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  1. Can anyone tell me where the fill plug is on an MD4? I see a bolt on the left side of the trans just in front of the CV cup, but something tells me that's not the fill plug. I haven't crawled around under there yet, so it may be glaringly obvious, but I'm old and fat, so I'm trying to take the easy way out LOL.
  2. Looks like a regular VW one. You only need a 2 prong version (the 3rd prong is for the warning light if the switch fails). So just ask for one from a 1966 Beetle.
  3. Do the Odyssey or Total Power batteries need a different battery tender type device than a regular lead acid battery?
  4. Oh you're absolutely right, any battery would've been nuked. But I'd have felt better if a $100 battery got nuked than a $300 one LOL.
  5. I need a new battery for my buggy. There is a mount under the rear seat, forgot to get dimensions while I had the car apart. A GM side post is currently in there, but it's a couple inches too tall. Either way, I need a battery that has decent reserve capacity (GM V6 with FI, car will be getting Lowrance, radio's, headsets, etc soon). I also want something that is OK with not being used for a month or more at a time. I don't mind plugging the car into some sort of battery tender while parked. What's the go-to battery these days? My first buggy had a full size Optima, but we all know the quality went way down a few years ago. I had a $300 Odyssey in my Beetle, but a bad rectifier in my Alternator swelled it like a pumpkin, so I'd RATHER not dump $300 into a battery for the buggy now, but if that's the best option so be it.
  6. I live in Florida, where it rains ALOT and HARD. I've ridden in the rain many times, but years ago we got caught in a deluge. It was NO fun. We were out in the open, with no real tree cover to get under until the heave storm passed. My car didn't have a windshield, body, or floor (expanded metal). That SUCKED! It was raining so much my air filter was getting water logged and causing the motor to stall out. I never want to ride in those conditions ever again. Mud is a way of life in Florida, which sucks because I hate cleaning it, but I'll do my damndest to never ride in a bad storm any more.
  7. How is the viewing of the AEM in direct sunlight? Same issues as a tablet or can you actually see them?
  8. Thank you SO MUCH for the video! Being in the black hole of off-road, it's hard to put my hands on stuff or see it in action. That video sealed the deal for me. I'll buy my unit (giggity) from you guys since you were so awesome to help!
  9. You can, but I think you have to go into a couple of menus to do it. That would suck to do every minute or two. And leaving it up at all times isn't ideal because then my $1000+ GPS is displayed on half the screen, which makes it the same size as my phone LOL.
  10. Many of us have radios (I don't, just bought this car, but plan to add them). The problem is, we'll have 15 or more cars in a group, so calling out "next left" does no good when someone may be a half mile back. Their next left may not be the same next left as the lead guy. It's a shit show. I'm trying to rally some of the guys to break up into smaller groups. Some of us love to fly, others cruise, some just drive around to waste time between beers, etc.
  11. A buddy of mine gave me one this weekend (oddly enough, I think he got it from NAPA), so I'm going to try it. We trail ride, so we're changing directions ALOT. And each time we change directions, we wait for the car behind us to see us so nobody gets lost (well, that's the theory anyway). With the radiator sitting up so high on the new car, I just can't see SHIT. Plus, when backing up, you really have to be careful of trees. And with the fancy aluminum trunk wing, I REALLY have to be careful of trees LOL. I'm trying to picture what you mean about not seeing the car coming up to you. I wonder if someone makes narrow angle cameras that would work for this? Maybe a dash cam?
  12. I want to run a backup camera in my buggy, not only for backing up, but also to see when the car behind me is coming (in Florida, so we ride forest trails). I know tablets don't work very well in buggies because they are difficult to see in the direct sunlight. Are there any backup camera monitors that I can see in the sun? I'm considering upgrading to a Lowrance unit with a camera input, but I'm not sure how many button pushes it takes to bring the camera up on screen, and I will use the camera often enough to make that a PITA if it's several button pushes.
  13. I'm wanting to use a Lowrance with backup camera for my car. We ride woods trails, so I'll need to use the camera fairly often. How many button pushes does it take to bring the camera onto the screen? I really don't want backing up to become an ordeal I would just run a separate backup camera monitor, but I'm not sure any of them would work well in daylight viewing.

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