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  1. The vast majority of camps have people out there. They may have several friends trailers there because as crazy as it sounds, we all want to camp with our friends. There are a few totally empty camps but they are really the minority and from what I've personally witnessed are only without people a day or two. The amazing thing about the ghost camp subject is the people that do the most complaining are the ones that show up the night before Thanksgiving and can't pull onto Pad 5 with room for 10 buddies. It's right up there with saving space because nobody here camps in a group with friends that come out at different times.
  2. Cup holders, it's all about cup holders and LED lights BRO!
  3. Still waiting on the sex tape. You know there is at lest one out there.
  4. Feeler add No dickhead just say your selling it. We all know you are! Game changer # sandrail then post a pic of you POS SxS.
  5. Not blaming the board just pointing out how updates never really make things easier. They actually make them harder. Not triggered, just amazed how with every so called improvement the need to take more steps to get to something is increased several times. This is with every thing from here to cellphones. You didn't need to take it as personally as you clearly have.
  6. Just another example of an update making things more difficult.
  7. I had PRP recover one seat and it saved me about a hundred bucks and change. They basically discounted the cost of the frame. It's really not worth it in my book. Just order new seats that you really want and sell your old ones. You'll be money ahead and happier having exactly what you want.
  8. Now how am I suppose to come back with a funny comment when your post is blank because it's my post. Gotta love these updates to the board. So to the point. My slight exaggeration adds to the humor of my post. I could build a killer outdoor grillin kick ass kitchin for 5-8k cause I can make anything. As for tires, I can make you a killer deal on a set of 225 75R 15 trailer tires with only 2.6 miles on them.
  9. He could make small fortune with that if he starts with a large fortune.
  10. For a guy that goes to Hawaii a couple times a year, dozens of fishing trips, dozens of hunting trips and a ocean fishing boat and a few Glamis trips30k is nothing. Hell you probably spend more then that on charcoal. 600-700 plf is fuking crazy. Thank god these people aren't building houses.
  11. All the harmons and surgery's have been paid for by the state of Commifornia. So you are paying for it.
  12. How about the constant open racist comments against white men. Which is also upsetting to white women as most have white dads and white sons. All this BS in this thread is all part of the Democrats objective. The Divided States of America.
  13. Some of you have never read or head the story, "The Emperor's New Cloths", and it shows!!
  14. That's thier business and totally thier choice. If you don't like it you don't have to do business there. Totally different then having someone's BS fake service dog sitting on a table people eat from. Besides I have yet to see a shop dog that wasn't a totally awesome dog.
  15. My bestfriend has a stepdaughter dude. She is a full blow transgender with a boob removal a cheesy beard but hasn't had the plumbing rerouted. All her choice but is sure as shit isn't normal and the suicide rate is crazy high. Maybe it because they can't accept themselves to begain with and surgery doesn't change what's really wrong. It also take a toll on the rest of the family. I don't care what another person does but I am not going to play along with you dilution. I really think we are watching the deevolution of the human race and the last years of what we think is the U.S.A.
  16. Now that's ironic from a guy that sold his sand toy unless you have bought a new sand toy on the D.L.
  17. If you look at every mass shooting, look at what Democrat scandal was being exposed or coming to light, just before the shooting. You will see a pattern start to take shape. There is also usually some connection or contact with the shooter by the FBI, CIA or some other 3 letter acronym. If it wasn't summer vacation at lest one of these shooting would have been at a school.

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