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  1. It will be worth it when finished....
  2. I've had 6 in the last 5 years you always have to have a deposit down ...no one cuts VID_34401207_052214_948.mp4 VID_21700311_193333_317.mp4 VID_21681122_170805_781.mp4
  3. Wrong I can't even remember the last time i was on sand highway..
  4. I'm so confused, all what I know is I love horsepower..
  5. Keep all the weight low learned that years ago from John from outfront.
  6. Did my first build thread on here almost 13 years ago .
  7. I've been very fortunate I've been making money but sometine you have to take a trade then resell it so it's a waiting game ....
  8. Great topic John I my self love building them seem like I always have new ideas for the next one ....kinda of addicting same with stackers I've had 5 of those in 5 years build sell build same with cars ...trailers I'm done I think I have the best of the best ...cars I'm finishing up my 4th 2 seater in 3 years should be pretty nice ....I think it will be a keeper ...now I'm trying to get a 5 seater for the family just cant decided .....I've had 7 cars in 4 years lol....alumicraft, racers Tatum's may do a 5 seater with Grant at Funco we've talked alot just basic ...albins with a 425ci 4.0 motor at 15 psi
  9. I think my 8 and 10 year old would enjoy it...my friend is the original builder of it ...
  10. I've built about 10 cars ...the last 4 Halloween I've had a brand new one and every one I learn something new I want to change so I sell them and start over ....usually its hp related or gear selection....safety should be #1 concern with any build #2 good reliable parts #3 accessibility to work on items in the car ....have fun season is right around the corner ...
  11. I'm one of those guys...

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