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  1. Just need socal to chime in to complete the circle jerk. Awwwws, did someones feelers get hurt? Smatter'? Is someone playing the same bullshit games you play? Competition getting you down? Here's yore chance. House some Syrian refugees to prove to us all how open and welcoming you are of others cultures and beliefs. Lead the charge. An edit just for dirtdogg! Xoxo! why would my feelings get hurt...is that all you got? blehhhh, you've done better. what made me post that was your ass kissing "good one robbie" post. gave me douche chills...it was very cute, though. I'm gonna put an add on Craigslist right now....we'll see how many refugees answer the ad. I'll let you know.
  2. come on robert, calling a comment stupid isn't the same as calling a person stupid, if thats your reason for a vacation. lighten up, junior.
  3. Just need socal to chime in to complete the circle jerk.
  4. Hell will take them in any package! I say Bacon wrapped Mummification in a coffin with a glass top and the sides plastered with Penthouse magazine covers! Just an FYI. If a believer consumes pork unknowingly or by mistake, there is no sin of him or her. God does not punish anyone for lack of knowledge, nor for unintentional mistakes or forgetfulness. How conveeeeeeeenient!
  5. guess we can't call them Frogs anymore, either...haha
  6. What a stupid comment. Maybe the first word in KKK is Knights, as in Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, as in Knights Templar?
  7. So how many Syrians is your beloved mehico taking in? Most refugee's have no desire to leave one shithole for another Never thought about that before...you have a good point. How many Syrians you see Hesperia? Victorville? Vista?
  8. I'm with you. I'm against the whole deal because its not fair to the Mexicans. The Mexicans have been fighting for benefits, face discrimination, done the jobs that Americans won't do. Heck, they live right next door and they have to sneak in to the country. Then this Asshat decides to just GIVE all the benefits, housing, medical, schooling, transportation, and preferential treatment to these Muslim Syrian refugees. It's just not fair, I tell you! if you spoke spanish, you'd know what "no mames" means. no mames!
  9. Finally, something positive in his life!!!!
  10. give this guy a full ride!!!! future president?
  11. Oh, spare me the "go fight one so you can see for yourself" crap. I know what it takes and I know the difference between the two.
  12. Does Floyd have good leg kicks and takedown defense? Either holly or Rhonda would beat the shit out of Floyd if he didn't run out of the cage. keep telling yourself that. come to think of it, I don't know how that dude Ron DaRossi didn't due better....look at all that boxing skill:
  13. brah, she'll knock Floyd Mayweather out easily, brah! she got ktfo by a boxer, and kicked in the face, to boot.

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