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    Game Of Thrones

    Totally sucked!!! Worst ending to a TV show I've ever seen. I will stop telling people they should watch it.

    The debate over abortion

    Women have choices, men have responsabilities. From a purely logical stand point, most women that have abortions are liberals and would most likely raise a useless liberal living on government handouts.. For the record I am pro death.

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    My wife worked at an elementary school in Moreno Valley and 10 ish years ago they had a student with that exact name. Her big fat rude mother was all pissed off when they couldn't pronounce here name. The kid was in trouble and why ghetto mom was in the office. I wouldn't be supprised if that kid grew up to be the parolee your friend has.

    Here, Hold My Beer.................................

    Funny story but it read like someone else was having the blonde moment.

    Power steering

    That is what mine does. I'd bet it's you altinator. You could remove the wires going to the altinator so it just free spins. Then start the car so it will be running on just the battery to see it the squeal stops.

    Power steering

    Are you positive the power steering pulley is what is squealing and not the Alternator? My car it's the alternator that makes the squealing, usually when cold. A couple quick revs and it stops

    Koreatown Guns of the L.A. riots

    Saw a lot of yes I'm jealous.

    Koreatown Guns of the L.A. riots

    I'll just say unlike the boys from Surf City, we where loaded on inmate buses and dropped off on corners throughout Firestone and Lynwood in the middle of the night. No car, no shot gun, just you and a partner, if we arrested someone with a car we would use it to drive them and the others we had to jail. If they didn't all fit in the car we'd teather them together and walk them to jail. Well they'd walk, one of us would ride on the hood the other drove. I should add we did have cars rolling 4 deep but I wasn't in one.
  9. Douglas beadlock rims 15" x 12" with a 3" back space maybe 3.5". Rims are in good condition. They have Extream Revolution 35 paddles. The tire on the right is in good condition. The tire on the left has the Extream sidewall BS they are known for (see pic). Both tires have tubes in them, that's how they came. The paddles on both tires are in good shape with no chucks missing. They hook up great and slide predictably. I got these when my rim cracked on the first day and first run of our Idaho trip. They saved at lest 2 days plus waiting on a new rim to show up from KarTek. These are cheap spears for a trip around lava rocks. For less than a tank of diesel in your pusher or a new rim or tire shipped to Idaho, you can have these. Asking $450 obo The rims alone are worth what I'm asking so consider the tires free and I will not separate. Thanks for looking.

    Koreatown Guns of the L.A. riots

    That was a fun week.
  11. These where sold to a board member that PM'd me back on the 6th before I started this thread. Thanks for the interest and thanks again Slappy!
  12. Combo brake kit. Less then one season old and look new. I liked these so much I went with them when I switched to 2" hollows. New mounting brackets are available, they are still in business. This kit sells new for $1100 plus tax. Asking $525 obo

    Folding dinette seat.

    I heard back from Vinsanity and he still wants it. If things change I will go to the next in line. I have a PM that came in an hour before your post so you're 3rd in line and it's in Norco.

    Folding dinette seat.

    I still have this and it's still available going to the dumpster in a few days.

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