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  1. MGM/FRP

    Off road coloring book!

    you can see the influence Big Deal had on me . This was drawn several years ago for our mid travel manx kits.
  2. MGM/FRP

    Off road coloring book!

    Its Dave Deals old address. He died in 08. Met him at Pomona years ago. Super nice guy. Met Bob Haro and his brother years ago. Always loved his bikes! No, I won't sell it, but I would make a copy if you want.
  3. MGM/FRP

    Off road coloring book!

    Yup, was never a good at keeping things in the lines!!
  4. MGM/FRP

    Off road coloring book!

    I got this when I was about 15. I forgot I had it and found it while cleaning out some old boxes. Brings back allot of memories. Check it!!
  5. MGM/FRP

    2018 Textron Arctic cat wildcat xx

  6. Full blown set up on the guy. Luckily the judge knew how to handle it. Makes me want to go dig up some treasure!
  7. MGM/FRP

    Is there a limit to modifying bug/Manx?

    Yes, there is a limit to how much you can modify a vehicle. If you go by the book, your not supposed to change anything that could make the car unsafe to drive or with emissions (based on make, model ,and year) When it comes to accessories, this is done more by interpretation. You can change rims, but they must be DOT approved. You can change performance, but it must meet emission standards. You cannot buy an old bug and use the title and reg to make your buggy street legal. All though allot of people do it, if they get caught, they could be prosecuted as a felony for VIN fraud, among other things. With the manx's, most people use the original vw platform. No modifications. Everything that made that vehicle legal for the year model. Once that process is finished and the vehicle is registered, then modify away, but it still has to meet the requirements if you are driving it on the street. If you get caught, then you get a ticket and have to fix it or put it back to original.
  8. MGM/FRP

    Is there a limit to modifying bug/Manx?

    They didn't. In the early days it was easy to register as special construction, now, not so much. If it's a personal vehicle, it can be done with some hoops to jump thru. California expects all vehicles registered for the street to meet emissions standards, even the special construction ones. Most people get away with it because California doesn't enforce allot of the regs on the older vehicles.
  9. MGM/FRP

    Sand Sport Super Show 2006 Pictures

    Wow, through back for sure. This was the second year we were showing our manx's in the PRP booth. That yellow car was one of the first, if not the first a-arm version mid travel we built.
  10. MGM/FRP

    Manx Bodys

  11. MGM/FRP

    LED work lights service truck

    Thanks for the props, but I'm done selling LEDS. Do the amazon/ebay thing. Its the cheapest way.
  12. It is rated for 60k psi, but it has been turned down to 48k psi to try to save the pump. That didn't work. It's a 6 x 10 Mach 2 machine. not a 5 axis. Those are $250+k. These machines are amazing at what they can cut, but are allot of maintenance. They eat themselves!!!
  13. Already had those discussions with the company. The rep is sympathetic, but the higher ups are just balancing numbers. I'm just wondering if the nasty letter from the lawyer would speed up the process. The rep has been cool and offers to send techs out to fix the pump I have. This will be the fifth time! I really don't want the pump they sold me. My machine only has 582 hours on it, and the pump has been down 5 times. I have lost at least $80k in work and more in reputation. I want them to step up and give me a better pump or intensifier. They will do this, but want me to spend another $37k to do it. I wont spend anymore money on this machine , period!! I did talk to a lawyer and of course, If I spend more money they will take my case, but I'm really just frustrated that a multi million dollar company wont make things right.

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