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    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    What about the top one? Yes that is also a uni-ball too. And how the F&^% can you honestly tell where the heim joint was made from that picture let alone know who installed it. I know you get your exercise by jumping to conclusions but please stop with the CCN style conclusions of absolute based on speculation.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    This is true. There where years late 90s early 2000's, where Halloween weekend was more crowded then Thanksgiving weekend. Now add camp cluster f*&% and the massive assclown (BLM) presence and I'll just wait till the Tuesday after to go out.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Not what I said. If you leave your broken CVT belt laying in the dunes then yeah you are a dirt bag! If you pick up after yourself and have some respect of the dunes then you're just a guy that makes bad decisions. The one good thing about SxS's is we can make fun of them and watch them crash in epic fashion. I especially like the idiot standing at the bottom waiting till the last second to move. He must own the Yamaha.

    It's Saturday 10/20/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Wondering why I stayed home instead of going to Glamis.

    Is Indian Motorcycles Making a Comeback?

    Same POS motorcycle they made under the name Victory back in a new raper called Indian. The one unique quality of a Polaris product is sub Chines quality in an American made product.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Conrad make some very good points and a lot of what I dislike about the whole SXS craze and Poolaris, the commercialization or better word exploitation of Glamis. As for donating an RZR to the ASA by a Billion dollar corporation by comparison is like one of us donating a dollar. Now when they drop a check for a 100k or more to the ASA I'll change my tune. Maybe when Poolaris does something about the trash from broken belt scattered across the dunes from their product and dirt bag owners I start to feel they are doing something kinda positive. I don't just dislike their SxS's I also can't stand really any of their lame ass machines.

    A+ full suspension frame clone nearing production

    As of Sept. 25 on his Facebook page, he is still working on these.

    Glamis 70 Invasion

    We need The Return of The Regatta! Tres Regatta The Reboot!

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Actually I won't tow it, I'll hand you a match and get the hot dogs and marshmallows.

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    Glad no one was physically hurt. I don't think you can say that about the owners bank account. I have seen a lot of bad crashes from wheelies some are blamed on equipment failure, most are just shit going wrong when you are hanging it out on the edge. There is a lot that can go wrong when your going real fast with just two back tires on the ground that do not steer. Having said that there is nothing like wheeling a car, what a f*&%ing rush!

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Yes you could but you make it sound like Poolaris is the coming of the Messiah. Lets face it you personally have something to gain from them. The rest of us do not. When I actually see something positive for Glamis from this billion dollar corporation I will have to reevaluate my opinion but that has yet to happen. Do not take that as a personal attach and while we disagree you are more then welcome in my camp and to a cold beverage, as long as you park your golf cart outside of it and walk in.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    How guys that own SxS's eat ice cream.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Yes we where and the majority of us learned on a dirt bike or quad. We learned being a dick bag was painful and some even died learning this sport. SxS's have completely removed the learning curve for many. They go down to a stealership buy one and hit the desert with no clue but they think they are the shit. They sign and drive and never progress and learn and are a menace to everyone around them. The only good thing is they usually film their stupidity and post it on YouTube. As for Poolaris their sole interest in Glamis is profit. It you believe anything else you need to put down the crack pipe and check into some kind of rehab mental facility. As for Camp RZR aka Camp Cluster F*&% it has actually passed the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade for the largest gathering of the LGBTQ community in the country.

    Community facebook pages

    Facebook is gay!

    Small child's headset

    They make a smaller (childs) metal band that runs through the pad. You undo the small nuts on each side and swap it out. Rugged has them and KarTek stocks them. It might be just enough to work for him and would be good as he grows. Also put the google strap around the head set to help hold them on.

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