspension seats lost some suspension. I've read webbed them before, but may find a shop. And lastly, overtime I came back to camp my toe adjustment was off. It would be toed in, then out. I kept adjusting it and noticed the steering arms on the spindles where bending. The car probably wasn't designed for 33 inch tires and I probably drove it harder than anyone before. You can see the joint mounts in top of a bung welded to 1" tube going to spindle. The bung was rocking back and forth tweaking the tube and gusset. You can see the chrome flacking off where it was bending.
  13. quadman1

    2018 Summer upgrades on the Desert Dynamics

    I have been thinking of putting an hour meter in mine. Just so I know how much time I have on certain items and how long they will last.
  14. My first trip with my current car. It has a 3.2 all stock and stock computer. It also has no 02, so it must be set up without it. I ran it hard for 4 and a half days and probably only used about 12 gallons of gas. Very nice considering my last v8 car would have burned about 50 gallons of race fuel in the same trip.
  15. quadman1

    Updated amplified car

    I new with a couple of changes the look of that car would come to life. You pulled it off, nice job.

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