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  1. Otter box defender and 3m dual lock adhesive on the back, doesn’t rattle and hasn’t slipped.
  2. I have a 4.5” Wilton machinist vise, it’s awesome, pricey but it’s smooth and cinches you straight and evenly
  3. I used a razor blade and heat on mine, still have to get the residue off but will use acetone, carb cleaner, or mineral spirits and scotch bright to do that. does anyone know where to get new black ones? Can’t get ahold of King directly, doesn’t seem Kartek has them.
  4. This depends largely on quantities, material, and part complexity. How much are you looking to invest? I do this for work but typically you don’t necessarily need to have a local vendor. You can try companies like protomold that can turn out some cost effective parts for lower quantities like ~2000 parts.

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