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  1. Happy birthday to one of the nicest guys in the dunes!
  2. TOP car here! GLWTS, wish I could swing it.
  3. Damn, that sucks... Sorry about yore paint GM...
  4. Same... Or when it got to me it'd be time for a "beverage break"...
  5. I can't believe this hasn't sold yet! Bump to the top for ya...
  6. I agree, at $1500 I'm practically giving the wheels away for the cost of the tires... 15x8 in the front 15x11 in the rear on the new wheels. Which likely explains why the 32x13 fronts look so much bigger than the 90"+ rollout old ones do.
  7. The 30's measuring smaller than 30" isn't always true, it depends on wheel width too. Here are a couple pics of the 30's I have for sale on the board (shameless plug) next to my new 32s. You can see that the old rears (on the left) are almost the same height as the new, while the new fronts are much larger (with the rib). Keep in mind that my new wheels on the fronts are now 2" wider and the new rears are 1" wider...
  8. There is alot of truth to what @megadesertdiesel is saying here. The X3 is not nearly as tippy as the OG Mavericks and already has a low COG. With the smaller tires you will be bottoming out in the G-outs and you will not enjoy it, I promise.
  9. You already know my answer Ian... S3 has lifetime warranty on their stuff as does CT Raceworks.
  10. Photos courtesy of @stonehenge this morning...
  11. Yarder

    WTB Can am X3 XRS

    @hondajimz Is selling one...
  12. This is why they're #1 & #2...

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