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  1. I do like a good funnel cake 🎂 But seriously I have a lot of plastic ones. If one doesn’t work, I have a lot of tubing and duct tape that I can McGyver. Not a fan of the metal ones that my Grandpa used anymore.
  2. Support the ASA and we can keep the fight going.
  3. Congratulations. I knew this rail back in the day.
  4. Congrats. I’m sure the new owner will have a lot of fun with this car.
  5. I have a sale pending. If it doesn’t work, I’ll get a quote for you.
  6. TTT I need the money for my football picks this season.
  7. TTT I need the money to buy Lotto tickets.
  8. Poles&Holders 22 foot collapsible fiberglass pole. Flag Pole Buddy 2.0 still in blister pack. Green LED wired camp locator. New 3x5 American flag. I bought this from another board member but broke my ladder trying to fix it, so going a different route.
  9. You’re welcome. Nice meeting you.
  10. How long is the pole and is the locator solar or do you need wire?
  11. Nice looking car with all the right stuff. GLWTS

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