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  1. X2...good friend of mine who is a Teamster(399) told me the same,and all of my trailers have been parked on strips of Marine grade plywood.
  2. End of week 4(of 20) here in Berlin Germany. Trying to track down cool Euro only parts for my 04 Jetta Diesel and 13 Porsche Cayenne Diesel,as well maybe track down a barn find of a older Porsche.
  3. Without a doubt go with a Genesis. If I could’ve justified the cost I would’ve actually gone with the ATC. Jim from VIP RV told me to stay away from Attitude.
  4. What channel is SuperX on tonight? I’m DirecTV and it show Round-1 airing at 7pm. Ughhhh
  5. Bump it up! In excellent condition!
  6. Bump it up! Riding gear is in like new condition!
  7. Damn BLD went big on the tag-a-long! Congrats!!
  8. Dunerking

    WTB Honda 400EX

    Looking for a clean,preferably stock Honda 400EX. It can be older or newer body style. Let me know what you have. Text if it’s easier..Josh 818-822-9150 thanks!
  9. SOLD! Nice meeting u John and hope your kids enjoy it as much as we did!!
  10. I’m in Santa Clarita. We’ve been down that 2 wheels and 4 wheels road.
  11. Sorry for the delay...semi auto. No clutch but you shift through the 4 gears. It’s not like a LT-80 where it’s gas and go centifrugal clutch. It teaches the kids how to shift without a clutch. When my kids were little(4-5) I’d just put it in 2nd gear and away they went. But if the rider stops in 4th gear it’s not going to stall. Just be super sluggish taking off. Lol. I take the plastics off after every trip and clean and prep it. For being 15/16 years old it doesn’t show its age.

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