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  1. juggernaut


    I do have a set although they are not coated
  2. juggernaut


    Thanks for letting me build your intake
  3. juggernaut


    Keep me posted on the dyno results
  4. Did that truck come with a diesel? I think that might be the new filler neck for the gas tank
  5. juggernaut


    Sure give me a call. 9092802469
  6. is that yofab guy about to race against a DeLorean
  7. juggernaut


    Thanks for letting me hook it up. That car is sexy a sexy beast. Nice job
  8. juggernaut


    Just sold the one I had, what setup are you looking for
  9. Looks like someone beat me to it. Might need a wast gate thought lol. My system will have the blow off valve between the throttle body and the intercooler
  10. Go prerunner lift the front some and lower the rear a little bit, those tires should do fine for sliding. I had a similar situation with a truck too low in the front = dig time also driving habits will need to change a little bit, Doc Hudson said it best if you want to go left you gotta turn right, one thing that helped me with sliding would be getting the rpm's up close to redline in the gear that your in at that time and just before your going to turn get out of the gas the tires should start to stop turning the rpm's will drop a little at that time turn the wheel and hit the gas. Pick a safe place to practice and make your own little track to help dial it in, it's all about the seat time.
  11. I'm working on a intercooler setup for the 3.5 that will mount to the engine. I should have something to show by next Friday.

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