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  1. The on/off switch will not turn off the engine on my 70. Any ideas how to test it? Is this switch known to go out? Am I better off just buying a new one at Dr. ATV?
  2. I have a 1985 Stock 1985 ATC 70 that the on/off switch does not work. When I fire it up I cannot turn it off at the switch , have to pull the spark plug wire. Anything usually go wrong with these? How do I chase down the problem?
  3. What I found that works is start at the gas tank and work your way down to the carb. Take the tank off and fully clean it. I drain the gas. Put some fresh clean gas in there , swish it around and drain. Pull the petcock off and again clean the inside of the tank with carb cleaner spray and let it drain out the holes where the petcock goes .I even sprayed all the inside of the tank out with a nozzle from the compressor. Then literally clean the fuel line and the filters on the petcock then reinstall.Remember you cant get these things too clean. Now the carb, pull the bowl off and the float and the 2 jets. The pilot jet is the shorter fatter one and the needle is the skinny longer one. Check to see if you can see through them. The hole when clean is small so make sure it is super clean. I usually let the jets sit in carb cleaner for about 15-30 mins. Clean the entire body of the carb every orifice ,inside and outside.Make sure you also pull out the Pilot jet and needle jet screws also and put them back exactly the way they came out. This is very important.If you need new gaskets replace them as they are cheap .Slap it back together and it should run fine if you cleaned it really good.Now here is the kicker The pilot jet is only a 12.5 on this thing and gas goes bad so fast these days.So there is a screw on the side of the bowl at the bottom.If you are done riding it on your trip out. Back that screw out and drain the carb and this problem will never happen again. These little jets are so small making them so sensitive to any dirt that gets in there. I drain the 50 all the time and if I wont be using it for an extended amount of time I drain the gas and put new fresh fuel in when we use it again it fires right up. I hope this helps.
  4. Great, Thanks. Is there anything on the engine that ties it to this frame?
  5. I am looking for the Vin on the frame and is there a corresponding number on the engine? I need to go to dmv with this information to find out if this "Great Deal" is too good to be true. Please advise.
  6. I just purchased a really clean 05' Raptor 50. They guy said it was really coldblooded and needed to have the choke on until it warmed up (usually 10 mins) and then you can turn the choke off and it will idle. I cant get this thing to idle for the life of me. So I pulled off the carb and cleaned it within an inch of its life slap it back on and the same thing! I have played around with the idle screw and it just wont idle, it just dies. Anyone got any ideas about this? Also do these things have inline fuel filters from the factory? Im wondering if the fuel filter could be the problem? Maybe not getting enough fuel?
  7. I know there was a thread on here before on how to go about registering a 70. Im in California. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Here is a pic of my 85 complete stock restoration.
  9. You guys better hurry on this one. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/mcy/424726704.html
  10. pugdog1

    Xtreme Expo

    Thanks for saving me $24.00 + beer , but really, let us know how you really feel. Dont hold back this time though! That is a funny post.
  11. I dont have any before pics, but imagine a box with a bunch of dirty rusty parts.
  12. Thanks man, I worked a lot on it. It was the first 70 I did. I usually do vintage Hondas.
  13. You would have to fight a 3 1/2 year old for it???

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