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  1. I have a set of black rims and tires off of a funco so they have the 5" back space. They are NON beadlock front rims and implements with beadlock rear rims and 14.50 x 15" Sport Tires #2 cut paddles in good condition. They are in Indio, CA and are for sale for $1,000.00 OBO.
  2. do you know what the date code is on the front tires? would you be willing to separate them? I will have to look when I get back in town on Friday .. I wasn't planning on separating them but it looks like someone else is interested in the rears so maybe. Maybe $800 for the fronts and $1,000 for the rears?
  3. I have a very good set of 15" Douglas Wheels (2" rear Back Set) and Tires. Tires are 16.50 x 15 Sand Tire Unlimited Rear Paddles. Located in Indio, CA and I will be in Glamis the next couple weekends. $800.00 OBO,
  4. Hi, How about a set of 14.50-15 with a #2 cut?
  5. Hi, Okay, I have a LS2 Big 5 Gen 4 and its about time for a new battery .. The tray that is welded to the frame has a larger bare metal frame bolted to it for a slightly larger battery. So, what size is recommended to install? Thank You,
  6. Hi, What is the backset on the rears?
  7. Hi, Is the backset 3.5" on the rears as well?
  8. Hi, Do you still have these?
  9. Okay, I have a 2D LS3 car and I just had the trans completely redone, all new everything. The only thing that wasn't replaced was the shifter. When it is cold in the morning and at odd times during the day it doesn't seem to want to go into 2nd and sometimes 3rd. The guys at Wright said I may want to consider a new shifter, it has a Empi on it now. Thoughts??

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