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  1. I had this idea for a tool. Weld six pieces of round stock to a piece of plate so they fit snugly into the CV but not the flange. Weld a large bolt to the center of the plate so only the bolt head is exposed. Use a breaker bar to work the CV clockwise and counter clockwise. I was always able to get mine off with a BFH and some soaking if necessary so I never built the tool. But I threatened to build it many times. In theory it should work.
  2. I took a look at the link and didn’t see anything regarding a turbo for the Talon. Did I miss something?
  3. Does anyone have experience with the “high clearance “ front lower A arms? They are on my list for the SSSS tomorrow but I thought I would ask the experts here.
  4. Still in sellers remorse. SSSS tomorrow. Making a list today.
  5. Good to hear that they got it resolved. Crossing my fingers that it stays together for you once you hit the sand.
  6. FOG

    ISO Sandcar 60k

    My SU sand pro 2 mid engine is now up for sale. Asking $63k OBO.
  7. May not be a PBS trans. Could be a PBS nose cone cable shifter on another trans. I have had a few of them on 2d mid engine cars in the past. Further investigation may be warranted.
  8. I can’t believe that Can Am wants to rebuild your engine with only that many hours on it. I would only accept a new car or a new motor, not a rebuilt. Maybe the BBB can help. This smells like a lemon and I think there are laws that support the consumer in these situations. Good luck.
  9. I remember those days when I needed something bigger for my family.
  10. Thanks for the advice Jim. I’ll have to check out those tires and turbo. Planning to spend some time at the Sand Show before I decide. Also want to take a look at the Speed UTV. Just wish that thing didn’t have a belt.
  11. I finished my maiden voyage/ trip with the Honda Talon this week and I consider it a huge success. I took it through sand dunes, the beach, hardpack, river bed and water, over rocks and trees, in the bushes and up challenging mountain trails. I put over 470 miles on the Talon and hit a top speed of 75 mph. I know that top speed is limited and I’ll have to see about changing that. I got some winch time and experience but didn’t get to do the Rubicon because of the Caldor fire. That’ll go on the bucket list. Sea level to over 8,000 feet and the Talon always ran great. No hiccups, no issues, and not one broken belt. lol 😆 Had to get that one in there. Very happy with the overall performance and handling. I really enjoyed being able to paddle shift when I wanted to or just cruise and let the Talon do it’s thing in Sport mode. Launch control is pretty cool and I’ll be playing more with that in the future. My Talon is officially broke in. It’s now ready for a turbo and some paddles to start the Glamis season! PS: It also needs a bath.

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