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  1. I like them all, and have driven all but the Honda. The new xp pro is going to be hard to beat this season, but the wildcat still has my vote. I think wildcat with turbo would dominate, and probably be about the same money across the board to build. Not sure what i'm doing this season, I think I will just get a v8 sand rail again and get back to my roots!!
  2. 2018 Seadoo spark trixx 2upthis seadoo has all the trick parts.telescoping steeringVTS (variable trim system)IBR (intelligent braking w reverse)it runs great.The unit has some damage to the hull from hitting a buoy. It was welded back together and works great (just doesn't look great) The ski has about 40 hours on it, but the computer reflects higher hour (approx. 237 hours) Had to get a used computer because my stock unit had issues. The ski looks and functions perfect though. Just serviced it (oil change and new impeller wear ring)want $5000 firm. These units new are $7899 plus tax new.call (760)802-6040 located in San Marcos
  3. They should work great, and there customer service is pretty good as well. Just don't use on a jetski!!
  4. I have been running the trak4 trackers for the last year with pretty good results. They don't like water though. I had a few get wet from being used on water craft. Even after sealing them and ziplock bagging them, they still got wet and failed. They work great on buggys and sxs though. I use the every hour setting and the batteries last 3 months. There is a hardwired kit for them that looks like it will work good. They are accurate to within feet of there position. It's nice to be able to check them on my phone as well.
  5. That's the bad part about posting on a public forum. Happens all the time. I have been the recipient of many of these types of posts because I buy and sell allot. I like to buy low and sell high. Some people can't stand that a person caught the deal before them or could get there shit together fast enough. Who knows. You can always delete your own threads and start over, that's the thing I like about gd.com.
  6. MGM/FRP


    If you have a friend that's a dealer, it can save you allot of money. If you go thru there buying service, it will probably add 20% to the final price.
  7. try to get ahold of "Yummy" here on the board. He hasn't been on in a while, but if you can get in touch with him, he will work wonders against the insurance company. He worked for them for years, and now consults for the consumer side. He helped get my dad about $10k extra when his jeep was stolen a few years back.
  8. I saw and drove one late last year, but I signed an NDA and am not supposed to talk about it. I will say, that even the base model with the walker evens shocks out performed other version sxs's in the same class. Is it a game changer? I would say no. There are already other sxs's out that beat these in several ways, but it's always nice to see another option come to light. I really like the seats and telescoping steering wheel in this unit though, it really made for a better driver experience.
  9. 2018 Sea doo Spark 3up with IBR (intelligent brake and reverse)3 man PWC has been great fun and runs awesome.upgraded metal wear ring (plastic ones fail allot)76 hours and going strong. Current tags and title in hand.Located in San Marcos, NO trailer, just the pwc.$5900Call (760)802-6040
  10. Do your self a favor, don't call it a "Meyers" manx, it's not. Just call it a manx or fiberglass buggy. Should be a fun car!!
  11. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever seen!!! No amount of prep and support can justify the outcome if that kid stuck the canal wall on the landing!! Why put your kid in harms way?
  12. It's worth more!!! This car is very well designed and built. Peter is one of the best welders I have seen.
  13. nothing wrong with them, They work great and the suspension is the best out of the box (without having to modify) that I have encountered. For the money, there hard to beat. The can am xrs is great as well, but remember, they are $5 -7k more. If I added $7k more to the wildcat (add a turbo) it will walk away from the can am. You do have to watch the water pump, they have a tendency to spin the impellor sometimes. The part is the same as the Yamaha and isn't that expensive.
  14. beautiful car, wish peter would build more of these!!

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