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  1. Plus one for using the correct term, illegal alien.
  2. The SYSTEM'S number one goal will always be to protect the SYSTEM.
  3. I’d guess I was in it about 1k. But it’s really a guess as it was over 10 years ago. Maybe $1500.
  4. Well I'm at a loss then. If you decide to do it yourself go to the Tank Source on the other side of the freeway (Latest Rage). He has the tanks, the leach chambers, and the pipe. I put mine in in a day with a mini x. Paying someone to do it may save you time in actual work, but if they require you to get approval from the county it could take a lot longer before you get permission to flush some turds in your 5th wheel.
  5. Are you doing it yourself on a Sunday? Or paying someone to do it then inviting the county over to inspect?
  6. Agree with this. Get the $10. Actually, get $11 to cover the CC fees. Just don't tell them that it's $11 for a signature.
  7. I'd guess this is done to make sure the steering wheel is at dead center and to find the midpoint of the car. But this I just a guess as I know nothing about aligning cars.
  8. You clearly missed the sarcasm. Of course he doesn't blame the RZR or the gun, don't be an idiot. Why in the name of God's green earth would you blame the rental agency?? I guarantee they can produce a document with the renter's signature showing that he acknowledged the importance of utilizing the safety equipment. You and people like you are what's wrong with the world when chit like this happens. Why would the rental agency be culpable at ALL if a 29 year old ADULT didn't put his freaking seat belt on???????????
  9. Washed a trailer and a couple of the cars. Picked up a free swinging chair for the backyard. Gotta clear out the north wall of the house as I'm having a French Door put in and demo starts tomorrow. Little bit of BBQ after that...
  10. I'll be there the week before. Are you staying @ Sand Hills?
  11. Multiple mentions of lack of safety regulations and then it shifts to the Alec Baldwin murder. Why can't it just be the victims fault for not putting on his seatbelt?
  12. Talks about cycling and location says he's from East London. I'll be interested to see if he's got a few things for sell in the next few days.

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