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  1. Check this out https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-AV600-Powerline-Ethernet-Adapter/dp/B00AWRUICG Used this where I couldn’t get the WiFi transmitted from my house across the yard into my office, wireless didn’t seem to want to go through the patio doors or cement fiberboard siding. What I did have was power already run all the way across the yard though. basically you put Ethernet right on top of your existing 110v circuit. So if you’ve got wires, you can push something like at least 75Mbps over it. Not incredible, but gets it done for many applications and super simple and cheap. Only seems to like the same circuit though, doesn’t like going through breaker panels. There are similar devices you can put across existing old coax and those ones go a lot faster.
  2. It sure does look like aluminum but that’s probably just because it was loaded well beyond ultimate strength resulting in a fast fracture. One of the early lessons in school for mechanical engineering is that steel is better suited for safety applications than aluminum because it tends to bend before it breaks. Wide range between yield and ultimate strength is a measure of ductility. High strength aluminum tends to have a small range between yield and ultimate, thus is brittle. It’s why things like pressure vessels are typically steel not aluminum. No different with a hitch.
  3. Lil Bro is ~123” as best as I can measure
  4. Well at least he’s got airbags since he doesn’t have any other safety gear.... oh wait nm
  5. Mine is a Hatsan 95 with the QE 2 stage suppressor and Quattro adjustable trigger. Got it online refurbed for like $120. It was about the quietest one I could find as I shoot in my backyard in the city (San Diego) and didn’t want anyone giving me grief about it. It fits the bill. Satisfied customer. Added a flashlight and laser with remote switches for nighttime fun.
  6. Not only that but definition of “vaccinated” as well. For two weeks after your jab, you are counted as unvaccinated. This is one of the major ways that they lump all the most likely infections into the purebloods category. Making the jabbed data look better and unjabbed look worse. They know that most infections for jabbed come within this period. So just change the reporting rules and figure most people won’t bother reading past the headline. Which most don’t do.
  7. It’s really sad to hear about your buddy Don - RIP. The fact is that we’ve all been screwed by this mess, some more than others. in the case of your friend Don I’d have to say I’m disgusted by the medical community blocking inexpensive and readily available therapeutics. There are options available despite what you have been told. Folks that want to know more should read about Dr. George Fareed (Brawley/imperial hospital) and his massive success with Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, fluvoximine, vitamin c, d, quercetin, zinc, etc. I encourage everyone to read past the MSM drivel and look for data, peer reviewed studies, etc. not just look for numbers reported by cdc, msm, etc. if you drill down and see patient numbers, reporting rules, etc., it is easy to see who really did their homework and has a leg to stand on. it turns out the “misinformation spreaders” are the only ones who share their sources and data, open kimono. It’s because the truth is easy to defend and they aren’t afraid to let it all out.
  8. @onanysunday hope you are doing well and recovering quickly. as far as the “data” being pointed to, it’s all hogwash, highly adulterated in order to sell you a bill of goods. Govt agencies are all in on it, they are bought, compromised, not to be trusted. Hi, I’m from the government and here to help... Western European countries are beginning to abandon mRNA jabs. In short because they don’t work. You get some protection from the original variant at the cost of future immune suppression and systemic diseases. As the virus mutates it just does so around your protection. This was known along and they did it anyway. They get to keep selling shots without liability, then when people get disease they get to treat them as well. It’s a two-fer-one money-making scheme. Real data is coming out like it or not, it cant all be suppressed. It paints a pretty damning picture. The more shots you get, the more you destroy your immune system and the More likely you are to get Covid. In aggregate of course, we are all but a %slice of the total. So OAS even though we’ve never met, I’m still suggesting you get off the booster train as soon as possible. There are mountains of real data that are screaming that this is a terrible idea for your health and longevity.
  9. Hold out here, both wife and I put our livelihoods on the line and were willing to walk. Didn’t come to that but we put our faith in our god given immune systems. I share once in a while on the jab threads as I just hope people quit with the poison pokes in time to avoid the serious consequences of immune destruction and lots else. I hope I post something intelligent enough it will spark something for somebody. It hasn’t worked so far for my loved ones who are having increasing jab symptoms and harder times with their health. For people in the know about jabs in general, the pharma playbook was already known as soon as the virus was identified. Like a broken record. Hidden risks obfuscated by greed, dubious benefit if any at all. Previous jab studies From the 2000’s ended very poorly for the animal trials., and the myriad of consequences for these experiments were well known but ignored. Very sad days for our country and world. Good Luck and God Speed fellow duners.
  10. Yep, plenty of hit pieces out there, this dude is one of the top annoyances of big pharma and our captured government organizations. Here is a Pfizer disclosure for adverse events. Looks like they have a special sections for facial paralysis (and stroke) as they are so common. But whelp, I guess the Biebs and Mrs. are just really unlucky, no coincidence, nothing to see here. 5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf (phmpt.org) I recommend taking a peek at the last 9 pages in the Appendix- that is where they disclose anything that they want to be legally protected from. If they don't disclose, they aren't exempt. Apparently they disclosed about 1200 side effects. Safe and Effective. Safe and effective....safe and effective...
  11. https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/the-cause-of-justin-biebers-facial?s=r vax induced, duh
  12. Hahahahaha! Stupid windy right now! Ok I’m in plaster city but still, wondering if the windows can withstand this wind. Wizard of Oz style windy out here. Dunes are gonna be sooo smooth. Will inspect toy hauler for remaining paint in the morning if it is still upright!
  13. So I decided to throw in a little extra coin for backup power options. I only really care about the food in the fridge not spoiling or charging phones etc, and don’t really care about much more beyond that so nothing major needed. As some have said, if your system stops seeing 240vac like during a power outage, that you get shut out from your own panels. To protect the grid workers from electrocution or whatever... I didn’t choose batteries since they are still pricey and last what maybe a 7 to 10 yrs before replacement. solar company recommended a natural gas home backup generator as the most effective money spent. But I ended up upgrading the micro inverters to the Enphase I8, which makes a micro grid for “daylight backup” only. Getting the smart switch panel so I can add batteries later or hook up the rv gennie to power the house, or add a natural gas gennie whenever. For my small system 6kw it was a ~$4k upgrade and gives me options for emergencies. for what it’s worth.
  14. So I’ll add that from what I found that $2.75 to $3 per watt installed seemed to be the going rate. Probably more cost effective for bigger systems, but my install is super easy on a single slope of the roof and I’ve already got a 200A panel. Just bare bones no battery or anything, but the panels and microinverters are Tier 1 so won’t degrade as much over the life of the system. Sunpower was almost $4/watt for reference and they were slimy to boot. Tesla has a decent price but their panels are rebranded cheap crap and degrades majorly over the system lifetime. you gotta pay outright to get the best deal, get the tax credit, and avoid the headaches or sneaky charges like others have said. Also if you are retired Etc. or don’t show enough federal tax liability then you can’t claim the credit against anything so the 26% goes away. looking forward to it getting installed as the electric bill is up to $450/mo and I’m not even running the AC right now.

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