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  1. Hmmm. Despite the title, I clicked this thread hoping for pictures of actual Funcos, just sayin
  2. BD squadron pro with flood lens and amber covers. Got them pointed angled to the side probably 15-20 degrees out and downward too so I can peek over the edges of transitions before really turning into it. Works real well. Sort of like the side lights on those lp9’s I guess. Xl80 combos out in the nose as well. I sat down with one of the sales guys at BD, and that was what we came up with for duning at night without going crazy $$. Couldn’t be any happier with the results. Tons of light.
  3. In my backyard
  4. I went with the clear lenses on my BD's, and then added the amber covers. That way I've got the option to go clear or amber, and I'm keeping the sandblasting confined mostly to some $10 replaceable covers in case they get worn or even cracked from rocks or knucklehead type stuff. That was one of the sales guys' recommendation at BD, and I like the logic. I've not taken the amber covers off since. I'm told that it's sort of obnoxious (blinding) on a night ride if the BD's are in your rearview mirror. So that means I get to lead which I like. The XL80's have a dimmer switch as well, also a cool
  5. X2 Baja Designs I’ve got a chinese light bar as well, bright yes, but it never gets turned on as it scatters and reflects so poorly. The BD is super sharp and crisp and you can actually see the contrast.

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