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  1. I feel a need to clear the air with regard to the false accusation by one of our fellow members here. I said this to help a fellow member that has suffered a lose. Now I will try and explain why I said what I did and how I came to that conclusion. I have personally handled and responded to thousands of traffic collisions. Not to mention the 100's hours of training I have recieved. I have seen stuff I hope most people never do. I know the typical injuries and the severity of them from the amount of damage, as do insurance companies. I also know how insurance companies work. I was not telling someone to commit a felony. I mearly was pointing out something that can be overlook, yet you are entitled to. Based on my experience I know that anyone driving the car in the picture would have injuries and because of that, entitled to compensation. Unfortunatly, as is to often the case, someone saw this as an opportunity to take a cheap shot. What it does show is the character of this person. I leave it at that. Everyone have a great and safe holiday weekend. This one is for us and our hard work.
  2. Do you feel better, maybe a bit more important, not quite as inadequate as you usually do? Take something I said and twist it so you can take a cheap shot at me. Do feel like a big man now? Maybe people like you are why most people that join this site don't post, because someone like you inevitably will take a cheap shot so they can feel a little better about thier pathetic existance. Glad I could be such an easy target for you to make yourself feel better. You are what makes Glamisdunes.com so great.
  3. I am not a fan of this but have your wife claim personal injury sore neck back wrist, air bag trauma etc. Its all soft tissue injury so just pain and suffering. A lot of times insurance companies with throw $3500-$5000 go away settlement money. That could cover completely fix the car.
  4. I totally agree but I think 121 ropes and a mass hanging in Sacramento would be better then a bazooka of hose shit.
  5. I think Reece is having sticker shock. For someone that doesn't know about these old little machines or the history of a real A+ it can be quite a shock to see how much these things cost. Now if you think a guy will go WTF that's a lot don't even tell your wife, you'll never get one. I'll add for info only, to build a suspension 70 4k is about a minimum budget if you do all the work yourself and get a few good deals.
  6. That was a blast. Miss those and have been trying for a couple few years to get Tres to hold them again.
  7. Bought in 97 at $96.41 today's estimate is $256.70. During the crazy boom I could have gotten around $312.00 sq ft. And bought it back 1 year later for. $154. Our mortgage is less then our daughter is paying for a 2 bedroom apartment in an old complex in Corona. Crazy!
  8. Ok that was a killer project! Just one question 10 years later, did you ever get the Bar-B-Q, and let's see this thing?
  9. IMHO It's just a money grab. It won't get any real objection from the people of that state as it doesn't effect them directly. When it will effect them is when every other state does the same. Want to dune in Glamis $30, hit Moab $30, play in Idaho dunes $30. There's $90 for one single vehicle. Have an ATC 70s, quads, just keep paying. Within a year or 2 regardless of where you live if you go to a different state you will be paying more. So we all lose and our greedy governments are probably patting each other on the back for this latest money grab.
  10. Usually (80-90% of the time) only a bit higher then water temp and that's with 2 turbos. In the hotter months if I run 3rd 4th gear in the big stuff for an extended time it can get as high as 240. From what I have read still well below harmful temps for oil. Theres is a lot of discussion on the subject. Mostly from guys that track cars and run much harder and longer then a dune run.
  11. I was going to install one until I read a few articles on the subject and reized my temps didn't justify one.
  12. It wasn't intentional but now that you point it out.
  13. I'm not going to defend this state but they just say you can't, just like they tell us we can't. They aren't charging extra for it.
  14. With Utsh and Arizona and other state surd to follow if you go to to many places your going to need a billboard on the back or your toy. Better yet maybe one of those maps of the U.S. the RV crowd puts on thier rig to show where they've been.
  15. I think what really has created this is the explosion of SxS's.

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