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  1. Dunerking

    Need 5th wheel toyhauler ideas

    This looks like a good option....does anyone have one of their trailers? I'm curious how the build quality is? I'd wonder if it's better than the mainstream trailers out there. I like the 32' overall length 5th wheel that has 180" to the first cabinets.
  2. Dunerking

    So it begins

    That guy has been doing these BS ads for awhile now...amazing how they still can't get over losing. Suck it up and try next time with better candidates. Only up side to those ads is that it creates job to produce them! Now stop crying and save a rock,or a tree or maybe pitch in and build a wall...lol!!
  3. I'm sure this is a 29er? Nice bike,always thought the single sided fork was crazy. But Cannondale has been running it for awhile.
  4. Dunerking

    Dodge Facelift project

    Thanks for the info!! Super jealous about being able to tune your X5! Can't wait to tune our Cayenne! I just finished replacing/upgrading the turbo,clutch and adding a ten to my Jetta TDI and it's a completely different car to drive. From the stock 100 HP to 150-160 HP had made a huge difference! Made it that much more difficult to wait to tune the Cayenne...lol
  5. Dunerking

    Dodge Facelift project

    Haha...I hear you about car audio...I'm not looking for a competition audio system,but not opposed to doing a component system either. I'd like to stay at or under $1000. But definitely like to do things once and won't mind spending a little extra to achieve that. I'd like to keep the stock headunit as I like the sleeper/stock look,but I understand that if the headunit needs swapped out for performance....then that's what needs to be done. How do u like the X5 diesel? I got the 13 Cayenne diesel for my wife and it's a pleasure to drive! I do want to get a tune for it since VW had to retune it for the "dieselgate" problems...but I'm going to have to wait until 2024 for the extended warranty to expire.
  6. Dunerking

    Dodge Facelift project

    Thanks for the input on speakers as I've been looking to update the speakers and throwing a good amp at it. Which amp do u recommend? I started with good 06+ headlights housings that didn't have the amber strip and then sent them to Jeremy at the Retroshop for the projector HID conversion with LED turn signal and matched painted to the truck. They weren't cheap but are well done very nicely! Ive been hunting around for 4th gen seats and center console and get rid of the business console i currently have. The list never ends...lol
  7. Dunerking

    Dodge Facelift project

    Just finished up my 06+ conversion and Happy with the results! Next up 4th gen interior and S475/stocked compounds!!
  8. Dunerking

    2018 Rip to the tip on Abc channel 7.

    Thanks got it DVR'ed. Always a good watch...especially with PAB winning the 1000 this year!
  9. Dunerking

    It's Saturday 12/1/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Very cool! That's another level of living!
  10. Dunerking

    2016 Ram Cummins Laramie 4x4 CLEAN 56,000 OBO

    Damn....nicely done truck. I'll send this info to a friend on the hunt. If I wasn't so deep on my 05 Dodge I'd consider this. Plus it's nice not having a payment. GLWTS
  11. Roughly what are the dimensions of this length and width. Can a person lift the front of it like a quad? Thanks
  12. Dunerking

    It's Saturday 12/1/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Took my son to a Lacrosse camp yesterday....could be the start to another sport. Already deep into club soccer. Came home and mowed/cleaned the yard. Hung out with neighbors while kids played. Cleaned the sunroof drains out on my Dodge...hope that cures the water dropping out of the grab handles. Today finish reconnecting to passenger rear door handle linkage that decided to come off. And finish wiring up my Rail Pressure gauge. Make to progress on my patio/deck cover. Watch some football and enjoy some Ice Cold Delicious Beverage's. Damn weekends go to quickly. IMG_4808.MOV
  13. Dunerking

    School me on hard tail MB

    I enjoy MTB and myself ride a Yeti SB5C. I was on the fence of going HT or full suspension and ended up going FS as it doesn't wear u out as fast as a HT will. That being said as the saying goes "u get what u pay for" holds true here as well. The bulk of the money is on the groupset and the better it's equipped the more it goes up in price. But there is a big difference in quality between the cheap stuff and the highend. If I was looking I'd search on Pinkbike or CL for a bike that someone probably rode a few times and now is taking up space....I'd be looking for a Intense Hard Eddy,Yeti ARC,or a Santa Cruz Chameleon. I'm sure u can find one of these with at least Shimano XT or SRAM XO drivetrain for under $2,000. I've toyed with the idea of getting a Yeti ARC to have in my quiver but it would probably sit as my Yeti SB5C is some much fun....and plush! Good luck and let's go ride when u pick up a bike!! On a side note my wife rides a Intense Tracer 27.5 and this bike is a blast! I picked up for $2400 with Shimano XTR groupset. It has the X-Fushion fork and shock and work well for there price.
  14. Dunerking

    Anyone have a hook up on Audi OEM parts?

    I can't speak for your Audi,but when I was doing the brakes on our 2013 Porsche Cayenne diesel,I joined a online Porsche forum,and thru research and a forum vendor was able to purchase the OEM rotors,pads and sensors for a really fair price. I'm sure there is a similar forum for the Audi.
  15. Dunerking

    The New Honda Talon!

    I saw they are claiming 104HP

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