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  1. Okay Glamis Dunes Peeps.... This is going to be one AMAZING TIME!! hopefully we don't have to run away from the pretend rangers and about drag a canopy behind a Maverick! Event will take place in Glamis and on Saturday Evening..... I will be supplying the Enchiladas, Rice, Beans and tortillas for this meal. Please bring a side dish that will go along with some YUMMY food! Raffle Tickets are FREE! Comegetsome and I did the same thing last year and it was a blast. We supply the final PRIZE that anyone can use! Last year's prize was a tablet...... What is to come of this years prize.... Come out and see..... If, you are able to please bring an item along with you. We try to keep gift desert related some sort of way. It is always funny to see the person that is always needing help get a tow strap/gas can as a prize.
  2. Return trip yes it did... After we got back from the ER I even went and looked at the bike. Little sucker is still on their stronger then heck. One week from accident I have to say I feel probably a little more better than I should. Or I am just not listening to my body and I keep going with a little frustration. CGS has been so supportive through this whole process. Through all my frustration/pain he has been their to comfort me even in the middle of the night. I can still not extend my arm all the way out, but I am able to use my wrist and fingers just like before. To this day I am still amazed that I did not break anything for that matter. THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the support!!!
  3. Thank you everyone for the prayers and speedy recovery. If it wasn't for Comegetsome I would have defiantly gone into shock. I never knew my arm was that bad until I went in for x-rays. He was their to comfort me through the whole process and all the pain. He remained calm the whole time and should be awarded The Superman Husband of the year. Through this process hopefully I can take in the help without trying to do everything myself. I am always the caregiVer never the patient. Once again thank you everyone for your support and especially to Comegetsome.
  4. CGS Lady


    Wow have to admit half way through this thread I STOPPED reading mostly everyone's posts. To much information about things gentlemen. As most of you know I am married to comegetsome.... I rarely put an input in about most things, but when I do they are out of the out most respect for others and hopefully I able to pass on some helpful information. PTSD in my eyes took the man I married away. The man that I will never get to spend the rest of my life with ever again. I get to see him on some days for brief moments kinda like the end of the movie The Notebook is the best way to describe it. Every time he went over seas it seemed like I was loosing more and more of him every time. When he would return home he was a new person that everyone had to get used to, but then was sent off again before we new it. I would never change the man he is. I love him with all my heart he is my best friend. The first person I want to call and talk to know matter what is going on. Some might see things he does as harsh and not agree with, but to each his own. I am happy to say that I finally have my husband at home with us and no matter what I will always be by his side. Only other military spouses will ever know what it is like to have a loved one away over seas. I don't care what war it is or was the feeling is all the same. It is not like he went on a fishing trip for two weeks or works 60 hours a week. Sitting at home wondering if someone is going to knock on your door to tell you your husband has passed is something that will never leave my mind. Now, do I feel that people living with PTSD should get special treatment? No I don't due to the fact that PTSD can be for anything related to a traumatic event. NOW people living with COMBAT PTSD SHOULD GET SPECIAL TREATMENT! Those with this condition ONLY have this condition due to being in COMBAT. Yes, there is a difference and huge difference. I hope my input gives a little insight to what I think about PTSD.
  5. Um excuse me it is CHOPPERS OF AMERICA as I would say it.... thanks for the props on my decision for the Theme of my bike you could say. I just come up with the idea, but you make it come to life.... ahhhhhhhhhh
  6. Added one for you. thats AWESOME!!!! CAUSE you know he ALWAYS has an excuse for everything....
  7. CGS here is a list for you since you are always on here: -Paint my 70 -Put my 70 back together - Watch me dust your butt with my 70 -Change shocks on my quad and yours -Change Tranny Fluid on car -Change my front tires to razors -Install engine back into car (when it comes home) -Build another 70 (why not its not like we have enough) -Put your daughters quad pieces back on -Check all fluids on all quads at the house -Load trailer for trip this weekend. -Stop working when food is delivered to you by your wife - PUT YOUR JUNK BACK INTO THE BINS CLEARLY MARKED! HAVE FUN
  8. I do actually sleep in my garage at times Besides she emptied and re arranged/cleaned the garage this weekend All I have to say about the pictures: AND THAT IS CLEAN!!!... I NEEDED ABOUT 100 PRAYERS WHEN I FIRST STARTED SATURDAY.. It took a lot of to keep myself calm during the whole thing.. CGS was in his trailer installing his FAMOUS WINCH AND FINALLY THE DANG STEP!!!
  9. Um I recall asking for black and teal NOT grey! All I need to do is look on the top of ur head and see yhe color grey.. ohhh snap.. no u didnt.. well yes I did.. lmao
  10. Yes! For sure! As long as I can tie CGS up to a tree so he doesnt see anything! If he had it his was everything would come home...
  11. So no one worry about getting spots in the camp CGS and I will take care of it! :-) Happy 70 weekend on us. I plan on leaving before CGS maybe oh yeah that would be AWESOME to get out there before him and send him pictures of the dunes. Lol.. I going to set up some racing tracks for all you that can hang for the 70 race events. can wait to get some AWESOME pictures with everyone... Now can someone please tell CGS to finish my dang 70 lmao I will be making my homemade enchiladas. MOVIE NIGHT will be Saturday evening for all the kiddos on the projector outside by the fire. Smores will be present!!!!
  12. Its looks so amazing! Good job CGS in getting the engine in! SO PROUD of ya for listening to me and going all old school! So excited!
  13. I don't know I would attend but CGS needs to finish my DANG 70 THAT HE TOOK APART!!!!! So, CGS when you read this sip on the glass of Sweet Tea and finish my dang bike... lol... Love ya... ok now get to work...
  14. I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for this one boys!! Oh yeah BABY!!! Whats better then sitting in a car and actually listening to RAW Power the Old School Way! Two amazing builders are putting this beast together.. A gentlemen by the name Ed Burton who is actually retired from building motors for drag boats gave us the gear drive and did all the head work and intake work! Rich the gentleman that built the gsxr 750 bike/quad engine is taking care of the rest AWESOMENESS!! I cant wait to hear the THUMP THUMP THUMP.... SO EXCITED!! might even have to PUSH CGS out of the way!!! He might actually need to get used to his

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