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  1. With sand tires on my Talon 1000R the front measures 75.5” wide and the rear at 73.75” wide. All of my sand rails have been wider in the rear versus the front. So I bought and installed some wheel spacers from SuperATV last week. This brings the rear width to 77.75” now. All the reviews say that the spacers improve stability and that makes sense to me. Anyone try the spacers?
  2. It went right over North Carolina, so could be legit
  3. Sorry to hear that Dave. Glad that you’re doing better. Take care.
  4. I look at the incremental costs. If fuel is $1 a gallon more, will the extra $30, $40, $100 or $200 keep me away from Mother “G”? Hell no!
  5. After installing Schrader valves into my end caps about a week ago I filled them up with air. I checked the pressure today and all was good. So I drained the air and refilled them with nitrogen. Even though I think the rubber needle valves were not leaking, I now have peace of mind knowing that there is a less likely chance that the shocks will leak with the Schrader valves. And I can check and fill the shocks with equipment that I already have.
  6. I know of a situation where it took the better part of a year to get a carb re-certification.
  7. Maybe someone will start another Speed UTV Tech thread once cars are into the general public’s hands. It will be interesting to see how close the current technical speculations are to the real deal.
  8. Working on extending some mirrors for my truck. Then Speedway with side cars tonight.
  9. I would also like to have more than 2 settings for the Fox live valve on my Talon. Better yet, I would like to get my hands on the software that controls the ECU for the Fox Live Valve shocks.
  10. In comparing the two motors from above, do you know how many pounds of boost is being applied with the 300hp Speed key?
  11. Finally got around to putting schrader valves in my Fox end caps. I jacked up the rear first so it was at full droop. This would get most of the oil out of the reservoir and into the shock body leaving the piston near the top. I then drilled a 1/8” hole in the end cap releasing the nitrogen pressure in the reservoir. I got a little bit of aluminum but mostly rubber. I pushed up the end cap, removed the clip and then the end cap. See the pictures of the inside of the reservoir and end cap. I purchased the high pressure schrader valves from McKenzies, Fox-010-00-007A. They’re 1/8 NPT Schrader valves. I’m sure you can get them at other places. I already had the 1/8-27 NPT tap and 21/64 drill bit. Next was drilling the hole in the end cap with a couple of smaller bits, then the final bit and tap it. I put some blue lock tite on the Schrader valve threads and installed it into the end cap finger tight, then another half turn with a socket. Reinstalled the end cap into the reservoir and moved on to the other 3 shocks.
  12. Do you mean that they don’t make an off the shelf spring kit for the 4 seat Talon? I’m sure they make springs for the 4 seat Talon but probably haven’t done the testing to come up with a spring kit yet.
  13. I hope I get to see it today at the SSSS. Good marketing to turn it upside down. Better than sticking a big mirror under it.

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