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  1. I have a 20 foot and would be willing to trade for a 24 foot. Let me know if you'd be interested.
  2. I once had a table fall onto the track while in transit. When I went to open the slide it would stop half way. I noticed the track was pinched from the fall of the table. Make sure your tracks aren't pinched any where. Motor is a good call too.
  3. I've had my Genesis goin on 3 years now. Basement storage is bid and no wheel wells inside. No problems, knock on wood.
  4. That one gets me. The other that pisses me off is "eff* my life". This is usually said by someone who has a pretty good life. I don't get it.
  5. I've got my eye on another one. Not sure it's the right decision since this one has been so good to me.
  6. Triumph cage and doors. Light Bar Rock Lights Bumper lights Dome lights Safe Glow lighted whips Rugged Radio car 2 car / 2 push to talk buttons 4 person intercom PRP door bags Sand Stripper Paddles on Hyper Carbon wheels 30" Mongrel dirt tires Upgraded rear radius arms - done last season Rzr is in great running order and dependable Asking $18,500.00
  7. Pretty sure I saw you rippin on Saturday. Cant be many cars your color in the dunes. It was a great weekend, dunes and weather were very nice.
  8. I'm always having this dilemma... Since I only need to refuel once, is it better to fuel up on the way there or coming home. Lately it's been on the way there then it's a straight shot home. What say you?
  9. Totally agree and why I bought them. Price isn't bad either.
  10. I'm running Saliune tires now at 100PSI mainly cause my compressor wont go much higher.
  11. Spent the night twice in the dunes because trucks couldn't get out. I wasn't leaving anything behind.
  12. I wouldn't know. He blocked me on Instagram long ago. Oh well, I find it comical.

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