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  1. Wow. Make a statement, ask a question and learn something. This thread is great and the above picture is worth a thousand words. However, it made me think of another question regarding the strength of the inner part of the wheel that goes toward the car. With all of the support on the outside edge of the wheel and rim will the inside of the wheel rim be subjected to more fatigue without support to the hub that is closer to it’s edge?
  2. I don’t see a beadlock rim in the picture. Do you?
  3. FOG


    Pretty sure I saw a grain of sand in her cleavage. Probably from Glamis.
  4. Nice looking wheel, but it’s not a beadlock. Are the stock wheels beadlock? Does Speed UTV offer a beadlock wheel?
  5. In my post I said belt temperature and I know about the idiosyncrasies of gauges. But thanks for explaining the difference between belt temperature and belt gauge temperature as others may benefit from this information.
  6. That’s impressive. I think belt temperature and longevity will be a key factor for the dunes.
  7. One of my drop hitches is aluminum. But it is solid aluminum and looks beefy. But I’ve often wondered if it is stronger than a metal tube hitch.
  8. I wonder if they were trying to slingshot him out with a little bit of a running start. I usually pull someone out with just a straight pull by removing all the slack first. If that doesn’t work, I’m done, because I won’t try and jerk them out.
  9. Congrats Dale! Glad to hear your back in the saddle.
  10. OMG! That patent is going to be a “game changer” for Speed. The UTV industry has been put on notice.
  11. Now that would be good marketing! Some positive press would be beneficial for Speed UTV verses the negative stuff that has been flowing this last week.
  12. Is that for the funny car in the background? Funny, right?
  13. What’s going to happen to this thread when it gets to 200 pages? Is it going to be like the scene in “Cool Hand Luke “ when they finish the road work?

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