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  1. Supreme Air

    Twin turbo Racer

  2. Supreme Air

    Twin turbo Racer

    Twin turbo Cbm 425ci garret turbos 1200 hp on high boost less then 3hrs of run time Motec computer Air to water intercooler Albins sesq 5 speed centerforce clutch Funco shifter 2race pack dashes 12.50 front tires 17s 35.5 #2 rears 17s Sway bar FOX shocks Back up camera 125k k complete or 105k minus motor or tranny or 80k minus motor and tranny
  3. Supreme Air

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    I have the new R spec in my new two-seater hater maker 2.0 I have 2083 horsepower at the crank and I've had it for five trips. The second trip out I had an issue the bearing welded itself and it wouldn't shift. Racer took it to Fortin and Doug made some special new bearing and told me before I go on romp on it that I need to warm the tranny more since then no issues.. The thing shifts like butter. VID-20181231-WA0000.mp4
  4. Supreme Air

    E85 things to know.

    I too have a brand-new racer that's on P85 I to use to think the same stuff, but as long as you know what you're doing and drain it after every trip in my opinion it's better. I am now building a new car and it's going to be on P85 also for ever I didn't think I ever would like it but I love it now. All, my old cars were on c16 Now all my new cars are going to be on P85.
  5. Supreme Air

    What Is Your Dream Buggy? Post Pics & Build Details!

    I had this for three trips then I sold it.. VID_21450821_130933_769.mp4 VID_55750620_191452_741.mp4
  6. Supreme Air

    What Is Your Dream Buggy? Post Pics & Build Details!

    Lol every year I build it then I sale it because I get new ideas....
  7. Supreme Air

    Skat Traks paddles for sand cars

    I have multiple cars with around 2000hp and I would never do this you need some slip...
  8. Good luck with sale ...sorry to hear you have to sell ...
  9. Supreme Air


    Wrong if we wanted too we could of had 20k people there but it wasnt a show off event it was a show down ....it wasnt even announced...if you knew you knew ....carry on
  10. Supreme Air

    One Bad Group to Camp Next to

    Thanks So cal I try and get along with everyone and try and show respect to there camp ....
  11. Supreme Air

    One Bad Group to Camp Next to

    It is what it is I can't control every adult but I will apologize for there actions ....I my self try and treat everyone equal and do the rite thing ...
  12. Supreme Air


    Wow I've been on this forum for almost 15 years I've seen the good the bad and the other... seems like alot of negativity every time I come on here now used to be alot of good information some of my best friends in life I met from this site ....now it's just lots of bitching and complaining and definitely alot of hypocrites.... I personally dont care if you have a 300k sand car or 1600 cc Volkswagen if your my friend I will help you the best I can . There is alot of hate for some reason for people that have nicer things ....talk to them there not all bad ....there are ahole that have a tent and ahole who drive 750k prevost .....that the world we live in . Unfortunately some one can get hurt or worse killed by a 30 mph vehicle or 150 mph vehicle .....let's help each other instead of bash .... I could sit here and talk shit about all the people on here that save spots are on every dune ride they shotgun a couple beers but I dont ....come on people let's work together not against each other do we really want more laws in the dunes ?
  13. Supreme Air

    What tire pressure do you run ???

    10 front 22 rear...
  14. Supreme Air

    Finally a real full size clutch for a sand car

    I had great luck with the centerforce with 1800 hp then when we turned it up to 2000 hp they wouldn't last so now we use a Tilton but we change it every 2 trips ...what's this rated to hold ?
  15. Supreme Air

    Video - Who can keep up!

    That's a ton of horsepower ...

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