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  1. Damn quality control on these trailers. I really like the new Genesis 28IKS!
  2. Working today...missing my sons soccer game. Hopefully off tomorrow to his game tomorrow! Try to find the pool and Ice Cold Delicious Beverage's
  3. You cannot put into drive or reverse while plugged in. She can figure out when to pull into a fuel station,I'm sure she will be able to figure out when it needs more juice.
  4. It just seems for my wife's needs of running the kids to/from school, our son's club soccer and Lacrosse practices(and tournaments),our daughters golf lessons and tournaments,grocery getting,etc all around the valley that a electric vehicle makes more sense than a combustible engine. Overall for me less maintenance (time and cost) and no more stopping at the fuel station . If we have a road trip greater than the range of the batteries than we take the Dodge CTD.
  5. I've been running 2.5 Kings on my Carli kit Dodge. They are rebuildable and tunable. Not sure about the GM trucks but I'm sure you could setup with something similar.
  6. I'm almost at this point. Really considering selling my wife's Cayenne diesel and get a Tesla X. I'm tired of paying for fuel,motor and trans service. All I need to do for the Tesla is tires,brakes and windshield fluid.
  7. Working from 06.0-18.0...then head home to hang out with the family poolside!
  8. It's reasons like this why I don't plan on selling my 05 Dodge CTD. Compared to all the sensors and electronics of a new version,I can only imagine in 15 years the issues that a 2019/20 vehicle will have and need replaced or addressed.
  9. Thanks BLD! After looking on Epic's site I think the Genesis 28 IKS is the new floorplan that Michelle @ Genesis was talking about coming out with and probably be the trailer we will end up with.....unless another good deal like that Attitude comes up.
  10. I drive a 5 lug Diesel Jetta and follow this same tactic! And for damn sure when I'm driving my Dodge while towing!
  11. Haha...I don't blame u. It's like finding a Unicorn!
  12. Thanks again BLD! I missed the one on RiverDaves by a day...seemed like a really good deal. Keep them coming!
  13. Just signed! Been going to Pismo since I was 6 years old(40 years) and would be extremely disappointed if the over controlling politicians win closing it down. My dad retired up there(Nipomo) because we loved riding up there. I'm going to have to get my kids up there as much as possible so they can have great memories of Pismo like I do.
  14. Getting a lot of uninterrupted time for the next 2 weeks as the wife and kids flew out to Virginia yesterday to start their East adventure..ultimately finishing up in New York and Washington DC. For me lots of projects and MotorX!!

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