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  1. Thanks, but I didn’t see anything on their website for the Talon. But there was something for the Pioneer.
  2. I agree. Do you know if they make one for the 2 seater?
  3. A lot of “W” today in G. So watching some football in the trailer.
  4. Where do you camp? What make of Moty? What kind of beer do you drink?
  5. One of the things that I don’t like about the Honda Talon is the location of the instrument cluster. I searched the inter webs and found a few relocation kits. The kits contain some plastics that allow you to relocate the instrument cluster from the center console to the steering column. Anyone install one of these kits? I ordered this one.
  6. Happy Birthday !!! Now you can legally wear Uggs in the dunes.
  7. My 1000R came with the rear crossover rings set right down on the slider. So it was just using the main 250 lb spring all the time. Very stiff! I read some other forums and some believe that they do that so they can pass the roll over test. Anyway I’ve done a few things to mine so that now I’m actually using the dual rate springs. It’s been an improvement but I think it could even be better. I’m also researching the Shock Therapy spring kit. It will interesting to hear about your results on both the 2 and 4 Talon X.
  8. I don’t agree or disagree with the comments in the comparison video and yours (which were the same) at this time. Once the Kraftwerks turbo kit is out and there are a good number installed on Talons, I’m sure we’ll get some good comparisons with the Jackson turbo and see what the differences are. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kraftwerks turbo turned out to be better in some ways than the Jackson turbo. The company that brings a second product to market based upon a previous product usually does make some improvements. The competition will be a win win for us Talon owners. I have about 800 miles all in the Glamis dunes on my Jackson turbo and have not had one issue. I hope you buy the Kraftwerks turbo so you can enjoy your Talon more and give us a good evaluation.
  9. I do recall the posts we made regarding the PPEI turbo. Curious to understand the reasons why you feel the Kraftwerks turbo to be a superior kit? Did you buy the Kraftwerk's turbo kit?
  10. FOG

    RIP superhunkey

    Dang this sucks. I met Lloyd several years ago. We swapped some wheels due the offsets that we both needed. We talked sand rails and Harley’s for a while and I could just tell that he was nice guy. My condolences to the family.

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