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  1. Dunerking

    Baja 1000 Rzr Carnage

    The Rossi video was amazing....that jeep almost had the front seats replaced with some 37" tires. Looked like the side mirror got clipped off.
  2. Dunerking

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    Try it out..worse case is your not happy with it and spent some cash...I know the one for our Cayenne (Chipwerks) piggyback plug in wasn't as effective as a real tune. So as bad as I want to tune it,I'm just going to wait it out. These 3.0L VAG diesels can get pricey to fix.
  3. Dunerking

    It's Saturday 11/17/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    My son has 2 soccer games today for his tournament...after that hopefully a few hours of daylight to chip away at my patio cover/deck project.
  4. Dunerking

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    This may be the case with the Ram,but I know for my wife's Diesel Cayenne I've been wanting to do a tune(flash the ECM)on it since the Dealer/VAG(Volkswagen Audi Group) did the diesel fix to ...but if I need to take it in for warranty work the tech can see how many times the ECM has been flashed and if it doesn't match with what their computer says it maybe possible to deny warranty. So this alone has me waiting until warranty expires.
  5. Dunerking

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    I believe DoubleR diesel has a emission equipped truck tune rather than doing a full delete. It maybe worth looking into.
  6. Dunerking

    Baja 1000 2018

    Great idea!! Always a pleasure to watch!!
  7. Dunerking

    Parking Like A Douche!

    I think leaving all that space for the next car actually allows their door to swing further with more energy causing a deeper dent. Either way a DB is a DB. I can park in the deepest part of a parking lot and it never fails I'll come back and some turd will have parked right on top of me...and every other spot is wide open. I've just got that luck.
  8. I remember that article....such a beautiful car!
  9. Dunerking

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    What compound kit did u go with? I've been wanting to throw a S475 with my stocker as most info I've read says this is the towing dream setup. I've been looking at the Stainless Diesel kit.
  10. Dunerking

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    Nice truck! Who did u go with for all of the deleting? Who did the tune? I've got a couple of friends with 16 and newer Rams and they want to tune/delete.
  11. Dunerking

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    I can't speak for the Mega owner,but I've got a full Carli King 2.5 system with their Carli/Deaver leafs and Carli sway bar and u can't even compare the 2. There is no jolting stock 3/4 -1 ton ride. I've had this system on my truck since I bought 8 years ago and still wouldn't hesitate to do it again. There stuff isn't the cheapest,but worth it. Thuren is a very nice option as well.
  12. Dunerking

    Woolsey Fire

    I almost bought in Newbury Park 10 years ago...but ended up in Santa Clarita. Still have friends out there and checked on them this morning and all of them have evacuated. Looking like it's making a run to the ocean going they Malibu on the way there. I'm hoping the winds calm some and they get a chance to stop this fire.
  13. Dunerking

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    Your right,there is always 2 sides to a story. But it's the buyers responsibility to inspect what they are buying? Like I said I was as transparent as possible.
  14. Dunerking

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    Well,when looked at it he could've made that judgement then. But no it wasn't junk. I had spent over $5,000 with Jim at VIP 10 months prior. With a frame strengthening and redoing of the roof.
  15. Dunerking

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    Haha....I'd be fine with that but I've got a bunch of nonsense out of this guy. He just needs to settle down or I'll have to contact the OC's finest. I don't appreciate the text threats. At least be a man and call.

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