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  1. Scott Scale RC 24" kids MTB in great condition. Bought new for $1100 at Bicycle John's. In great condition,always cleaned with a damp rag after every ride and lubed up. These Scott RC bikes are a great bike for kids to start out on,being they are light weight and equipment with nice components. After buying my son got into club sports which has left little time to go ride the trails...now he has outgrown it and needs a new rider. Bars-Renthal Fatbar lites Stem-Renthal I have the original Syncros FL 2.5 bars and stem Wheelset-Alex Ace 20 24" rims with Scott RC hubs Drivetrain-FSA Alpha Drive cranks Components-Shimano Deore XT derailleurs Shifters-Shimano Alivio Forks-Scott XCR PRICE-$500obo contact-Josh 818-822-9150
  2. Dunerking

    It's Saturday 5/18/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Working on our laundry room remodel. Headed to Santa Monica for my sons first club soccer scrimmage game! Get home for some Hangtown outdoor motors!! Brapppp Mix in some Ice Cold Delicious Beverage's!! My sons 10th birthday on Sunday!!
  3. Dunerking

    SX / Motorcross

    Awesome!! Made for a great 1st round of SuperX!! The mud is always a equalizer!!
  4. Dunerking

    going under the knife

    Good stuff and hoping for a smooth recovery!
  5. Dunerking

    Shooting at Pismo

    Bad seeds do...got to ruin other people's party because they think their cool.
  6. Dunerking

    WTB:Genesis 28CR 2017+ or Eclipse 2814SS

    Bump it up!!
  7. Dunerking

    Commuter car recommendations

    I've been running my 04 Jetta TDI for 10 years and love it! I average(hand calculated) 44 MPG...bought it with 52k miles and beside normal 10k mile oil/air filter service,20k miles fuel filter,90k mile timing belt/water pump it has been a great car! Through the years I've done upkeep maintenance like Koni shocks,control arm bushings,tie rod ends and ball joints...but I don't mind throwing a few hundred dollars a year at it as I don't have a payment. I now have a 180k miles. If I was looking I'd look for a 2012 or older Passat TDI(pre DEF)
  8. Dunerking

    WTB:Genesis 28CR 2017+ or Eclipse 2814SS

    Still hunting
  9. Dunerking

    Movie set in G this weekend

    Couple of transpo friends have been down there a few different times for shooting! Using SxS's to move cast,crew and equipment around. I wish my phone rang for that job!!
  10. Dunerking

    Looking for a used truck.

    I would've bought Wld-Otz Dodge for $14,5k. For that price I would've splurged and done the 4th Gen seat swap and still only been out $16k. I thought that was a deal!
  11. Dunerking

    JT Racing founder John Gregory plane crash

    Saw that on the news yesterday...got lucky!
  12. Dunerking

    Stanley Vidmar cabinets SOLD!!

  13. Dunerking

    Game 7 Sharks vs Golden Knights

    That come-back was awesome! Both teams wanted that win!!
  14. Dunerking

    How far is your commute for work?

    Working in the motion picture industry leaves me with no consistency...I live in Santa Clarita and could be working in Manhattan Beach (68 miles each way) one day the next in Santa Clarita riding my bike. Or I could be headed to Atlanta,Montreal,London,etc. call times very as much as the location I'm working at. I've learned to deal with the driving as this is the bed I've made..I usually try a set up a carpool with someone that lives local to me so we can share the burden of commuting. I did purchase a TDI Jetta 10 years ago to help ease some of the sting of the miles/fuel. I'm definitely jealous of u home workers but I know I'll never be able to enjoy that until I retire.
  15. Fall Guy Twilight Zone A-Team Gilligans Island The Munsters

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