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  1. Thanks DB! Once I get back into town(4-5 weeks) I'll be doing this first(and have my wife as well). That guy is 100% douche bag slim ball!
  2. Very nice car and GLWTS! One day there will be a Alumicraft in my garage!!
  3. Thanks J Alper,those Great Dane built ATC trailers are nice,but are much like the Millennium and Sundowner style builds. My wife wasn't to into that style and I'm having to really persuade her into the ATC toyhaulers I had added a linked to. She is really drawn to all the fluff u get with the mass produced trailers. I'm more interested in the trailer having solid bones!
  4. Thanks GM for the first hand info! Wish I was in town ....I'd be heading to the SS just to check out those trailers.
  5. Another thing I was happy to see with the ATC rig!
  6. Do u have a link for the Great Dane toyhaulers? I looked it up but all I saw was standard over the road trailers.
  7. Good point,definitely a more user friendly rig!
  8. Haha....your not kidding on the price!! I'm hoping that they have negotiation for that price.
  9. I agree about not seeing slideouts,but I'm willing to go without a slideout for better built unit. Our Raptor only had a bedroom slide( which was needed as the bed was configured into the slide and the bathroom sink and shower were in the bedroom). Most of time is spent outside anyways(unless weather goes south) so needing massive interior sqft in not a priority.
  10. Haha...funny. I'm jealous that your back home. I got to say I expected it to be warmer here than back in LA,but I'm pleasantly surprised that it was 5-10* cooler.
  11. Our family has considered the MH/DP setup as well,but not having a vehicle to drive around once camp is set up(unless u drag another vehicle along),maintaining another drivetrain,replacing expensive tires,and overall ease of loading/unloading bulking things like kayaks,SUP,bikes,etc...just keeps pointing me back to a 5th wheel. My wife and I really like the new Genesis 28IKS model but have concerns if I have to deal with the warranty issues as I'm out of town quit a bit,and to get it in for repairs could be challenging.
  12. GM,I'm pretty jealous. Enjoy the SS! I've been here in Albuquerque for 1-1/2 weeks and now waiting until Sunday so I can fly out to Atlantic City and be there for the next 4-5 weeks. I believe one of our local guys plans a BBQ and watch some college football today! So that will make waiting around for Sunday a little easier!
  13. http://aluminumtoyhauler.com/models.html the 32' 5th wheel would be the one I'm considering.

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