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  1. Thanks. Good info in the videos.
  2. Congratulations. I can help with the demo. I have my own sledge hammer and will wear my “work “ flip flops.
  3. Happy Independence Day everyone! 🇺🇸 I’ll be riding a bike around the hood drinking other people’s beer and eating their food on the 4th.
  4. I’d be flipping everyone off too, if I only had 5 of my 8 arms.
  5. Why is RG still in China? Are there issues that he needs to resolve?
  6. If you decide to make the cage, post some pictures here. I would be interested.
  7. A little extra muscle is always helpful.
  8. I have a 2021 Honda Talon R with Fox live valve shocks and a Jackson Racing Turbo. I openly admit that there were times last season when I wished that I still had my SU Sand Pro 2 mid-engine LS car. I like the DCT transmission. It operates in automatic or manual. In auto you also have a Sport mode that has more aggressive shift points. You can also upshift or downshift with the paddle shifters in both automatic modes. In manual mode you use the paddles to shift. The Yamaha is also a good machine but you always have to use the paddle shifters. The constant drone of the CVT and broken belts kept me away from Polaris and CanAm. I guess I’m just old school and like to hear shifting. Next is visibility. I like to be able to see where I’m going and I’ve driven all 4 models in the dunes. I think the Yamaha has the best visibility then the Honda Talon followed by the Polaris and then CanAm. Third is suspension. After getting the Eibach spring kit (almost) the Talon with the Fox Live Valve works very well. I’ll admit that it’s not as good as my last sand car but I’m very happy with it’s performance. If there was a fourth, I’d say proven reliability.
  9. You need to remove the 4 nuts that go through the trans bellhousing. The studs will stay attached to the adapter plate. The studs also go through some tabs in the frame. Once the nuts are off you can remove the motor. It appears that you have to remove the motor before the trans because of the frame tabs.
  10. How long is the pole and is the locator solar or do you need wire?
  11. I agree that the Speed UTV booth will be busy. Either production cars for everyone to see. Or a line for refunds.
  12. Above is how I’ve always done it. Adapter plate stays on the motor and only 4 nuts are removed on the studs that stay on the adapter. The separation is between the trans and the adapter plate. Photo is of a V8, but same VW concept with the adapter plate.
  13. It’s idiots like this that cause MY insurance premium to go up.
  14. I did the math, 39 pages to go. The SSSS is in about 3 months. That’s about 13 pages a month, until then. Are you guys still with me? The weekly average would be about 3.25 pages. About a half a page a day. I’m tired. Someone finish, then we can argue about the math.
  15. I agree. However, a SxS can go other places where a big buggy can’t. Having said that, I sometimes regret sell my SU Sand Pro 2 mid engine. It had some very nice welds.

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