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  1. She's beautiful... Congrats buddy. Sorry for the drool spots I left on it this weekend!
  2. $1600 and I'll include the tires for free... Sorry, not really interested in separating.
  3. Monday bump to the top... These are perfect for any of you guys running the 120hp or 64" wide Can Am,
  4. The steel that the Can Ams are made of is pretty darn hard... Ask my drill bits!
  5. But boaf of Bouy's hands are visible in that pic!
  6. We'll be on the south end of 22 by the kiddie track in our usual spot if it all works out. White Patron flag and Black GD flag on my trailer flag pole. Sampler and his crew are usually dune side in the center of 22. Pretty much all of 22 will be GD folks.
  7. I don't want to hurt the motor by not running it. Somebody has to have some ideas for mounting the cooler... For what it's worth this is the style of oil cooler that came with the motor, not the big fancy one.
  8. To the top. Delivery to Glamis available this weekend...
  9. Sorry buddy, no spoilers until she's done... Need to figure out how to mount the oil cooler first!
  10. Looking for some ideas for mounting the oil cooler for a big CC engine. Please share your ideas or pictures of your set up.

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