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  1. Love mine. Its a 2018 35cr bought in 2017.
  2. I have one. We could work something out.
  3. Caught this in my pre-trip inspection on Sunday. New tire is on order.
  4. I'm interested in the quad.  Please give me a call at 619-972-9033.


  5. Same. Also, talk to Squatcher he's done two of my rigs.
  6. You're gonna "ho back?" ha ha just kidding
  7. If you have pets get the fill sand that has a coating on it. Urine doesn't stick to it and eliminates the odors. I did mine and my buddy didn't and there is a noticeable difference.
  8. Thanks, I was checking out your thread too.
  9. Thanks, it rides pretty nice for a lifted truck. I'm willing to go as far as saying its not much different than stock.
  10. After 5 months of being stock I made some upgrades to my new rig. 20" fuel wheels on 35" toyo AT's 4.5" cst lift Airbags with onboard compressor.
  11. For Sale: stock wheels from 3/4 ton Chevy. There are 7,000 miles on them. Asking $500.00

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