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  1. I think my 8 and 10 year old would enjoy it...my friend is the original builder of it ...
  2. I've built about 10 cars ...the last 4 Halloween I've had a brand new one and every one I learn something new I want to change so I sell them and start over ....usually its hp related or gear selection....safety should be #1 concern with any build #2 good reliable parts #3 accessibility to work on items in the car ....have fun season is right around the corner ...
  3. I'm one of those guys...
  4. I'm preety sure if we all wanted to go from a dig I would have something like this.... more input shafts broke this year than I've ever seen on albin's.. We've definitely exceeded what the drivetrains can handle on sand cars. 60813834_2255755284516497_855843732048576512_n.mp4
  5. We did that a couple times this year John we sat there and waited for each other at the start line and barely rolled..... Into it...
  6. I don't know why everybody thinks that they don't dune I count two or three cars in this video with 1800 - 2000 hp it looks like they're going left and right.. 🤔 45446679_1079525812227110_2978848076506071040_n.mp4
  7. Gd. Com is like Pismo to me now I use to always use but not much anymore and just like Pismo I don't ever want it to close..... Some of my best friends in life I met here.... Thank you slappy for everything.
  8. Top speed is so 2017.....the roll is what everyone is doing its second gear at 20 to 30 mph... If we wanted to go from a dig we would build dragsters and get there in 3 or 4 seconds..... The transmission, clutches, axels and cv can no longer handle the power.... We're not dealing with 700-1000 hp anymore its upwards of low 2000s But what do I know... My new engine is shooting for 2200 to 2400 hp depending on boost levels the engine and computer system is almost 6 figures.... Preety retarded but it's an addiction.... Do I need that much hell no but it's like a gun I would rather have it and not need it then not have it...
  9. Dm me I've built about 10 stackers now with every lifting system you can think of my latest carries a 2 seat Tatum 2 seat racer 2 can ams 4 quads and is 36' long ultra hialer with a belly lift its the only way to go...
  10. Twin turbo Cbm 425ci garret turbos 1200 hp on high boost less then 3hrs of run time Motec computer Air to water intercooler Albins sesq 5 speed centerforce clutch Funco shifter 2race pack dashes 12.50 front tires 17s 35.5 #2 rears 17s Sway bar FOX shocks Back up camera 125k k complete or 105k minus motor or tranny or 80k minus motor and tranny
  11. I have the new R spec in my new two-seater hater maker 2.0 I have 2083 horsepower at the crank and I've had it for five trips. The second trip out I had an issue the bearing welded itself and it wouldn't shift. Racer took it to Fortin and Doug made some special new bearing and told me before I go on romp on it that I need to warm the tranny more since then no issues.. The thing shifts like butter. VID-20181231-WA0000.mp4
  12. I too have a brand-new racer that's on P85 I to use to think the same stuff, but as long as you know what you're doing and drain it after every trip in my opinion it's better. I am now building a new car and it's going to be on P85 also for ever I didn't think I ever would like it but I love it now. All, my old cars were on c16 Now all my new cars are going to be on P85.

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