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  1. You'd probably get a lot more alcoholics to buy these if you could incorporate wheels into it so it would double as a wheelie bar. One of the guys at the roundup had something like that. Not sure how well it worked though.
  2. Got new tires so the old ones gotta go. The paddles are chunked to chit. These are only good for someone in desperate need. I’m on Gecko till Saturday, then they hit the trash cans. It’d be cool if I got a couple 36 packs of coors light for them, but not really sweating it.
  3. Do you have wheels for these with the correct offset for a Gen 4?
  4. How do you read the date code on these? How old are they?
  5. Will you sell just the shifter? If so, how old is it and how much?
  6. Not sure what it's worth, but I'd throw $100 at it just to have spares in my garage and to help you get it out of your garage.
  7. I got the flowmasters. Can’t remember what headers but they weren’t JBA. Post up what you get when you get it.
  8. 12 volt power run to the flag mount for the camp marker.
  9. Car stereo set up. Or at least have them run speaker wire to where you think you might want speakers, inside and out.
  10. Stabilizer jacks, at least two in rear so you can load/unload while unhitched.
  11. Bottle rocket launcher on the roof to justify the cost of the ladder.

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