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  1. SOLD! Thanks Jon for the smooth transaction!
  2. I may have our stock slip on..did u need the header as well?
  3. Lobro 930 CV. Brand new ....was a spare. Paid $75 asking $40 Contact Josh 818-822-9150
  4. Earl’s billet remote oil filter bracket. Paid $70 asking $35. Contact Josh 818-822-9150
  5. Lost another legend! Grew up listening to him and a long list of other classic country bands. Meet him and Dolly one year while working the CMA’s 25+ years ago and was a pleasure while Dwight Yokam was loosing his mind. RIP!
  6. Just got home from Germany after being put on hiatus until all of this blows over. At least I’m home and be with the family. Looking forward to hooking up the trailer and going out to the desert and knocking out some projects around the house.
  7. Still here in Berlin,making the best of the current situation. Bought a mountain bike to get around like the locals!
  8. Dunerking


    Can’t wait for the new season of Peaky Blinders and Mind Hunters!
  9. If I still have it after the VW extended warranty expires then it will definitely will be getting a tune!
  10. Here for work,missing the family and the good So.Cal weather! It has been educational seeing first hand now about how this place was when. I was a kid. Pretty incredible the change this place has and is going through in 30+ years.
  11. Finally able to move into my apartment here in Berlin after 5 weeks of hotel living. It’s the simple things sometimes. Berlin TV tower just around the corner of my apartment. My daughter played her first round (Saturday) River Ridge Jr golf tournament and played well. I’m hoping 2nd round will be enjoyable for as well!
  12. Speeding recovery to Ryan Newman! I think it was Corey Lajoie who’s car hit Newman’s airborne car on the drivers side that looked hard to me. Had me worried when they brought out the black privacy fences while getting him out.
  13. X2...good friend of mine who is a Teamster(399) told me the same,and all of my trailers have been parked on strips of Marine grade plywood.
  14. End of week 4(of 20) here in Berlin Germany. Trying to track down cool Euro only parts for my 04 Jetta Diesel and 13 Porsche Cayenne Diesel,as well maybe track down a barn find of a older Porsche.

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