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  1. I do plastic fabrication and fiberglass fabrication. I have been working non stop (60-70 hour work weeks) for the last 8 weeks straight, with no current end in site. Every week more stuff gets piled on. I'm used to having to inventory 10 to 30 sheets a week of standard material. I have currently used about 1200 sheets in the last 4 weeks alone. I panic bought (like toilet paper) 500 sheets last Friday and have already slated work for close to half of them. I am getting 6 to 20 week lead times on materials. It is F'ing CRAZY! My business has tripled in the last 3 months. I'm happy, but unsure all at the same time. I hear so many story's of failing business's and people out of work, but most of the people I deal with are crazy busy right now. I have a buddy with several chain restaurants , He said his sales are up 40% because of the drive thru and he doesn't need as much staffing to man the walk in stuff. We are a 40 year old company and have weathered a few recessions, but this one is very strange. My new business model is making clear guards for all the company's and people who want feel safe. It's personally not how I feel, but I cant seem to convince people that this stuff is really not necessary. Most of this is all temporary and will come down in a few months, but I have talked to so many people who feel this is the new "norm" and I just don't get it, but I will do what they ask.
  2. I built that car in 2011. What a bummer. One of my favorite buggys!!!
  3. still have the stock wheels as well. They go with the truck.
  4. Pretty common for a sandwinder. Owned one years ago and it had stress cracks on the inner rear trailing arm pivot areas as well as the motor mount cage area.
  5. I don't know if this crap is a blessing or a curse!!! My business is custom plastic fabrication and fiberglass. I haven't been this busy in the last 10 years. When all this stuff started, we got letters from several of or customers stating that they/we are essential and need to remain open to produce parts. We make parts for several types of business's, medical , pharmaceutical, government, municipalities, local city , grocery, ect. We also rely on normal mom and pop walk in business. The first week everything seemed OK. I told any employee's that were not comfortable being here they can go and not jeopardize there employment and I would pay them whatever vacation or sick time they had coming. Only 2 front office decided to go. They were older ladys and don't really need the income to survive. The second week got a little weird. The phone stopped ringing and a few of our larger non-essential accounts stopped all orders. I was a little worried trying to figure out how things would go. By the third week we were rocking. Bidding on clear face shields, medical intubation shields for hospitals, and of course clear guards!! Well, now I cant make the clear guards fast enough and my new problem is trying to keep up with materials purchasing. I have burned thru over 1000 sheets of material in the last 2 weeks with no current end in site. I now have my competitors asking if I can help cut parts for them because they are having trouble keeping up. I have been working 10 to 12 hour days , 6 days a week. I have ran from the Border to riverside at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks alone bidding on custom guards for business's that are wanting to open. It is F"ing crazy right now. It started with mainly local business, Costco , autozone , doctors offices, ect. Now I doing work for department stores that are getting ready to reopen and airlines ect. I have talked to a ton of people and pretty much everyone is being cool and practicing social distancing, but all of them want to get back to work!!!!!
  6. Preferred sponsor goes along way here. Eric at Solar tech is a good dude. They built a great system for me in 2019 and I am happy to say that it was the smoothest and easiest transaction that I've had for a long time. They took care of everything. All I had to do was sign a few things and that's it. It was also the best price out of 3 companies I had quote my system.
  7. plate and 10 screws in my left ankle and fibula. Jumping waves on a jetski in 15' surf off the beach in Pendelton. Whole left leg was bruised from just below the knee. The bottom of my left foot was facing 90 deg. outward. 6 hours in surgery, 3 days in the hospital, 8 months on crutches, 6 months in rehab. It sucks to be hurt.
  8. Got a buddy who is a medical officer on the Theodore Roosevelt and was one of the first to get it. He is in quarantine in Guam now. Said it felt like he was hit by a truck for 5 days straight, and then after that felt fine (except for runny nose). They were in Vietnam about 3 weeks ago. He thinks that's were it was picked up, but not sure.
  9. The Great state of California has deemed my work truck not worthy. I have to sell this out of Cali before next year because of emissions. This is a great truck and barely broken in. Title is clear and in hand. 2006 Ford LCF4.5 twin turbo diesel5 spd torqueshift transmission.16’ Abacor flatbed / stakebed with 1500lb lift gate48” lower box36” lower boxCustom tow hitch47k milesNew tires within the last yearJust serviced (oil, fuel, air filters replaced power locks and windows with an alarm super clean runs great. asking $18,900 call seven six zero 802-6040 located in San Marcos Ca. 92069, can deliver with a non refundable deposit.
  10. 2017 Ford F250 XLT 4x46.2 gas with 6 speed trans38,000 milesLeveled frontNew 20" motometals and 35" Falken widepeak allterrains with less than 500 miles on them (also have the factory 18" chrome wheels as well)rhino lined bedtinted windowswheathertech floor matsaftermarket powered sub behind rear seatfactory larger screen w/ Nav , sync , sirius , ectheated front seatsauto fold tow mirrorsrear bumper sensors and lain departure sensorsLED Head and fog lightslooks and runs greatTags good to Decemberasking $38,000located in San Marcos 92069Call (760)802-6040
  11. I bought a 2016 f150 that got hit in the rear. It had a salvage title. I replaced the bed and fixed the end of the frame rail (rear bumper bracket) with factory ford hardware and basically was into the truck for half what it would normally be. I broke even when selling it, so it wasn't very profitable. I did most of the work though, so I knew exactly what was wrong and fixed it. With a unibody car and not actually seeing how it was repaired, I would be very cautious and check every detail before purchase. You want to know what strucually was needed to repair it before you put your family in it.
  12. contact yummi here on the board. He used to work for the insurance companies (corporate). Now, he consults for the consumer. My dad got a rubicon jeep stolen a few years back and the insurance company was trying to screw him and only offered $17,500 payout. He had receipts for over $38k. The Jeep only had 21k miles. With yummi, we were able to get the value to just under $28k and could have gotten more if we wanted to go to arbitration. If you have the time to deal with it, then I highly suggest contacting him. His knowledge of the system was absolutely incredible. He told us in the beginning to cut all verbal communication and only communicate in writing to document everything. We became the "smartest" consumers that the insurance company had dealt with.
  13. I've had to replace the waterpump at 1500 miles all the boots on the axles have ripped, but still havn't had a failed axle (even with ripped boots) I have new ones, just waiting for the old ones to fail. rims bend pretty easy. (bent 2) Motor mounts are gone now and need to be replaced. Bottom bash plate does hit the trans. (needs new motor mounts and trans pad) Trans is leeking a bit, need to check it. Have broken 2 upper arms on 2 different times. Normally in the thin area right past the upper uniball. mainly from hard impacts or driver error. I pretty much beat the crap out of this thing, and it has taken it pretty well. I don't think a rzr would hold up to the kind of abuse that the wildcat has.
  14. That's F'n awesome!!. I'm so jealous!!!

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