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  1. Last time I was shooting at hodge I felt so unsafe lots of morons drinking with guns
  2. I don't think dog have mean bones but dogs are miss guided from owners that cause them to act out in my opinion. I always look to the owner in events with dogs not just the breed.
  3. I believe you ment 34 grand!
  4. @spize909. On the front of the car I ran the rubber bumps on the shock shafts. It helped alot on the rear of the car I never added Any humps beside what I had the hard rubber stop. I was able to play with the valving and cross over rate to get the car to ride great. Befor I sold it I had planned to add rear bypasses and honestly think they would of made the world of difference. I would if you had the fab ability fond some used bypasses over bump stops.
  5. Need this sold new trailer ia home make offer or trade. Hit up @drpweldingandfab aka Derek 909 706 5234
  6. How much cash you offering with the car. Let me or drp welding know
  7. I will ask but if you txt his number it may be faster
  8. Because this is glamis dunes and it what people do. Lots of friends and family among us and lots of jack asses as well. Just got to ignore the asses

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