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    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    There's a lot of cars but no one is buying.

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #2

    So I wasn't seeing things. That was Matt I saw out there. Nice

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Pulling for you!!
  4. 4 times, 2 terms in the 70's and the last 2. I think CA is the test bed for election fraud. They see how far they can push it here. Then they move to other states.
  5. Careful what you ask for it's not just hot young women that shave.
  6. Not saying any of that. I'm saying our government is doing everything they can to destroy the family unit. I'm sure as shit not saying your less masculine for not getting married or not having children. The way our laws are you have to be an idiot to get married. Yes I'm an idiot, I come from probably the last generation that was brought up to believe you get married then you have kids and as a man you handle your shit. What a joke! If I had it to do over again, I would get a vasectomy at 18 and never marry or even live with a woman. I live as an example why you should never get married or have kids.
  7. I agree but a married couple should not have thier own tax bracket of a high percentage for the same money a single person makes. You also just demonstrated exactly what the government has been working at for decades. I don't fault you and you are justified to feel the way you do. Our laws punish you for getting married. They really punish you for getting divorced. What you have done is observed and made a logical choice. It's one many young people are making because the consequences are not worth the risk.
  8. I was trying to get an idea of what others thought. So I was trying to be as honest as I could without just bashing it. Kind of break it down and get other peoples assessment with as little emotion as possible.

    Coolant Type Help Please

    I'd just add distilled water and not worry about it. If it drop again after that you have a bigger problem the what kind of coolant was in it.
  10. Men have been under attack for generations. The government started with black men and destroying the family unit in those communities through government programs. They then started to use the family law courts to remove the male influence in children's lives. This has been very successful as 50% of marriages fail in our society. This has been a win win for them as it effects all races, it puts a huge strain financially for responsible men and cost the government nothing. The result of this and our socialist controlled education system and media is we now have a generation of man babies that father children out of marriage while living in their mommy enabler's houses. They can't take care of themselves or the children they father. Its a systematic attack to destroy the family unit and make people depended on the government. If you don't believe this then explain why 2 people that are married pay a high amount of taxes then 2 people that aren't.

    Smudge pots

    You speak as if the BLM actually has some kind of accountability. This is an agency that shoots defenseless unarmed women. Murders ranchers, beats an offroad into a wheelchair for getting a pass that fell, tazed a transvestite for arguing, just to name a few instances. Then there is a video of them taking an elderly man to the ground for DUI that I sure they lost.
  12. Has anyone see the Gillet video and did you find all that bad? I think I watched it and they do have things in it that I don't like but the over all message of how we treat each other wasn't bad.. I think they just went the wrong way to get there in typically libtard Hollywood fashion. Overall it puts me off and I don't like some of the content or the way they used it. I'm also not going to throw something I have paid for away, that only hurts me. Will I buy anymore of their product probably not.
  13. It a little far from Oceanside but there are people that drive halfway across the country to have Colton Truck Terminal Garage service their motorhomes. They have a 4.8 outta 5 review on Google and a few other sites like Yelp. I was very happy with the work they did. These things are just to big and heavy for the home mechanic. For the cost of the tools needed and my bad back, I'll take it in if a wheel with 10 lug nuts torqued to 400 lbs needs to come off.

    Smudge pots

    If you lose a trial by declaration you can the request a trial de novo on the grounds you didn't face your accuser.

    Smudge pots

    One of the limitless problems with the BLM is there always inconsistent enforcement of their made up rules. An example is over the New Years trip. The assclowns came out of briefing one morning with the mission to enforce the 10 foot rule on Gecko. I watched one group on the west side of the road pack up and move somewhere else because they could get farther down the slop of the shoulder. One person in our group had to move his trailer over a few feet. Over Thanksgiving and years before they didn't really enforce it other then a ticket here and there. It will probably be years before they do again. Just like some years back they towed ghost camps, only never to do it again. A few years ago they cited over a 100 rigs for saving space because there wasn't a person in it or in front of it. It didn't matter if you where out on a run or left 71 hours prior. Those are just a couple of examples. Then there are the untouchable groups that can do as they please. They even try and make other people move to accommodate them. You never know what there brain dead idiots are going to be told to do on a particular weekend. Whatever it is you can be sure they will be unprofessional and think they are East Germany's VoPo.

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