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  1. The Rv industry is all over the place with sizes. It will be much more difficult to find a precut window that fits right in there. Especially for an Rv company that's been out of business for more than 10 years.
  2. If you go all the way west at Buttercup there is a spot there that didn't look too bad as far as getting stuck is concerned. It also puts you right next to the bridge to cross over to go to Gordons. Camp on Gecko one time and make the run down to Gordons to check it out. I've consistently read that the closures down there have turned to to crap.
  3. The wider the better. It’s nice being able to drive right in without having people watch the sides.
  4. Some part of Robbie has to be wishing that 3 years ago he had someone working for him with enough of a spine to tell him "Hey, maybe we should build it before taking peoples money".
  5. If you guys go bumper pull make sure your front bed is a walk around bed. Having to climb over someone to get to the bathroom at 2am sucks. I've never seen a 5th wheel without a walk around bed. The 5th wheel tows significantly better. You don't have to really worry about sway. Backing them up is a little different, but nothing that you won't get used to. If you've got a short bed truck then watching the window when backing is another concern. I've got a sliding hitch but have never been in a position where I had to use it.
  6. They pulled this crap a year or two ago. You’d have thought it was going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights and we better get the arc built. But no, just a drizzle. They walk around thinking the world is looking to them for health, safety, and what to do. The arrogance is mind boggling.
  7. Some idiot politician included the scumbag terrorists in the victim count when she did her Instagram remembrance post yesterday. Disgusting.
  8. Maybe highlight your last name, the house number, or "Peace" into the pavers.
  9. Does the Roadrunner permit include having the rig dumped weekly? Or will there be another permit for that? Asking for a friend.
  10. How in the world is California going to impose a California regulation on a vehicle registered in another state??
  11. Using the emergency alert system for this. “It’s for your health and safety”. wow
  12. Without doing any research whatsoever I would suggest that religion may eclipse that.
  13. My ac has been running since June 1st and will run well into October. If the system is going to crash, let’s do it now. Not in 2040 when we all have to drive to Arizona to buy gas powered cars.
  14. Ac on full blast, doing laundry, washing dishes, and leaving lights on for safety.

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