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  1. Went by shop today and dropped off a battery. After lots of thought and discussion and Jason and I think the next thing to do is find a body shop. The body isn't that bad except for the doors being a bit off. If anyone knows anyone with a shop or booth let me know ASAP. I would like this done right. Nothing special, just solid flat black so he can add what he would like later. Jason is going to cut a hole for the fuel line through the roof. After I find a body shop to straighten and paint it it'll be ready for wiring and glass. Need to find a front windshield and new rubber for all the windows. After that, the NEEDS should be taken care of. I would like to apologize for not taking a more active role in this process and see it through as expedient as it should have went. I want to thank everyone that took the time to donate their parts and money to this project and I promise this will be done before your next "Sobe Bomb". I also want to thank Jason a small business owner who has stored this project out of the elements and I'm sure tripped numerous times over it while trying to provide for his own family and pay his own bills. Lastly I would like to thank Yummi for getting this project started. Without his motivation this bug would still be used as extra storage in my garage. That being said, game on! This project has my full attention and pocket book just don't tell my wife. As for the Marine, he is back from Afghanistan and was immediately stationed in Quantico, VA. with his wife and two boys. He has orders for recruiting school this November and has mentioned driving to Phoenix for Thanksgiving to see family. He still has no idea and thinks it is being stored in my garage covered in miscellaneous yard tools, camping equipment, and Christmas decorations. Thanks again to everyone for being patient and wanting to see this through. Semper Fi, Mike six zero two 295 seven 6 nine 3
  2. Thanks buddy!!! I'll let you know ASAP today.
  3. Ok, great news motor is done and we need to get it from Perri's over to Jeff's. Like everyone else here trying to hold down a 9-5 I can't do anything till the evening or weekend. I'm looking for some help getting the car from west. Mesa to Jeff's house in east Mesa. Does anyone have a car hauler that can meet me Friday at Perri's? Shoot me a text az peeps if you can help or have ideas. Thanks,Marines brother Mike. 602-295-7693
  4. I'm probably going to go and buy the rebuilt case Saturday with donation money in the Paypal account and take it to Perri's. From there, I don't know. Hopefully that's all we need and we can get it put back together. Thanks for staying interested and supporting this build. Paypal account is ironcoffinaz@gmail.com
  5. I know they're have been a couple of hick ups getting this project off the ground, but I wanted to take the time to thank everyone again. Everyone involved with this build from information to donations has been extremely helpful and resourceful. I can't wait to see my brothers face when he gets to enjoy everyones hard work that is going into this project. So, once again thank you and God Speed!!!! https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/fcs2/doing-something-good-for-a-marine-oorah-[/font]
  6. It boggles my mind how fast the people on this message board step up. I'm a little like Yummi when it comes to cars, I like to drive them more than I like to fix them. That said I just wanted to give Yummi and the rest of you a shout out for all your help. Thanks again, Mike.
  7. Dropped her off this am with Perri at his shop. Perri's German Autobahn 2221 W. Broadway Rd. Mesa, Arizona 85202 602-930-9676 Thanks again to everyone that has pitched in. My brother started this project with I.O.U's, favors, and trading while he was stationed in California at Camp Pendleton. He's always asking me about it and worried that I'm storing crap in and on it. I hope I get to meet all of you and can't wait to surprise my little brother. Thanks!!!

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