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  1. Yarder


    But is it your long lost 10mm socket?
  2. Blue My Budget
  3. The doc posted is announcing an RFP to study a "grade separated" crossing. (Grade separated means either a bridge or a tunnel.) This just means a study might happen at some point in the future. This doesn't mean that construction of a crossing will be starting anytime soon. Any sort of major construction around the 78 & the UP tracks would draw out all of the enviro wack jobs to oppose the necessary ground disturbance. I am hopeful that this means that "someday" we might be able to access the trails on the East side of the tracks and Boardmanville. But the odds of it happening in less than 10 years are pretty slim. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer on this but at least it's a first step showing that our voices are being heard about access issues like this one.
  4. For sale: Two sets of used Rugged H42 behind the head headsets. These have the 5 pin connector to connect to your intercom cables. They also have volume control and PTT button built in. $100 each
  5. Click the little dot next to the title of the thread...
  6. Yarder

    Game Of Thrones

    Not the ending I had hoped for...
  7. Oh it's happening! Even if the rest of these Sallys back out...
  8. What gentleman's club would you all like to visit next weekend? I haven't really been to many of them here in the valley so I'm looking to you all to provide some suggestions about which are your favorites...
  9. May 10th is about the only weekend I have available for "research". Here's the kicker, Monkey will be joining us. Should be a good time.
  10. I like your style sir.

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