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  1. quadman1

    Misc buggy parts $150 takes it all SOLD

    This guy really wants to clean out his garage!
  2. quadman1

    Old SCU

    I got my new phone and was able to save some pictures. Here is how I made the new bench seat frame. This will be the only way I do a bench from now on. It turned out nice. The best part was I got my 11 year old to do some welding.
  3. quadman1

    Old SCU

    I just got back into sand rails. I can't do the rzr thing. So I just bought this 2000 sand cars unlimited. It's got a 3.2 Honda with 2d trans. Pretty solid car. I am prepping it for Thanksgiving trip to Dumont. I'll get a baseline run and see if shocks need tuning and such. I'm thinking of turboing the motor, but I'm not a Honda guy. Here is some pics.
  4. quadman1

    Lets see those SCU's

    Here is my new to me SCU car. I'm so impressed with this little car that my next car will be an SCU car for sure.
  5. quadman1

    Lets see those SCU's

    I love this car Soo much I would trade my wife for it!
  6. quadman1

    Mini Manx Bodys

    That would be cool to put on a trophy cart.
  7. quadman1

    Old SCU

    That's great. I think part of my problem is that mine is dual 2.5 pipe. Smaller tube may be better. I could use a straight through muffler like yours versus my baffled muffler. Your system looks good.
  8. quadman1

    Old SCU

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217702699822107&id=1318476377 This is a clip of me. I was about to stuff a potato in the exhaust pipe.
  9. quadman1

    Old SCU

    No doubt that's what I need after hearing this. Do you have a picture of your setup, and type of mufflers.
  10. quadman1

    Old SCU

    That is the best sounding Honda ever. Thanks for the input. I think that is the idea of the exhaust I currently have, but it didn't work. It's all about the perfect muffler.
  11. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Thanks for the compliments. I like to make stuff look good, operate correctly, and be safe. The next project will be building headers and exhaust. The current setup is some eBay headers with a magnaflow muffler.bit is a dual in and dual out. It sounds good at idle and lower RPM. But when I'm up on the RPM, it sounds like a rice burner. I not only can't stand the look, I can't stand the sound. I've actually never heard one of these motors that weren't muffled by a turbo. So I don't know what would sound good. What do you guys think. Full dual exhaust, or a 2 into 1? And what type of mufflers.
  12. quadman1

    Old SCU

    It's all back together and ready to rip for pres day in Dumont. New seat belts, new pixel lines, mods to the tank, rebuilt the seats and needed up the steering arms on the spindles. The seats are so nice now. I put new foam and new strings. Then I shampooed them and hit them with scotch guard. The rear one I had to basically build a new frame because the old one was bent and broken. I added a center bar and wrapped it with foam. Now the seat feels like a bucket. I had pictures, but my phone crapped out.
  13. quadman1

    Trying to identify an injector...

    When you unplug the injector some have numbers there.
  14. quadman1

    winch for loading

    My friend and I went to harbor freight. I bought the 5 k and he got the 2500. His struggles and is slow with a light weight buggy. I have a steeper ramp and had a big v8 car. My winch had a long cable, I could grab the car from across the camp and rip it over and in the trailer no problem. I think for the extra 40 bucks I did fine.
  15. quadman1

    My new toy 2006 3D Sand Cars/Desert Dynamics

    re they still in business? I used to always see them in Pismo dunes. Talked to them a few times.
  16. quadman1

    Best way to remove chrome on a car?

    I think scateboard grip tape would work fine. I used some industrial stuff I got that is made for stairs. It is not as grippy as scateboard stuff, but it held up great for years. I think you can get the stairs stuff at home Depot.
  17. quadman1

    brake bleeding on my BFD revo

    Power bleeding works great, vacuum bleeding not so much on these systems. Make sure your bleaders are straight up, if that means taking them off and putting metal between pads to bleed them.
  18. quadman1

    Flutter on rebound side?

    Is it a bypass shock, or coil? Are you trying to get rid of the chop only?
  19. quadman1

    Lets see those SCU's

    You made a good purchase. I eyed that car, but have too many toys.
  20. quadman1

    Old SCU

    I usually get carried away with trying to make everything perfect. I think most sand car guys are this way and will always fix things they don't like. I pulled the seats out to fix the sagging ass pads, and unvailed some crappy wiring. So a little rewire is in order. The strings holding the seats together, and is the support of the seat was all stretched out. I am going to put a layer of seat foam and restring with extra passes to add support and cushion. On plus side, I got the new neck and screw cap installed on the tank, as well as the vent bung installed. I am not going to pollish it out, just have it powder coated. I got lots of work to do tonight.
  21. quadman1

    Noisy suspension

    Most of the time I think it is the bushings in the rear trailing arms. I took mine apart and belt sanded them a little narrower. When I put them together I greesed the crap out of them and all was good.
  22. quadman1

    Old SCU

    I completed the spindles today, then getting them powder coated. The arms are now a 1/4 inch shorter and hopefully a ton stronger.
  23. quadman1

    Old SCU

    True, I thought about it but I wonder how much wider it would make the front end.
  24. quadman1

    Old SCU

    After looking at mine i think the weld should have looked like yours from the beginning. Maybe ill run a new bead all the way around all of the hubs.
  25. quadman1

    Old SCU

    Well who jinxed me? I came home and checked my wheels and what do you know. This reminds me of a story. I bought this super duty Ford with a v10 engine that was lifted with big tires. As I'm hooking up to my 5th wheel to head home after at the end of a dune trip, this guy walks up and says, have you spit any spark plugs out? I said I never no and I never heard of such a thing. I no sooner got a few miles down the road and pow. I opened the hood and a spark plugs and with the coil pack connected sitting on top of the motor.

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