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  1. MGM/FRP

    curt leduc swap meet -- anyone going?

    it's fun. I would get there Saturday and pay to be a vendor. That's when most of the good deals are made!!
  2. MGM/FRP

    Manx Bodys

    Yes, we can fix it, but not always sure on the color match.
  3. MGM/FRP

    RZR Rental

    That's pretty much the best attitude you can have for a rental. I have a wildcat xx and a 4 seat rzr. I told myself, these are for making money, and not to get emotional when people thrash them. They have paid for themselves and some of my other toys, and are still running. They have been crashed and put on there sides, but its mostly all cosmetic, and 90% of the people pay and know what they have done. It's that 10% that think you owe them. I hate to judge, but it is normally the ones with money who are the buttheads!!
  4. MGM/FRP

    Boxo USA Tools

    I think that if your job revolves around what's in your toolbox and that is what pays the bills and you have the time to research and test, then buy the best from any company or manufacturer that fits the bill. I think for the average guy, Harbor Freight would most likely "get the job done" , and not cost you a fortune. I am surprised at what people think is actually made in the USA and what might be assembled here with foreign parts.
  5. MGM/FRP

    Boxo USA Tools

    talk to KATG King adam, he and his partner are connected with BOXO tools. I honestly want to become a rep for there stuff because it was so nice, but just don't do enough volume to make it worth while.
  6. MGM/FRP

    Mini Manx Bodys

  7. MGM/FRP

    5 Watt Low Profile Single Row Led Lightbar

    couple of lights left
  8. MGM/FRP

    10 Watt Single Row Led Light Bars

    a couple of lights left, then I"m done
  9. MGM/FRP

    10 Watt Single Row Curved LED light Bars

    I have 1 22" curve and 1 48" curve and that's it, I" m done. I have a couple of misc lights I will try to post up.
  10. MGM/FRP


    Great deal! Seen this car in person a week ago. Looks better in person.
  11. MGM/FRP

    Theft prevention ideas. Buggies, Tow Rig, etc.

    I have 3 of them, and rotate them from my jetski's to my sxs's through out the season. You have to seal them with a rubber plug or good tape if your going to use them on the water, but other than that, they work well. If you set them to ping every hour, you get about 3 months life out of them. They make a hardwire kit as well, but because I move them around, I like the battery option.

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