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  1. When I worked Pollo Loco, Barneys on Whittier and Rosemead, Subway and Panda where the typical rotation. Places I would hit from time to time where, Figueroa Philly's right across from the Coliseum was bomb. If I was in San Dimas, Phillies Best! Maru Maki Sushi on Olive in Long beach is killer but $$$. The Yardhouse in Long Beach, the view over looking the Marina made up for not having a pint or 4. Thai Deli on Cesar Chavez, King Taco and Tommy's on Beverly and Rampart, never cared for the one in Pico. Those are just some of the highlights. Now that I'm retired its whatever is left over from last night.
  2. It's a classic sand withdrawal symptom. Knowing you have a problem is the first step. I recommend the following, put on some socks that have no more then one wash since they where in Glamis. This should get sand on your toes. Go sit in or on you sand toy and watch Glamis vedio's. And take 2 of these repeat until you feel better.
  3. You also break Funcos, I think the main reason is the first word in this sentence.
  4. I give you the first real man answer. You can not have to much horse power. There is a pedal you push on that controls the amount of power you put to the ground so I don't agree with to much power to dune. There's even a clip of Pont's rocket (can't remember its name) on a dune run. On a 2300-2800lb car 600-700hp thru an S4 934 drive train is a ton of reliable fun. A reliable drive train is much more enjoyable then max power and constant repairs.
  5. California gun laws are trip you up laws. They are intended to make a law abiding citizen into a felon by moving the goal post. That gun you bought legally is now a felony if you don't jump through the hoops they have laid out. They also do nothing to notify the legal gun owner of this change and what exactly needs to be done. That's on you to find out and keep track of. I you do get arrested in all likelyhood after your guns have been melted down and you have filed for bankruptcy and divorce your conviction might be over turned on appeal but your life is still F'd. "Shell not be infringed" means nothing to the socialist that what total control.
  6. After a not so great trip to Idaho and a season of bad weather, flu and endless BS, I haven't been at all excited about the coming season. While looking through some old video I saw this video and had the first feeling of excitement. So what gets up pumped?
  7. My car didn't wheelie back then but boy those where some good times.

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